COVID-19: “Community spread could lead to proportional rise in mental illness cases”

In all the noise about social distancing, testing and fatalities, mental well-being of society receives relatively less attention, though it is one of the foremost challenges in public health as the coronavirus pandemic takes over our lives. Leading psychiatrist Dr Kalyanasundaram S talks about the risks, mitigation and how to cope with stress in times of this new normal.


Didi vs Modi spat has destroyed the political culture of Bengal: Nandini Mukherjee, CPM candidate, Kolkata South

Meet Nandini Mukherjee, 54-year-old veteran politician, computer scientist and professor, contesting the Kolkata South constituency as a candidate of the CPM. A party that governed Bengal for 34 years. A party whose election campaigns used to be a sight to behold. And a party that has almost zero presence in Bengal’s electoral map today. Do they really hope to win the city seat?