Tamilnadu Elections: Comparing manifestos of AIADMK, DMK, DMDK, PMK, PWF, BJP, INC

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Governance – Lokayukta ✓Set up Lokayukta (after centre passes Lokpal bill) ✓Set up Lokayukta ✓Set up Lokayukta ✓ Set up Lokayukta ;Set up Lokayukta Act in the very first session of the newly constituted assembly. The CM and other ministers will be brought under the act
Governance – Right to Services Act ✓Right to Services Act to ensure effective delivery of government services ✓Right to Avail Service law to promote transparent governance. ✓Right to Public Service Act TBD ✓Right to Service Act
Governance – Transparency ✓Computerize the revenue department to prevent corruption in the patta distribution ✓Toll-free number to register complaints against corruption Govt, Policy decisions will be formulated after placing the draft before the public. ✓Anti-corruption force ✓Eradicate corruption
✓ Ethics Committee to monitor and guide the government
✓ Yearly auditing of assets of CM and other
✓Bring all govt. offices under CCTV surveillance ✓Live telecast of assembly proceedings
✓District collector and department secretaries as Anti-Corruption officers
Governance/Reforms ✓Press for state autonomy ✓Revival of Legislative Council ✓ Revive the Legislative Council
✓Administrative reforms committee to ensure transparent and corruption-free governance ✓Yearly review of each minister’s performance ✓Cabinet meeting in one district ever month ✓Decentralization- State tobe divided into 5 zones; Smaller districts with 12 lakh population; Tiruchi to be made the second capital of Tamil Nadu. ✓good governance
✓ Public grievance camps once in 3 months in all assembly constituencies ✓A ‘secretariat city’, which will house the Secretariat, the Assembly, government departments and residential complexes of all ministers to be set up in the outskirts of Chennai. ✓ ensure the representation of transgenders, visually impaired and other differently abled persons
✓50% reservation will be given for women in local bodies.
Prohibition ✓Phased ban of alcohol ✓Total prohibition ✓Total, Immediate prohibition ✓Total prohibition; but will allow sweet toddy tapping ✓Total prohibition ✓Total prohibition ✓Total prohibition
✓Life sentence as the maximum punishment for brewing/distributing illicit liquor ✓Voluntary organisation and anti-liquor associations would be roped in for effective implementation of prohibition in Tamil Nadu while the Congress would demand enforcement of prohibition nationwide.
✓A separate court would be set up to try such cases within six months. Officials in whose territory illegal liquor is found would be suspended.
Prohibition/Revenue plan ✓ Revenue loss to be compensated by increasing tax revenue from mines ✓ Revenue loss to be compensated by allowing 10 per cent ethanol blending with petrol in the State; the molasses used in manufacturing alcohol could be used in manufacturing this ethanol, which would help the sugar cane farmers
Prohibition/Support System ✓TASMAC employees will be given jobs in proposed TN Integrated Regulated Marketing Coorperation ✓Support for women who have lost their husbands due to alcoholism to start micro-business
✓De-addiction centres in all districts
Food ✓Breakfast under nutritious meal scheme ✓ 20 kg free rice per month ✓Safal market will be set up . ✓Breakfast scheme for students in government schools that includes eggs, milk and porridge
✓ Arignar Anna Unavagam for the poor
Food/Milk ✓ Aavin to provide milk for Rs. 25 per litre ✓ Milk for elementary school children every morning ✓Half litre free milk to families with infants and school going children from BPL families
✓ Aavin milk price reduced to Rs.7/litre ✓Reduction of price per litre of Aavin milk
Food/Water Drinking water will be supplied in all panchayats, town panchayats and municipalities ✓ Free mineral water for all ✓Daily Supply of 20 litre free drinking water purified through reverse osmosis will be supplied to every household
Housing ✓Seperate housing for fisherfolk ✓Greeh houses and group houses- 10 lakh houses promised through various housing schemes ✓Housing loand for govt. employees to be raised to Rs. 40 lakh ✓ 3 lakh subsidy for construction of houses ✓Two acres of land to landless farmers and the poor ✓ Rehabilitation of slum-dwellers; Govt. will construct concrete houses with solar power facility and toilets ✓ Houses for those in need at a cost of Rs.2000 to Rs.5,000/Sq. ft.
