On #PlasticBagFreeDay, here are 5 ways to reduce plastic in your life

These tips are all super basic, and you are probably already doing them if you’re at all environmentally-minded. But if you’re not, then these are simple to practice but large in impact, so we encourage you to start them today.


What’s BYOC and BYOB? Bring Your Own Container or Bottle wherever you go. Recently, a Beautiful Bengaluru member calculated that his family of four saved forty plastic bottles by carrying their own steel/copper bottles on a five-day vacation. Think of how many you can save!

Most people believe that using disposables is okay as long as they use paper cups or biodegradables like arecanut plates.

(A) Paper cups also have a plastic lining
(B) Arecanut plates take months to degrade

In any case, why consume precious resources for just one use?

#2 Segregate your waste

Did you know that mixed waste just ends up in a landfill? Segregate wet, dry, and reject waste as per the BBMP guidelines and ensure your trash gets composted/recycled appropriately.

#3 No to plastic bags, yes to reusable bags

Carry your own sturdy reusable bag while shopping. This used to be so common for the previous generation of Indians, but we seem to have forgotten this basic value.

#4 Net bags while shopping

Use net bags while buying vegetables and reusable egg cases if buying eggs. (Honestly, seeing people use individual paper bags for each vegetable makes us go AAAARGH when we shop!)

#5 Say no to bin liners

Avoid bin liners, whether plastic, biodegradable, compostable or oxobiodegradable. Not only are they all banned in Karnataka, but they are also just unnecessary! Just give the dustbin a quick wash (preferably with RO or soapy wastewater) after use.

Just a friendly reminder until nect time! Share the message and see change around you.

[This blog is based on a tweet thread by Beautiful Bengaluru, an initiative for a clean, green, safe city, and is republished here with minimal edits.]

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