Old age homes in and around Bengaluru, and some related questions

The problems of caring for oneself in one’s old age are not just limited to finding a good old age home and settling in there.

Senior living is probably the most pleasant part of one’s “golden” years; when one is in good health, when one can afford to invest in a senior home or facility, and can still manage one’s finances.

With old age, however, comes illness which is often chronic. When repeated illness strikes, one may need geriatric nursing care.

When physical illness escalates, or when mental illness supervenes, one may reach a point when one can no longer manage one’s household or finances, and intensive nursing care may be needed.

Last of all, when an illness is deemed to be terminal, palliative care may be needed throughout the last days of one’s life.

It is not fair to put the burden of such care on one’s children, nor is it possible for a child who may himself or herself be old, ill, or in a position where s/he cannot give full-time care to a parent.

It would, therefore, make sense for each of us to plan those years while we are still in good health, and able to take clear decisions. The decisions will always be tough, emotional, and often very difficult for both the person concerned as well for the children, relatives, or friends.

I do not have reviews for all these places. if possible (it may not always be) do visit the places before making a decision.

Some of the knotty questions facing me are:

1. How will I know in what shape the facility is, when I ultimately need to go there?

2. If the facility is not well-run at that point, my money will be locked up. How, then, do I (or my family) ensure good care for me?

3. If I am in reasonable health, I may want to have a certain amount of space, and want to live in a particular place. However, if I am ill and not oriented to time and place, where I live may not matter to me at all. So how do I choose between assisted, and nursing/hospice stay?

I have no easy answers to these questions… just sharing them with others!


Asha Jeevan Home for the Aged Trust,

57, 7th Cross, Pavamana Residency,

Kembathalli Road, Gottigere,

Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560 083.

+91 98451 84079

suj.6bhat@gmail.com, m7sarita@gmail.com


Bangalore Hospice Trust – Karunashraya

Old Airport – Varthur Main Road, Kundalahalli Gate, Marathahalli,

Bangalore – 560037

E-mail: info@karunashraya.org

Phone :+91 80 4268 5666, 2847 6133, 2847 6509


Nightingales Medical Trust


No: 8P6, 3rd A Cross,

East of NGEF Layout,

Kasturinagar, Banaswadi,

Bangalore – 560043. Karnataka, India

+91 80 42426565

Fax: +91 80 42426575



Ozone Urbana (this is only Senior Living and is not an assisted or hospice facility)

This is a real estate venture.


A promising link for home nursing and palliative care:


North Bangalore: 080-4092 3923

South Bangalore: 080-4171 4100


Karunaamrutha Navachaithanya

Address : Near Thimmarayaswami Temple,

Horamavu Gandhi Circle,

Bangalore – 560043, Karnataka, India

Land Line: 08065655555

Mobile : +91-9448244695 / +91-9242429994

Email: No email, only a web link:


List of facilities:



Lokhande Hospital

No.3AC 902, 3A cross, 9A main, Kalyan Nagar I block, Bangalore – 560043.

Phone: 2545 622


2545 6222

Providing geriatric, palliative and nursing care.


Vishranthi Trust (providing  for seniors, orphans, and vocational training)

11th Km, Hoskote Malur Rd, Jadigenahalli, Karnataka 562114

No phone number given.

I sincerely hope that this list will help people who are struggling to help themselves, or their near and dear ones.. whether relatives or friends… to find a place where they will be cared for.

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