✓ 5 lakh houses for fisherman ✓Free houses for fishermen families settled along the coasts of TN ✓Build concerete house for slum dwellers ✓ Houses for transgender people
✓ 3 lakh subsidy for construction of houses
Agriculture/Farmers’ loans ✓ Waiver of all farm loans✓Rs. 40,000 crore loans for farmers between 2016-21 ✓Crop loan availed by small and medium farmers will be waived off ✓Waive off all loans ✓Agricultural loans will be waived off. ✓Full waiver of farmers’ loans in co-operative banks ✓Waiver of farm loans Credit cards will be issued to farmers to avail of agriculture jewel loan at 4 per cent interest to avoid running around with outmoded documents. Agricultural jewel loan will be sanctioned without interest from the agricultural cooperative societies. The interest will be borne by the government.
✓payment of farm loans lent by nationalised banks by state government
✓Interest-free agriculture loans; loan at low rates for purchase of agricultural implements
Agriculture/Marketing and Pricing Copra will be purchased directly from farmers when prices go down ✓Comprehensive Agricultural Produce Marketing Exchange to help farmers sell products without the involvement of middle men. ✓Raise MSP for paddy from Rs.1520/quintal to Rs.2000, and gradually to Rs.2,500 ✓MSP of sugarcane to be increased to Rs.3,500/tone; MSP for plantain, turmeric, pulses etc. ✓ Full subsidy for paddy seeds of all varieties ✓Procurement price of Rs 4,000 per tonne for sugarcane farmers ✓Farmers’ Pay Commission for ensuring reasonable prices for agriculture produces ✓Higher prices for farm produce like sugarcane, turmeric and paddy ✓The field price of sugarcane will be raised to Rs.3,500/tonne from Rs.2,850
✓Sugarcane purchase price to be increased to Rs.4,000/ton and paddy to Rs.2,200/quintal ✓Field price off paddy to Rs.2,00/ quintal.
Agriculture/Others ✓ Quality inputs to agriculture, subsidy for micro irrigation, upgrading irrigation infrastructure, hub and model for marketing of horticulture produce and upgrading irrigation infrastructure in Cauvery delta areas✓Encourage organic faring ✓Separate budget for agriculture ✓Triple agriculture production ✓Three separate ministers for agriculture, horticulture and irrigation ✓ Separate budget for agriculture ✓New policy to support organic farming ✓Guava, mango and jack fruit pulping factories ✓Subsidy for compost manure, ✓Direct transfer of fertiliser subsidy to farmers ✓ 50 percent subsidy for rearing country cows ✓5,000 farmers will be sent abroad every year to learn latest techniques in farming ✓detailed rationale agriculture policy
✓ No to GM products ✓Separate division for organic farming under Agricultural Dept. ✓Cauvery Delta region would be declared a protected farm zone and projects that would hurt the interests of farmers like the methane and shale gas would not be permitted ✓Agricultural aids like seeds, fertilizers and insecticides will be given free. ✓Machinery at subsidized rate for all farmers ✓Farmers above the age of 60 will be provided a grant of Rs.2000 every month
✓ Oppose implementation of Coal Bed Methane and shale gas projects in the Cauvery delta area as well as the GAIL pipeline through farmlands in the state ✓State and district-level Agricultural Development councils with the participation of farmers ✓Promote ethanol, a byproduct of sugar ✓One tractor per panchayat will be provided for the use of farmers ✓Agricultural special economic zone in every district Food processing units and export zones in every district ✓ State to procure all agricultural, horticultural and poultry products ✓ban conversion of fertile lands into housing plots
✓ Continue providing free milch animals ✓ Form co-operative body of agricultural workers in every district; financial assistance to small and medium farmers ✓Ban on genetic crops ✓Quality seeds at subsidized rates ✓Expansion and technological upgradation of Uzhavar Sandhais (Farmers’ market)
✓ Godowns to store grains in every panchayat ✓Pension for farmers
✓Compensation to individual farmers even when natural calamity or destruction takes place in their land alone. ✓ Free electricity for small and medium farmers to be increased from 50 to 100 units.”
✓ Protect farmlands; Oppose Centre’s Land Acquisition Amendment bill.
Water/ Rivers ✓Increase the the maximum water level of the Mullaperiyar Dam from from 142 feet to 152 feet ✓Cauvery Management Board-to manage the sharing of river water between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka ✓TN river conservation project ✓ Special laws to protect farmlands and water bodies. ✓Linking rivers in South India ✓Linking rivers in South India solution to both Cauvery and Mullai Periyar issue, that will do justice to the rights of all citizens
✓ inter-link all the rivers in Tamil Nadu.
Water/ Canals and dams ✓Irrigation canal, check dams and barrages will continue to be implemented increase ✓Conservation of water by building one lakh check dams in five years ✓Try to stop Karnataka Govt from building dams across Cauvery
✓ Rs.2,000 Crore to construct 200 check dams ✓ Increase water level at Mullaperiyar Dam to 152 ft.
