O Mahadeva, have mercy on your Pura

Folks at Whitefield Rising have gone super-creative, by choosing artistic means to express their worries and describe the problems. A rap song released on SoundCloud asks God Mahadeva (Shiva) why the state of affairs in his ‘Pura’ are in such a  mess, and asks BBMP where the money paid as taxes has gone. Whitefield lies in Mahadevapura zone of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara palike.

Apart from this every Friday, people in Whitefield observe Black Friday by dressing up in black. Through the hashtag #WhitefieldBlackFriday on Twitter, they tweet to draw the attention of the authorities and political parties.

Here is a poem from one of the Whitefield Rising volunteers, that projects the worries of the area, and shows the importance of voting, ahead of BBMP elections. Here goes the poem:

O Mahadeva!
Have mercy on your Pura
The roads are a mess
Your people in duress

With mindless new high-rises
We are thrown into a crisis
As our clean water resource
Is limited, I suppose.

Our cables are a jumble
The sewage lines all crumble
The lakes now overflow
With fecal froth, like snow

The traffic is chaotic
With most drivers idiotic
No discipline, no time
In there hurry they just climb
On to footpaths and medians
not caring for pedestrians

But I now do digress
Our roads are a big mess
The authorities I guess
Just couldn’t care less
So O mahadeva!
Help us save our Pura

We have shared with you our pain
There’s no more to explain
And here we start again
Another day crying in vain
O Mahadeva!
Please help save our Pura

We’ve knocked on all doors
And cried ourselves hoarse
We still stumble and fall
But there’s hope after all

We shall vote and support
Grab the winner by her throat
But please take note
Either gender gets my vote

We know, O Mahadeva
Only we can save our Pura

– An Aggrieved Whitefielder

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  1. Dr.Ramanujam Venugopalan says:

    Really great initiative to demand basic amenities from civic authorities. I HOPE other wards also start similar campaign to get services.

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