Mumbai votes in Assembly elections: MLA choices for Borivali, Dahisar, Magathane and Mulund

As Mumbai gets ready to elect its MLAs on Monday, take a look at the profiles of candidates in the fray in the four key constituencies of Borivali, Dahisar, Magathane and Mulund.

On Monday, October 21st, Maharashtra will be voting to elect the members to its Legislative Assembly. Take a look at the profiles of candidates in the fray in the four key constituencies of Borivali, Dahisar, Magathane and Mulund.

Constituency: Borivali

Incumbent MLA: Vinod Tawde, BJP

Name, Education, Profession Party Assets Pending court case rating * Agenda
Rajesh Mallah, SSC, Labourer BSP 20.01 thousand 15 Did not share
Sunil Rane, B.Com, Secretary BJP 1.7 crore None Did not share
Kumar Khilare, B.A. Business Indian National Congress 31.45 lakh None Did not share
Dhirubhai Gohil, 7th standard, embroidery work Sardar Vallabhai Patel Party 40 thousand None Development, solve everyday issues & propagate Sardar Patel’s ideas

Constituency: Dahisar

Incumbent MLA: Manisha Chaudhary, BJP

Name, Education, Profession Party Assets Pending court case rating* Agenda
Harsha Chowkekar, LLM, Not mentioned Bahujan Samaj Party 3.21 lakh None Improvement in law for social welfare, legal access to poor, women’s
safety & welfare, employment for youth, will work for farmers & workers,
reform in education system
Manisha Chaudhary, B.Sc., self-employed BJP 3.21 crore None Did not share
Andrew Fernandes, MBA, retired Hum Bhartiya Party 1.4 crore None Did not share
Arun Sawant, B.A., Ex-employee of LIC India Indian National Congress 2.76 crore None Provide basic necessities to the people of Dahisar, like road, electricity,
public toilets etc.
Dharmendra Pandey, HSC, Unemployed Independent 12 thousand None My dream is to have a healthy, clean and prosperous Dahisar. My agenda and manifesto is the same as the peoples manifesto. I will execute their wishes and solve their problems with honesty and integrity.
Rajesh Yerunkar, HSC, Service Maharashtra Navanirman Sena 1.82 crore None Did not share
Radheshyam Vishwakarma, SSC, Stringmaker Nationalist
Janshakti Party
9.83 lakh None Slum rehabilitation, improving slum dwellers living condition, work on providing basic infrastructure facilities in all wards of Dahisar
Mahesh Jadhav, SSC, Taxi driver Sambhaji Brigade 17.19 lakh None Will work for education, agriculture, employment area, etc.

Constituency: Magathane

No currently elected representative

Name, Education, Profession Party Assets Pending court case rating* Agenda
Prakash Surve, B.Com., Business Shiv Sena 30.27 crore 4 Did not share
Manishankar Chauhan, HSC, Farming
and Liquor Trade
Nationalist Congress Party 49.92 lakh None Development for Magathane, give houses and facility to the people
living in forest, build Hospital.
Rajaram Jadhav, SSC, Real Estate Agent Bahujan Samaj Party 17.98 thousand None Rehabilitation of demolished slums, SRA, ration card for poor, access
to education, electricity & water
Manoj Bamne, HSC, Private
Service and LIC
Bahujan Mukti Party 77.27 lakh None Resolve water & electricity issues of the five wards in the constituency,
mass movement for justice
Devendra Thakur, 9th standard, self employed Independent 2.42 lakh None I have worked for adivasis, stayed with them and know their
grievances. I will work towards construction of a double decker bridge
at Hanuman Nagar and fight for their relocation issue.
Nayan Kadam, HSC, Business Maharashtra Navanirman Sena 3.86 crore 15 Did not share
Vijay Kumar Mishra, HSC, Business Naitik Party 76.25 lakh None I will try to understand the peoples problems and requirements and
attempt to resolve them. I will provide water and electricity immediately.
I will attempt to address the issues of schools and hospitals. I will do
this by being among the people instead of dictating as an outsider
Sadanand Mane, HSC, Driver Independent 10 thousand None Will work on water problems, toilets, road and hospital
Sunil Mandave, 9th standard, Business Independent 31.53 lakh None Did not share

Constituency: Mulund

Incumbent MLA: Sardar Tarasingh, BJP

Name, Education, Profession Party Assets Pending court case rating* Agenda
Mihir Kotecha, SSC, Business BJP 18.68 crore None Did not share
Govind Singh, 9th standard, Engineering
Indian National Congress 45.38 crore None Build schools and colleges, reopen the municipal hospital, will work to
speed up the SRA projects, to provide people with 290 sq. ft home with
500 sq.ft
Harshala Chavan, B.Com, Salaried employee Maharashtra Navanirman Sena 13.48 lakh None Did not share
Shrirang Kamble, B.A. (Economics), Retired Bahujan Samaj Party 1.28 crore None I have been and wish to continue working for the environment. I would like to start
a ‘Chipko’ movement for the Aarey tree cutting and metro car-shed construction
issue. I want to fight against global warming and climate change and want to
spread this awareness among the people. I want to collectively try and increase
the income of farmers so as to prevent farmer suicides.
Goroba Naykile, SSC, Electrician Ambedkarite Party Of India 2.68 lakh None Did not share
Keshav Joshi, 9th standard, vehicle service Independent 17.5 lakh None Try to help as many people as possible
Meena Sutrakar, SSC, Social worker Independent 21.24 lakh None Did not share
Nand Kumar Singh, 7th standard, Real estate agent Independent 7.6 thousand None Water, roads, electricity and fight for people’s rights, bigger homes in
Nilesh Chavan, 9th standard, auto driver Jan Adhikar Party 1.93 lakh None AIIMS Hospital, Women’s safety, youth employment, indepdendent auto & taxi
board, KG to PG free education
Sadanand Manekar, M. Engg., Ex-Naval
Officer, Security
Independent 62 lakh None Good quality of life in Mulund, redevelopment
Salu Pawar, 7th standard, auto driver Independent 8.03 lakh None Betterment of BMC schools,will work on slum redevlopment,will complete the project
not completed and promised by prevous government
Sanjay Deshpande, SSC, Garments Tailoring Independent 72.79 lakh None Cleaning worker recruitment in Mahanagarpalika, will make job oppurtunity, will
fight against corruption
Shashikant Mokal, 9th standard, self employed Vanchit Bahujan
25 thousand None Will make hospital, create job opportunity,betterment of BMC schools, law and order

* Pending Court Case Ratings are calculated based on a mathematical formula which assigns 1 Red Flag for each minor criminal charge and 2 to 5 Red Flags for each charge of fraud, violent crimes, rape, robbery, extortion, kidnapping, murder under the Indian Penal Code

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