✓ Rs.10,000 Crore for implementation of water bodies management projects Sethu Samudram Canal Project to be revived
Water/ Irrigation ✓ Separate ministry for Irrigation ✓Setting up of irrigation system worth Rs. 50,000 crore ✓Promoting inland water transport TBD
✓ Set up Water Management Authority
✓ Form Chennai Metro Flood Control and Management Committee
Industrial sector/Measures ✓ No FDI in retail ✓ Silk park at Kancheepuram ✓Single window mechanism to promote large industrial investments ✓Protect small industries ✓Sourcing of components and parts from SMEs mandatory for large investment proposals ✓ Promote industrial investments in southern districts by giving sops to investors ✓Nanguneri SEZ will be revived to attract investments ✓Policies to protect MSMEs ✓ ‘Auto centres’ across Chennai, Coimbatore, Tiruchi, Madurai and Tirunelveli, for which land will be allotted. Auto component makers will be attracted to create job opportunities for engineering and ITI graduates. ✓ Protest match box industry, ✓ Support handloom weavers through various measures that include more free power, subsidies for building solar power units and tax exemptions for raw materials, etc. ✓Single-window clearance system for licensing of industries ✓Develop TN as an international logistics hub. ✓Formulation of a new industrial policy A fisherman will be awarded Rs.150/per and Rs.6500 for 40 days during a posed ban on fishing.
✓20% land on SME industrial parks will be reserved for SC/ST entrpreneurs. ✓ Weavers’ cooperative bank ✓Separate investment cell to help industrialists who want tou invest Rs.100 crore or more in the State ✓ 50 percent subsidy for setting up of solar power
✓Subsidy for small tea growers ✓ Separate textile commission ✓Set up Madurai-Tuticorin industrial corridor ✓National Capital and Manufacturing Centre, Knitwear Board
✓Pending dues from sugarcane companies will be given immediately ✓ Free 200 units power to handloom weavers; 750 units to power loom weavers ✓Five economic zones in TN, Regional Economic Commissionerate in each zone
✓Rs 50-crore Amma Venture Capital fund will be set up for first generation entrepreneurs ✓ Industrial corridor from Madurai to Tuticorin; Chennai to Hosur ✓IT corridor comprising Hosur, Krishnagiri, and Dharmapuri districts ✓Land bank with 1.5 lakh acres to aid prospective entrepreneurs ✓90% of the raw materials as subsidy for power loom weavers to set up solar power generators..
✓Amma Collateral Guarantee Fund of Rs. 100 Crores- to provide collateral free loans to MSMEs. ✓ Rs.50,000 loans to SHGs Rs. 1 lakh funding for entrepreneurs. Leather park to be established in Chennai, Dindigul and Vellore ✓Textile park at Palladam; textile market to sell power loom products
✓Amma banking card for the poor to improve financial services – to get interest-free loans and avail of government schemes ✓1 MW solar power plants in 12,500 panchayat unions in 10 years
✓ Double the benefits given to fishermen during the fishing ban period
Industry – Labour/Wages/Salary ✓ Fisherfolk assistance to be raised to Rs 5000 ✓Increase working days under MREGA from 100 to 150; workers to be employed for only agricultural work during crop season ✓Minimum wage of Rs 18,000 for all categories of labourers ✓ Law to recognize trade and labour unions in all foreign firms and big domestic companies ✓Implement minimum wage structure recommended by Majithia wage board for the welfare of journalists and non-journalists; TBD TBD ✓7th Pay Commission to be implemented in Tamil Nadu without further delay
✓ Regularization of services of all temporary workers in government services for more than 10 years Allocation of 3% for Journalists’ Welfare Fund from government advertisements ✓The salary of government employees will be paid in installments every 15 days for better family budgeting ✓Association for the Welfare of Government Employees to be formed
✓ Grant of Rs.10,000 to autorickshaw drivers to purchase new autos
✓ Rs.5,000 to workers of salt pans during monsoon period
✓Revive welfare schemes for workers in unorganized sector
✓ Increase wages/pension of folk artists and priests in villages
✓ Fishermen’s relief during fishing holidays to be raised from Rs.2000 to Rs.5000; monsoon relief to be made Rs.5,000
✓ Set up National Fishermen Welfare Commission
Industry/Employment ✓ Employment for one member from every family ✓ Job fairs in every district ✓Minimum of one job per family TBD
✓State govt. employees salary to be revissed as per 7th Pay Commission ✓Preference in govt. jobs to first generation graduates ✓5 lakh govt. jobs to the youth
✓Women to be trained in driving vehicles and subsidy provided to buy autorickshaws ✓ Maternity leave of nine months ✓Loans for self-employment ; loans for starting business in unorganized sector
