Survey on first and fast mile connectivity to public transport in Bengaluru by B.PAC

Rapid urbanisation without supportive mass transit and motorisation has led to drastic increase in travel times, loss of productivity and reduced mobility access across travel modes. B.MOBILE is B.PAC’s mobility initiative that works on research, policy advocacy, stakeholder awareness in the areas of sustainable mobility, shared and pooled mobility, nonmotorised transit, para transit including related planning and infrastructure needs for providing seamless and integrated first, middle and last mile connectivity to citizens of Bengaluru.

The goal is to push for sustainable mobility for all by encouraging the use of public transport and disincentivising the private vehicles usage. To understand this better, B.PAC is conducting a survey to capture the travel patterns of First & Last Mile Connectivity to Public Transport in Bengaluru. They would like to hear about your travel patterns, too.

You can take the survey by visiting this link:

Kindly take a few minutes to fill this survey. Your responses and feedback matter.

Note: The survey is open till Saturday, 30 November, 2019

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