Walk among the trees of Indiranagar

If you love nature, like walking among trees and flowers, and want to know more about our green heritage, this is the walk for you. If you know absolutely nothing about trees or nature, you will find this walk fun and eye-opening.

It is hot and sunny these days and we are constantly looking out for shade under some TREE be it while walking or parking the car…  but, how much do we actually know about the trees in our very own neighbourhood?? Do we ever spend time with our kids outdoors, close to nature, in contact with soil and vegetation, teaching them about the importance of saving the trees we already are blessed with and growing more trees to add to the richness of the environment?

Catching up under the shade of trees. Pic: Kiran Keswani

This Tree Walk will introduce many of the avenue trees, the stories behind them and their relationship with other creatures. We will also observe common birds and butterflies, and the little known and seldom observed smaller creatures that one commonly sees in the city. The group will be led by naturalists with more than two decades of experience in the field.


The walk will start at the BM Kaval Park, 1st Main (Behind CMH Road) Indiranagar 1st Stage at 6.30 am on Saturday April 23rd.

We will take in the sights and sounds, learning about the avenue trees that dot our city, without ignoring the other living creatures that we encounter. The outing will last for about an hour. We invite both adults and children to be part of this explorative journey.

What you should carry

  • Wear good shoes suitable for walking
  • Hat/Cap as needed
  • A bottle of water
  • Children are asked to carry 10 leaves of their choice as well

For any queries, please reach out to Veena on veena.pr@hotmail.com or Nisha on 9449404724.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Tree Walk.

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