Misuse of public roads for parking vehicles

Our roads are public, and parking, where it is legal, should be available to all. But our vehicle users and and homeowners both seem to think that the parking space is something they have ownership of.

Many buildings display notices outside which say, “Parking for XYZ customers only”.

Many homes (private ones, not clinics) have signs outside that say, “Ambulance may come at any time, no parking”….a patently false declaration. I can understand signs that say, “Don’t park in front of the gate”, but privatising the road in front of a residence is surely unethical if not actually illegal.

Some buildings have watchmen who oversee such usurping of public space by telling car drivers not to park at the spot in front of the building. If the car driver parks in spite of such harassment, many of them let the air out of the car tyres. (I know this, because it happened to me.)

This post was brought about by my seeing, every single day, up to eight school buses belong to St.Paul’s School in J P Nagar 3rd Phase, being blatantly parked on the road. This has several bad effects; it becomes difficult for other motorists to navigate this road when the school is being let off; the children are put at risk in climbing into the bus, or going around it to their waiting parents; the aforesaid parents who are not using the school bus are hard put to find parking, as are other motorists who would like to park there.

Is there any way we can prevent such misuse of public parking spaces? No one person should earmark such spaces for constant use at the expense of other motorists or vehicles.


  1. Rashmi Bala Gupta says:

    Actually people park there vehicles on both sides of road thinking that this space also belongs to them irrespective of thinking of causing traffic jams due to congestion. To curb it stringent fines should be applied to solve this problem. people ignore to drive in the correct lane and cut across to take turns causing inconvenience and blocking others. people are in the habit of driving on reverse just to curtail cost of petrol resulting in serious accidents. Bus drivers stop the buses wherever they want to drop or pick passengers. Bus bays should constructed so they could only stop on that particular area. Lane discipline,talking while driving on mobiles, not wearing helmets should be fined heavily so the offenders will think to break the rules. Neither police nor public feel their civic sense to abide by rules. BBMP doesn’t care to get the roads constructed with proper supervision and correct material curbing misappropriation of funds and corruption which result in potholed roads causing serous accidents after a few spells of rains. Drivers spit from windows of cars and buses without caring cleanliness and hygiene on roads. Till every citizen of Bengaluru feels responsible to cooperate in making it a Smart City ,nothing is possible.How many years metro rapid transport system are taking to operate causing lots of inconvenience, traffic jams, more pollution resulting in health hazards.Construction cost escalates which benefit contractors, engineers, supervisors,political machinery. Making Uturns on so far off as on Sarjapur road resulted more cars, traffic jams, pollution, fuel and time wastage just to shift from one point to another point. There is a sincere and honest need of planning and its time boung execution to save this city from deterioration further.

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