In search of a shelter for a mentally ill person on the streets of Chennai

For months, an empathetic citizen has been trying to secure shelter for a mentally-ill individual in his neighbourhood, in vain. He writes about his experience.

I had been noticing a man, about 40 years of age and evidently suffering mental health issues, around my neighbourhood on Venkatraman Street in Perambur over the past few months. In May 2020 when the Covid-19 cases started spiking I approached the local administration to seek help in securing a shelter for him.

The initial response from the officials in the enforcement agencies and local administration was that it would be impossible to accommodate any person with a mental illness at the mental hospital or any home for the mentally challenged during the pandemic. They asked me to wait until the pandemic eases to find the individual a shelter.

Meanwhile I attempted to find out more about the individual by engaging with him. I noticed that on the few occasions I got to speak to him, he communicated effectively. He was cautious about consuming any food provided to him.

Residents in the neighborhood gave him used clothing, food and also allowed him to watch television through the window during the night. Residents from one of the apartments in the neighborhood were saying he had entered their compound and was found sleeping on the floor.

It pained me that the compassion we extend to animals and birds when they are in pain was not accorded to a human being who is mentally ill. He deserved to be treated with some level of dignity.

Many attempts to find a shelter

I did not want to give up on the issue of finding shelter easily. I reached out to Banyan, the NGO  known to shelter destitutes for guidance. I was informed that they only help women destitutes and suggested that I approach Good Life Centre for the homeless.

When I reached out to Mr Bhaskar from Good Life Centre for the Homeless, he said it was not possible for them to admit any new inmates due to the pandemic and suggested that I contact Anbagam which is a government-run shelter for the homeless. 

The call to Anbagam was attended by one Mohammad Rafi, who was friendly but said he was in a helpless situation because of the Covid-19 guidelines put in place by the administration.

Anbagam I am told was already hosting over 130 inmates against the original capacity and budget for 60 inmates. He wanted me to escalate the matter to the office of the Collector of Chennai and the Chief Minister’s Special Cell. 

Accordingly, I filed a couple of petitions through email and simultaneously kept following up on the matter with local officials from the enforcement agencies.

But despite these efforts, I could not secure shelter for the individual in our neighbourhood.

NGOs in a spot

I wrote an e-mail to Udavum Karangal, an NGO well-known for the work they have been doing in sheltering homeless, orphans, destitutes and the mentally ill. Mallikarjunan, the care taker, called me to discuss the issue. He was apologetic but said that it would be difficult for private shelter homes to accommodate individuals during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

He suggested that I escalate the matter to the offices of the Health Secretary and the Chief Minister.

Court order unheeded

On August 4 2020, the Madras High Court issued an order advising the government to secure mentally distrubed persons on the streets of Tamilnadu in a shelter for the mentally challenged. 

When I spoke to Mallikarjunan, he had mentioned that subsequent to the High Court order, the Chief Minister had allotted a few ambulances exclusively to ferry the mentally challenged persons on the streets to the mental hospitals and shelter homes.

On seeing this order, I once again contacted the local law enforcement agency officials and sought their help. The same beat patrol officers who had originally attended my call visited our location and this time around, he said that the extent of mental imbalance of the individual was minimal, and it would be difficult to accommodate him at a mental hospital or shelter home.

When I was not satisfied with the response and asked about further steps to be taken, the officer asked me to escalate the matter to the police control room and the office of the health secretary.

I escalated the matter through e-mail to the offices of the Chief Minister, Commissioner of Tamil Nadu, Greater Chennai Corporation and also raised the issue through the social media – Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter.

Not wanting to give up on the issue, I sent a Whatsapp Complaint to the Greater Chennai Police on the night of August 10 2020. Within 15 minutes, I received a call from the control room and was promised help. The local police station was informed and a visit by the beat patrol was arranged. 

A different officer arrived this time but informed me that they were unable to locate the individual. They declined my offer to find the individual as it was late at night and left after promising to follow up with the health department to arrange for the ambulance.

