This is what Perambur residents want from their new MLA

Residents of Perambur have banded together to release a charter of demands pertaining to civic infrastructure and governance issues faced by them.

The residents of Ward 70, Zone 6 in Perambur have banded together under the banner of Community Welfare Brigade to release the following charter of demands to candidates contesting from the Thiru-Vi-Ka Nagar Constituency.

Charter of Demands

1) Remove the cluster of TASMAC bars near the Perambur Railway Station. Portion of the bars cannot be operated in open air. Get the bars to provide sufficient number of clean toilets and large designated parking lots within their property. Curb drinking, smoking or urinating in public. Push the administration on our behalf to enforce the available rules and regulations with earnest.

Residents of Chromepet holding placards against the opening of a TASMAC. Pic: David Manohar

2) The traffic density on Perambur High Road, Madhavaram High Road and Paper Mills Road has increased significantly and there is a urgent need to act on this issue with conviction. Widen the arterial bus route roads and provide pedestrian friendly foot paths, median, speed breakers where it’s necessary. Provide designated parking lots for two wheelers, auto rickshaws and other vehicles. Clear the encroachments on the foot paths, curb illegal & haphazard parking on arterial as well as interior roads.

3) Construction of a concrete median on Perambur High Road was taken up two months ago and over 50% of the work has been completed. A few commercial establishments and auto drivers have managed to stall the construction of the median which was taken up in public interest. The construction was blatantly stalled with political influence only to serve the vested interest of the commercial entities. We expect our elected representative to work for the people at large and not a select group of people. Give us a commitment that issues of public interest will never be compromised to serve the selfish interest.

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4) CMRL Phase 2 construction is going to commence in the coming months, put in place a plan to ensure free flow of traffic during the construction. Discuss with the local community on how you plan to integrate the CMRL connectivity with the Railways and the MTC. Elucidate what the plans that have been put in place for the last mile connectivity for the commuters is.

5) Quality of conservancy & sanitation work across Perambur has deteriorated over the past several months. Help establish a sustainable Solid Waste Management System and introduce a bill to keep the public spaces in our neighborhoods free from Political & Commercial Posters as well as Graffiti.

6) Use your office to enforce a proper quality audit system to oversee the infrastructure development work taken up by the local administration. Put pressure on the state administration to conduct the local body elections and set up a ward committee. Citizen participation in matters relating to infrastructure development, security and conservancy can help build a model constituency within the City of Chennai.

7) Water is going to be a major issue in the future especially the drought years. Ground water level which was around 100 to 120 feet has fallen to 200 feet in many neighborhoods. Many bore wells which are 350 feet or more do not yield any water. Major infrastructure development projects such as constructions of The Market of India, high rise apartments, schools, malls etc are in progress around Perambur. Chennai is a drought prone city, please elaborate on the plans do you have in place to ensure uninterrupted water supply in the years ahead during the campaign.

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8) The Murasoli Maran Flyover is under utilized. Except for the MTC Buses and heavy vehicles all the other commuters take the Railway Under Bridge to cross over. We suggest that the flyover be redesigned to accommodate an arm to directly connect Perambur to Ayanavaram. If this is done most of the commuters will start using the flyover and avoid the trouble of taking a serpentine route around the flyover. We suggest that a round about be provided on the south side of the under bridge, this can help reduce the amount of fuel being burnt by several vehicles on a daily basis. Arrange to construct a proper concrete median in the subway under the bridge because many two wheeler riders can be seen riding on the wrong side of the road after dislodging the concrete blocks.

9) Several fruit/vegetable vendors, food carts & eateries have encroached the foot paths as well as the roads (both – arterial Bus Route Roads & interior roads such as Patel Road & Bharathi Road). Suggest you please Identify a suitable location where they can be rehabilitated within Perambur without affecting their livelihood.

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10) The pedestrian subway near the Perambur Bus Terminus is in a horrible state. Use your good office to have this renovated as soon as possible. The narrow railway underpass located between the bus terminus & Vysarpadi Jeeva Station which connects Perambur to Arundathi Nagar is also in bad shape, we have taken up this issue with the Railways. Would appreciate your help in escalating the matter from your end.

11) Arrange to install CCTV cameras on the Arterial & Interior Roads to curb illegal activities. Enforce strict & regular beat patrolling of the neighborhoods. Community Welfare Brigade W70Z6 Volunteers will extend all possible help in passing the information on acts of crime, public nuisance etc.

(This article is based on a Press Release by Community Welfare Brigade team and has been republished here with minimal edits.)

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