Mumbai votes in Assembly elections: MLA choices for Vikhroli, Chembur and Ghatkopar (East/West)

As Mumbai gets ready to elect its MLAs on Monday, take a look at the profiles of candidates in the fray in the four key assembly constituencies of Chembur, Vikhroli and Ghatkopar (East & West)

Take a look at the profiles of candidates in the fray in the four key constituencies of Vikhroli, Chembur, Ghatkopar East and Ghatkopar West.

Constituency: Vikhroli

Incumbent MLA: Sunil Raut, Shiva Sena

Name, Education and profession Party  Assets Pending court case rating* Agenda
Shailesh Sonawane, MSW, Accountant Bahujan Samaj Party 3.29 lakh None Did not share
Shashank Yadav, SSC, Detective at a security agency Independent 86 thousand None Fighting for Mumbaikars’ rights, education, development, water problem, drainage, road development and women safety
Vinod Shinde, B.Com, Service Maharashtra Navanirman Sena 17.81 lakh 42 including extortion, threatening death to commit extortion and criminal intimidation Help disabled people, basic services for SRA schemes, employment and women’s safety
Dhananjay Pisal, Graduate, Tax advisor Nationalist Congress Party 2.47 crore None Did not share
Lumbini Bhosale, MSc, Homemaker Prabuddha Bharat Prajasattak 1.36 lakh None Did not share
Milind Kadam, SSC, Shop Owner Sambhaji Brigade 33 lakhs None Repair bad roads, build ER Hospital, fix/repair water pipelines, jobs for the youth, repair and maintain bridges and reduce garbage dumping in the area
Raju Shrirame, 9th Std, a construction worker Sardar Vallabhai Patel Party 30 thousand None Fight for poor, against the commercialisation of education, employment, health, women’s safety, youth empowerment.
Sunil Raut, HSC, Businessman Shiv Sena 5.65 crore 19 Did not share
Siddharth Mokade, HSC, Web designer Vanchit Bahujan Aaghadi 4.74 lakh None Did not Share

Constituency: Chembur

Incumbent MLA: Prakash Phaterpekar, Shiva Sena

Name, Education, Profession Party Assets Pending court case rating* Agenda
Sukesh Singh, SSC Aapki Apni Party (Peoples) 67.11 thousand None To make the voice of the people heard at the Mantralay level and job creation for the youth.
Tatoba Zende, 9th Std, Ambedkarite Party of India 25.7 lakhs None Did not share
Madhu More, 5th Std, Bhaujan Samaj Party 27.45 lakh 25 Rehabilitation of slums, help people affected by Tata-BPCL gas company, constructing hospitals, education and water
Dhananjay Shankar Kodkar, HSC, Independent 2.94 lakh None Did not share
Navnath Naole, SSC, Owner of Navnath Construction Independent 36.78 thousand None Did not share
Satish Sonawne, 7th Std, Independent 10 thousand None Did not share
Chandrakant Handore, BA Indian National Congress 1.25 crore 7 Did not share
Karnabala Dunbade, HSC Maharashtra Navanirman Sena 5.08 crore 65 Did not share
Kanhaiyyalal Gupta, 5th Std, Businessman Peasants and Workers Party of India 3.25 crore None Widow pension 1k/month, reconstruction of house of the people who are living in informal houses for free, will provide an Orange KPL card for cardiac patients for free treatment. Help every child with education, books and fees.
Anita Patole, 9th Std, Fish Merchant Samajwadi Party 3.5 lakh None Machines in health clinics, formalisation of ‘bhaji mandi’, free sanitary pads in schools, construct skywalk.
Prakash Phaterpekar, SSC, Businessman Shiv Sena 3.39 crore None Did not share
Rajendra Mahulkar, 9th Std, Transport-Civil work Vanchit Bahujan Aaghadi 3.25 crore None Did not share

Constituency: Ghatkopar East

Incumbent MLA: Prakash Mehta, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

Name, Education, Profession Party Assets Pending court case rating* Agenda
Nana Bhise, 7th Std, Service Bahujan Mukthi Party 15.46 lakhs None Will provide free treatment, free education, job opportunity, road development  in slums
Vikram Adagale, SSC, Business Bahujan Samaj Party 21.85 lakh None Did not share
Parag Shah, BCom, Business Bharatiya Janata Party 271.87 crore None Did not share.
Sandip Pagare, 9th Std, Social service and Film director Independent 75.1 lakh 20 Ghatkopar area faces a lot of problems, traffic problems, hawker problems, hospital problems. I will address these. There is also the issue of redevelopment below the Tata Electric Line, which can happen without dislocation the inhabitants.
Madanlal Gupta, HSC, Service Independent 1.86 crore None Work on hawker’s market and solve all the problems in the area.
Avinash Kadam, HSC, Business Independent 12 thousand None Will fight for education, health, employment and take forward the fight of workers, will try to make regular water supply, will make opportunities for jobs
Manisha Suryavanshi, BSc, Business Indian National Congress 12.71 lakhs None Did not share
Prashanth Ahirwar, HSC, Freelancer Jan Adhikar Party 10.15 lakhs 2 Did not share
Satish Pawar, SSC, Employee Maharashtra Navanirman Sena 7.55 crore None Did not share
Kishor Kardak, HSC, unemployed Marxist Leninist Party of India 8.18 lakhs None Will fight for education, health, employment and take forward the fight of workers
Vikas Pawar, HSC, Business Vanchit Bahujan Aaghadi 2.15 crore 19 Did not share

Constituency: Ghatkopar West

Incumbent MLA: Ramchandra Kadam, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

Name, Education, Profession Party Assets Pending court case rating* Agenda
Sudhir Jadhav, Diploma (Journalism & Media), Civil contractor Bahujan Samaj Party 38.36 lakh None Reservation in Metro Rail and government jobs
Ramchandra Kadam, 9th Std Bharatiya Janata Party 23.08 crore 23 Did not share
Chandu Vadar, 8th Std, Employee Independent 50.25 thousand None Did not share
Thorat Latabai, SSC, Homemaker Independent 40 thousand None Did not share
Dilip Yadav, BCom, Employee Independent 25.31 thousand None Did not share
Nikhil Narwekar, SSC, Employee Independent 2.06 lakh None Did not share
Bhaskar Mohan Goud, BA, Business Independent 11.7 lakh 14 Did not share
Sanjay Bhalerao, BCom, Investor Independent 1.75 crore 10 Did not share
Sandip Prabhakar Yeole, HSC, Seasonable Hawking Independent 8.88 lakh 57 For the creation of exploitation-free social order
Anand Shukla, BA, Journalist Indian National Congress 1.4 crore None Development of Ghatkopar and women empowerment.
Ganesh Chukkal, SSC, Business Maharashtra Navanirman Sena 1.85 crore 11 Will work on the development
Shantaram Kamble, 9th Std, Retired Peoples Party of India 14.79 lakh None Constitutional Right, Rights, Education, Agriculture, Social welfare work, economic development.
Ganesh Ovhal, LLB, Lawyer Vanchit Bahujan Aaghadi 25 thousand None Did not share

* Pending Court Case Ratings are calculated based on a mathematical formula which assigns 1 Red Flag for each minor criminal charge and 2 to 5 Red Flags for each charge of fraud, violent crimes, rape, robbery, extortion, kidnapping, murder under the Indian Penal Code

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