Goonj’s School to School Drive 2019

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High Court admits Public Interest Litigation on Pattandur Agrahara Lake

The PIL filed by Pattandur Agrahara RWA Federation, praying that the Government be directed to protect and revive the historic Pattandur Agrahara Lake, and not change the nature of the lake at any cost, came up for hearing. The court was made aware that the government has filed a case of fraud against a private encroacher of the lake area in a different bench of the court, and an interim order was issued by the bench staying a supposed land tribunal order on the basis of which the encroacher was doing so. The court has directed the state to submit…

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Pool Circle completes full circle

Two days after the launch of the Whitefield Rising Pool Circle Initiative, Ashish (the ride giver) and Pravir (the ride sharer) car-pooled from Whitefield to Domlur on the morning of 19th October. Although their residences, as well as their offices, are 3 km apart, PoolCircle app and SMS helped coordinate the 12 km overlap. The satisfied smiles of the ride giver and sharer! Pic: Pravir B. Pooling helped bring down one single occupant car from choked roads, brought down emission, saved precious fuel, and brought joy to both riders. No monetary transaction was involved. The riders discovered their common roots…