I noticed the same individual in the neighbourhood a few days later. In conversation I asked him if he was willing to go to some shelter home if I chose to help him and he responded that he was willing to do so. I learnt that he was from Ariyalur.

When I reached out to the officer who had come by on the 10th, he said that they had still been unable to locate the individual. I told them about my interaction with him and sent the officer some photographs that I had taken of the man earlier that afternoon. The officer agreed to send the beat patrol.

A patrol vehicle arrived in the next ten minutes but the officers once again left after promising to secure shelter in the coming days. After a while I received another call from the K1 Police Station. The official wanted me to brief him on the issue and promised to do whatever he could to help.

Passing the buck

Two days after this incident, there had still been no help forthcoming despite my many complaints and escalations. On August 16 2020, when I stepped out of the house I noticed the beat patrol vehicle passing through our lane. The mentally challenged person was lying on the road, but no action was taken. 

When I sent a complaint over this inaction, the patrol vehicle returned to our location with a different officer on duty this time. On arrival, I showed him copies of the newspaper articles, the complaints lodged through the TN Police Grievance Portal and also the signed petitions which were originally sent to the various officials in the administration by e-mail.

The officer said that this was not sufficient and I would have to meet the local police inspector personally and file a written petition in order for them to take some corrective action.

When I told him that several petitions had already been filed and the matter has also been escalated to the office of the Chief Minister, he agreed to help us out, but on condition that one of us should accompany them to the mental hospital for admitting the individual. He also also wanted us to take responsibility for the person.

When I agreed to this, to my surprise, I was told that the patrol vehicle could not be used for this purpose and that I would have to transport the individual using my personal vehicle or use some alternative mode of transport. I then alerted them to the the news that the Government of Tamil Nadu had allocated a few ambulances for this purpose, which could perhaps be summoned. 

The rude and callous response by the officer showed his reluctance to take any responsibility. The officer then proceeded to chase away the mentally- challenged individual from the spot and waited for a few moments before driving away. 

Given the laid back attitude of the local officials, I chose to send another Whatsapp Message to the control room and updated them of whatever had happened. The officer on duty promised to call the local inspector and inform him. I suggested that the issue deserves to be escalated to the offices of the Assistant Commissioner or the Commissioner because we had seen no change in the situation over the last several months.

The control room official promised to escalate the matter, however it’s very unfortunate that nothing has been done to secure a shelter for the person even now. 

This story is about only one mentally ill person that I got to interact with personally. There are hundreds or thousands of such helpless individuals on our streets with no one to care for them and abandoned by the state. 

Naturally, I find myself with these questions that need to be answered by the city and state:

Is it such a Herculean task for those in the administration to find a decent shelter home for a mentally ill person in a metro city like Chennai, especially when we are in the midst of a global pandemic?

Why are the mental hospitals run by the government choosing to abandon individuals on the streets when they have the mandate and the required infrastructure and capacity to accommodate and rehabilitate such citizens?

While there are organisations such as Banyan who are ready to help women, there seems to be no social organisation or a government agency which is ready to help the poor with mental health issues in our city; why?

Is this not the right time to look beyond our families and do something for the society?

As the saying goes, “Only the babies who cry will receive milk,” or “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

Let’s make some noise and help escalate such matters of public interest to a point where they will be effectively addressed.


  1. ER. Venkatesan says:

    As Mr Kumar has written, he very often entered our Vasanth Apartment and would be sleeping. Due to Corona all the residents in our flat are afraid. Kindly do the needful as required by Mr Kumar,
    which will help our apartment residents.

  2. Sujatha says:

    God bless you ? You were so persistent at a time and situation when everybody were scared for their own safety. I hope he has been provided with some shelter as of now.

  3. Sam says:

    This article makes you feel sad as this is the support given to abundant people. What can be done? Government is targeting NGOs and want to shut them down like they did to compassion India which was educaring thousands of children and hundreds who worked their lost their jobs top. What an individual can do? Spare some money and give some food.