✓All panchayat unions will get two-wheeler mechanic training centres; Assistance to start mechanic shops ✓ Assistance of Rs.18,000 during pregnancy ✓Loan or equity og 10 lakhs for start-ups that will generate min. 10 jobs
✓Old pension scheme for govt. employees to continue ✓ Filling of pending vacancies of SC/ST posts ✓A separate section under IT industry to look into employement issues
✓ Proposal to create one crore jobs in the next 5 years
Industry & Economy ✓ New granite policy ✓ To set up State Economic development Board: as the ‘Central and State Planning Commissions have lost relevance’ ✓ all granite and mineral sand quarries will be regulated by the government ✓ Government to take over sand distribution and sales in the State ✓Income of a family of each of the 12,620 villages will be increased to Rs. 25,000 per month
✓improve all the existing schemes like Amma Cement, Amma Dispensaries, free mineral water scheme etc. ✓ Govt. to undertake mining and trading of granite, minerals etc. ✓ Scrapping of five percent value added tax on sugar ✓Build shopping malls with 1,120 theaters and 1,12,000 shops which will provide jobs ✓Farmers, weavers and fishermen over the age of sixty would be provided monetary support of Rs. 2,500 a month
✓Amma special capital fund will be formed ✓ Various job schemes for women
Education ✓Education loans of students who are still unemployed to be paid by the govt ✓ Set up Academic Council for Equitable Education ✓ Skill-based training for 25 lakh students ✓ Waiver of education loan of students ✓Free education for first generation students in professional courses irrespective of caste ✓Free education for all ✓Increase budget allocation for education by 4% of the gross state domestic product ✓ quality education on par with CBSE standards in government-run schools ✓Rs 5,000 monthly assistance to girl till their 12th standard ✓yoga and meditation courses from Class VI onwards ✓Provision to learn a third language apart from Tamil and English ✓skill development centres in all districts ✓ 1000 girls schools to double as evening colleges for girls with 100 teachers;10 lakh students to graduate from these schools ✓Every school will also have a HR consultant who will assess the skills of students separate schools and colleges for the third gender. ✓Sessions by artists and experts from different fields to conduct sessions in schools and colleges ✓Inclusion of selected books in syllabus ✓Travels opportunities for students ✓Cycles for girls in std 6-10 ✓ Enhance quality of higher education on par with international standards
✓Technical institutes, vocational institutes will be set up ✓Improve Samachar Kalvi to match the standards of CBSE and Kendriya Vidyalaya ✓ Extra marks to students for planting trees Separate, exclusive buses for school/college students ✓Improve the quality of the present syllabus ✓ ban collection of excess fee and donation
✓Director of School Standards to ensure standard of govt. schools ✓ efforts to guarantee 25 per cent reservation to the poor and economically weaker sections of the society in private schools
✓100% reservation in education where all castes will seats based on the population ✓ introduction of serious reforms in education to set right the deteriorating education levels in Tamil Nadu.
✓ waive all education loans from public sector banks ✓make Tamil mandatory in primary school.
✓Govt. to prescribe fee in private schools; this fee will be paid by the govt. till the quality of govt. schools are brought on par ✓A world-class library to be established in every district
✓ E-books from Class VI.
✓ ‘student only’ buses
✓ New universities and colleges
✓skill-based education in colleges and polytechnics
Health care ✓Maternity assistance of Rs. 18,000 ✓Master health check-up and women special check up to be expanded to all districts.✓Provide Vitamin A, D and iron tablets✓CM’s medical insurance scheme to continue ✓Free Amma kit, sanitary napkins will be given ✓Antenatal insurance for mother and child ✓ Free medicine ✓ Mobile hospital service for elders ✓Free health care; Tamil Nadu Health Mission to ensure health care to all TBD A medical college to be established in every district
✓Physiotherapy dept. in all taluk hospitals ✓Government subsidized health insurance scheme
✓revive medical insurance scheme introducing by DMK govt. ✓Financial assistance to meet medical expenses of cancer and cardiovascular patients
✓ Free treatment for cardiovascular diseases, cancer, kidney-damage ✓Super specialty hospitals in every district
✓ More mobile hospitals to cover rural area ✓maternity allowance to Rs. 20,000
✓One trauma hospital per every 50 km. along state highways ✓One litre of milk to all mothers every day for a year from childbirth.
