Mumbai votes in Assembly elections: MLA Choices for Vandre East, Vandre West, Dharavi, Sion Koliwada

As Mumbai gets ready to elect its MLAs on Monday, take a look at the profile of candidates in the fray in the four assembly constituencies of Vandre East, Vandre West, Dharavi and Sion Koliwada. 

Maharastra will elect a new legislative assembly on Monday, October 21st. Here are the profiles of candidates in the fray in the four key constituencies of Vandre East, Vandre West, Dharavi, Sion Koliwada. 

Constituency: Vandre East

Incumbent MLA:  Trupti Prakash Sawant

Profile of candidates

Name, Education and Profession Party  Assets Pending Court case rating* Agenda
Trupti Sawant,  graduate, MLA Independent 79.52 lakh None Did not share
Vishal Gamre, 9th standard, service BSP 2.61 lakh None Did not share
Vishwanath Mahadeshwar, BEd, headmaster Shiv Sena 1.24 crore None Homes for govt employees, slum redevelopment, water supply
Zeeshan Siddique, MA, Business  Congress 8.99 crore None Did not share
Akhil Chitre, Bcom, consultancy Maharastra Navanirman Sena 71.6 Lakh 77 SRA redevelopment, Mhada redevelopment, cluster redevelopment, traffic congestion, hawker issues
Anilsingh Chauhan, HSC, self-employed Independent 2.13 lakh None Did not share
Devchand Randive, HSC, Social worker Peasants and Workers Party of India 25,000 None Did not share
Javed Sheikh, 9th Standard, Unemployed Vanchit Bahujan Aaghadi 21 lakh None Will open good school, hospital and health care centre and also work for good education, roads. Will work for community irrespective of religion.
Kishor Igave, Bcom, Unemployed Independent 80,000 None Will raise issue of employment, water, cleanliness, roads
Mohammed Bhatnase,SSC, Business Bahujan Mukti Party 40.23 lakh None To establish a community hospital with all the facilities within the constituency, create a hawking zone, slum dwellers to not become homeless 
Pragati Jadhav ,10th standard, Tailor Peoples Party of India 8.38 lakh None Did not share
Salim Qureshi, 9th standard, Mutton shop All India Majilis-E-Ittihadul Muslimeen 2.75 lakh 15  Did not share
Noor Shaikh Mohammad, 7th standard, Business Indian Union Muslim League 39.1 lakh 20 Request to make me win by a large number of cases

Constituency: Vandre West

Incumbent MLA: Ashish Shelar

Name, Education and Profession Party  Assets Pending Court case rating* Agenda
Ashish Shelar, LLB, Advocate BJP 7.14 crore 9 Did not share
Arun Jadhav, PG, retired BSP 1.51 crore None Did not share
Asif Zakaria, Bcom, Business Indian National congress 21.41 crore None Would like to make the legislative more participative, involve the citizens in decision making, implement larger infrastructure projects in Bandra West assembly, there are various pending works and issues which need to be worked upon, I will continue to be accessible as I have been in the past 15 years as a councillor
Ishtiyaq Jahagirdar, Diploma, service Vanchit Bahujan Aaghadi 30.84 lakh None Raise my voice for cleanliness and against injustice, there is a need for a good representative and I wish to be that for the people, There should be free medical treatment and free education

Constituency: Dharavi

Incumbent MLA: Varsha Gaikwad

Name, Education and Profession Party  Assets Pending Court case rating* Agenda
Anita Gautam, 9th Standard, Nurse BSP 80,000 None Roads, playgroups for children, services for old & widows
Ashish More, SSC, Business  Shiv Sena 23.2 lakh 15 Did not share
Babita Shinde, SSC, House wife Independent 49.15 thousand None The next generation should not live the life we have lived in slums, nobody should live in dirt, access to good environment, clean water, separate schools for differently-abled 
Ganesh Kadam, Bcom, Salaried employee Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha 1.71 lakh None Redevelopment of Dharavi with homes & essential services, uniform civil code, compulsory Marathi in government offices & courts 
Giriraj Sherkhane, HSC, civil work Independent 1.81 lakh 12 Will work for all causes that leads to society enhancement and development, will be there for people whenever they need to address their grievances
Kawade Vinayak, SSC, salaried employee Maharastra Navanirman Sena 28.24 Lakh None Did not share
Manoj Sansare, Bsc, employed All India Majlis-E-Ittihad ul Muslimeen 5.5 lakh  22 Did not share
Raju Dalvi, BA, Business Independent 97,000 None Did not share
Ravindra Angarkhe, HSC, LIC and mediclaim agent Bahujan Mukti Party 2.27 lakh None Improving the right to education to all, providing UPSC and MPSC exams training centre, improving facilities in the government hospital, the prohibition of drug use, for unemployed monthly 3000INR will be given
Varsha Gaikwad, Msc, MLA Congress party 84.35 Lakh 1 Did not share
Vikas Rokade, 7th standard, Business  Independent 11,000 None Did not share

Constituency: Sion Koliwada

Incumbent MLA: Selvan Tamil

Name, Education and Profession Party  Assets Pending Court case rating* Agenda
Amiruddin Idrisi, BE, Business consultant Vanchit Bahujan Aaghadi 2.54 lakh None Will help young people in education who cannot afford it, We will also help people with getting trained on small courses like mechanic etc. So that they can have employment. Will also try to build a vocational education centre in our area. It will help to create a better employment opportunity. 
Anant Kamble, HSC, employed Maharashtra Navanirman Sena 22.06 lakh 4 Development of constituency, solve problems of people, waterlogging, traffic, clean environment
Ashwini Kasbe, LLB, Advocate Prabuddha Bharat Prajasattak  2.43 lakh None will make job opportunity to youth, promoting culture, law & order, against crime, will make education free 
Attadeep Jadhav, 9th standard, office assistant Peasants and Workers party of India 41,000 None Did not share
Bala Nadar, BCA, IT service Aapki Apne party 38.32 lakh None Did not share
Ganesh Yadav, MMS, Business Congress party 69.94 lakh 8 Did not share
Samasealam Shaikh, 8th standard, Business Peace Party 19.85 lakh None To create awareness about drug addiction and make the youth free from drug addiction, improving the sewage and drainage system 
Shanta Nair, LLB Advocate Bhahujan Maha party 16.71 Lakh 3 Did not share
Tamil Selvan, SSC, Business BJP 3.48 crore 13 Did not share
Vijay Dalvi, MA, Social Worker CPIM 63.33 lakh 4 Did not share
Vilas Kamble, SSC, Construction business Bahujan Samaj Party 5.69 lakh None Work for SRA projects, work on Mahul rehabilitation issue, Aarey colony

* Pending Court Case Ratings are calculated based on a mathematical formula which assigns 1 Red Flag for each minor criminal charge and 2 to 5 Red Flags for each charge of fraud, violent crimes, rape, robbery, extortion, kidnapping, murder under the Indian Penal Code

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