  4. Siva says:

    This is sad and shows the lethargic situation of our country/ state. Worryingly, I am afraid this will not change. One of our main problem is population control and equal opportunity.

  5. Ram says:

    God bless you. You are a great person.

  6. Pradeep Kumar says:

    There’s a NGO in Madurai, who takes care of mentally challenged people. Why don’t we start an NGO in Chennai for mentally challenged people.

  7. Shanthi says:

    God bless you. Hope you succeed. ???

  8. Soumendranath Kar says:

    Great job done by you, Sir !! I compare you with Gandhi Ji !! Please go ahead with your attitude. People of India will support you always !! WE ARE WITH YOU !! ?

  9. Rajesh VR says:

    Hi Pls reach out to Uravugal Khaaled If the case is still open. Let us know your contact information to reach you

  10. Kumar says:

    1) Atma hospital & home for mentally challenged,Trichy.
    2) ‘Manasu’ Chennai.
    Hope they will admit him.

  11. Vasuki says:

    We should have separate departments or office to tackle this issue, otherwise they keep on referring from one person to other person. We need dedicated phone number and officers from government side.

  12. Santosh says:

    Sometimes given the size of govt with its 200 odd sub depts, just finding the right person to talk to is the main hurdle.

    Looking at TN budget there are 2 departments allocated funds for mentally challenged and the homeless.

    Commissionerate for the Welfare of Differently Abled –


    You might have better luck through these depts than Cops/ Corporation/CM office etc

    • Raghukumar Choodamani says:

      Have written to the Directorate of Mental Health which is a seperate entity responsible for such issues, unfortunately I haven’t received any feedback as yet.

  13. Amutha says:

    It’s very much painful to see and hear such unfortunate fellow human beings’ suffering. Contacting social media will be very much useful. The local government must look into this matter as early as possible before that person is no more.

  14. Falix says:

    I too had same feeling on this guys.. Mr.Ragu, I can also join with you to support them. Call me at 9710424256. Felix, periyar NAGAR.

    • Raghukumar Choodamani says:

      Felix, I think the phone number you have shared is incorrect, I tried calling you but someone else was answering the call.

    • Raghukumar Choodamani says:

      Thanks Santhosh for sharing the links relating to the Commissionerate and Directorate. The good news is The Banyan officials had called me earlier this evening and will arrange for the rescue team to pick up the person tommorrow.

      • Santosh says:

        Well done ??? Your effort is inspiring. By doing it in times of Covid, doubly so! Its good to know such people are around. Also it has educated me about what all can be done and what to avoid. Thank you ?

  15. Aman says:

    God bless you for all your efforts. Everyday i see 4-5 such homeless people sleeping near bins and on road near ethiraj college and just wish that i could help them but dont know how except by giving some charity.

  16. Raja says:

    Try Dean Foundation. They can come and help him. They can guide him to get some help. But surely they will come and change his clothes, keep him clean and give him medicines to cure his ailments and can even arrange haircuts and shave and bath if he wishes

  17. Raghukumar Choodamani says:

    In response to this article I received a call from The Banyan yesterday evening. I was informed that The Banyan has been working alongwith the Greater Chennai City Corporation and rescuing mentally ill patients including men over the last few months. They offered to rescue the person and put me in touch with their rescue team. This morning I shared the location with the rescue team who called on me around 1100hrs. After searching the neighborhood for few hours we managed to find him. The social worker Ms. Mala managed to counsel the person after buying him some biscuits, water and milk. He agreed to go with them to the shelter home. Requisite Police Memo was arranged after speaking to the Police Control Room and the local Sub Inspector who had originally handled my complaints. After barking against the wall for 4 months we managed to find a shelter for this mentally ill homeless guy. Thank you Citizen Matters and fellow members!!

  18. ER. Venkatesan says:

    After very struggle Mr.Kumar achived his goal today. I thanks very much to Mr.Kumar for the shelter made to him.
    Now we are free from worry.

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