✓Multidisciplinary hospitals in hill towns ✓Health smart cards and annual health screening for students
✓More free vaccines
Electricity ✓ uniterrupted supply of power;add 18,500 MW of power from various sources in the next five years;power infrastructure will be upgraded for proper distribution of electricity ✓ Uninterrupted electricity ✓Increase production of electricity to make the state power-surplus ✓ Reduce electricity bills by 15% ✓State to be power surplus in two years ✓Complete and uninterrupted power supply at subsidized rates
✓ 100 units electricity free every two months
Transport ✓Free bus travel facility for senior citizens will be extended to all districts ✓ Won’t increase bus fare ✓special night buses for IT employees ✓Metro line plan to be formulated for Madurai, Trichy, Coimbatore and Selam and construction of the same to be started
✓Women to get 50% subsidy to buy mopeds of scooties ✓ Free bus travel for pregnant women ✓Reduce bus fare
Freebies / Cell phones ✓Free cell phones for all ration card holders ✓ Smart phones for families who can’t afford it
Freebies / Laptop/Internet ✓Free wi-fi at public spaces ✓ 3G/4G internet facility for all students; 10 GB per month download option for 16 lakh students ✓Free internet in all public places like bus stops and parks.
✓Class 11 and 12 will continue to get free laptops with free internet connection ✓ Wi-fi in all public places
Freebies / Gold ✓ Gold for marriage assistance will be increased from 4 to eight gram ✓Gold for women living below the poverty line for marriage ✓Eight gram gold to eligible women in Below Poverty Line category for marriage. TBD
✓ Marriage assistance scheme of Rs.60,000; 4gram gold for Thali
Freebies / Misc ✓ Set top box will be given free of cost ✓ Free dhothi, sari and Pongal cash prize of Rs.500 for small and micro farmers and agricultural labourers every year ✓ plans to curtail freebies to save some money ✓Education kits to students which would include iPads and free internet TBD
✓Rs.100,000 worth of freebies per year per family under education, agriculture and health categories
Other highlights ✓All ration card holders to get co-optex coupons worth Rs. 500 for Pongal festival ✓ Steps to prevent land garbing TBD ✓ Statue for Nadigar Thilagam Shivaji Ganesan between the Mahatma Gandhi Statue and Kamaraj statue in Marina
✓ Ambedkar, a Rs 5 crore Ambedkar memorial will be set up to spread his ideas ✓fully implement Central schemes like Food Security Act, Right to Education Act, Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Act, Forest Rights Act, Right to Information Act and Hindu Succession Act
Sri Lankan Tamils/Eelam Issue ✓retrieve Katchatheevu from Sri Lanka✓dual citizenship to Sri Lankan Tamils living for years in Tamil Nadu✓Punish perpetrators of human rights violations and war crimes in Sri Lanka✓ ✓ Press for international investigation of human rights violations in Sri Lanka ✓Ensure equal rights for Tamils ✓ Equal rights for Tamils ✓Steps to get back KachaTheevu ✓ steps to retrieve all the boats seized by the Sri Lankan Navy ✓ law for Srilankan Tamils and refugee rights ✓provide dual citizenship to Sri Lankan Tamils ✓Improved facilities for refuges living in TN ✓Press for international probe into genocide
✓ Investigate war crimes
Tamil ✓ Tamil as an official language in Central government offices and courts. ✓Promotion of Tamil language
✓ Tamil as official language in central government offices and High Court
Religion ✓Rs. 1 lakh for temples of local deities ✓ Land bank for protection of temple lands ✓law to stop forced religious conversions ✓ darshan at temples would be made free of cost for all
✓ Protection of temple lands ✓steps to retrieve the temple assets which are under encroachment by private parties
✓ Cow protection
Jallikattu ✓ Will revive Jallikettu ✓ Will revive Jallikettu ✓ Will revive Jallikettu ✓Will allow Jellikettu from next year ✓supports ban on jallikattu
Human Rights, social justice ✓ Withdrawal of all cases against journalists, Anti-Koodamkulam nuclear plant activists and workers ✓Safeguard freedom of speech, expression, and opinion ✓ Cash assistance to differently-abled and unemployed. ✓Income-based reservation ✓Scheduled Class/Scheduled Tribe welfare Commission will be set in Tamil Nadu on the line of similar bodies in 12 other States
✓ Law to prevent honour killings ✓ Protect 69% reservation ✓nomenclature like ‘Chaeri’ and ‘Colony’ used to describe areas where Dalits reside will be removed through proper legislation,
✓Release unfairly detained Muslim prisoners ✓ Abolish manual scavenging ✓backlog vacancies of Scheduled Castes and Tribes will be filled by holding a special examination
✓Steps will be taken to stop violence on the basis of religion and caste
✓ Conduct caste census

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