Plan to hit M G Road on New Year’s Eve? You need to know this!

Have a happy and safe new year celebration, by following the below guidelines!

A large number of people, motorists as well as pedestrians, traditionally throng M G Road, Brigade Road, Residency Road, St.Marks Road and Church Street on the New Year’s Eve. Parking restrictions will be in place to regulate the movement of traffic of vehicles on M G Road, Brigade Road, Church Street, St.Marks Road, Rest House road and Residency road on the night intervening between 31/12/2013 and 01/01/2014. A press note from Bangalore Traffic Police has put in place the following regulations:

1.    No entry for vehicles except police vehicles and vehicles of essential services on duty, from any direction, from 8 pm on 31/12/2013 upto 1 am on 01/01/2014 on the following roads.

a)    M.G.Road, from Anil Kumble junction upto the junction with Residency road near the Mayo Hall.

b)    Brigade Road, from Cauvery Emporium Junction. upto the Opera Junction.

c)    Church Street, from its Junction on Brigade Road upto the junction of Museum road.

d)    Museum road, from its junction with the M G Road upto its junction with Old Madras Bank road.

e)    Rest House road, from its junction on Museum road upto its junction on Brigade Road.

f)     Kamaraj road, from Cauvery Emporium junction to Cubbon road junction and Cubbon road junction to Arts and Crafts Emporium.

g)    Residency Cross road, from Residency Road to M.G.Road (Shankarnag Theatre junction)

2.   No parking for all types of vehicles except police vehicles and vehicles of essential services on duty is prohibited from 4 pm on 31/12/2013 to 3 am on 01/01/2014 on the following roads.   

a)        M.G.Road, from Anil Kumble junction upto Trinity Circle.

b)        Brigade Road, from Arts and Crafts junction upto Opera Junction.

c)        Church Street, from its junction with Brigade road upto its junction on St.Marks Road.

d)        Rest House Road, from its junction on Brigade road upto its junction with Museum Road.

e)        Museum Road, from its Junction on M.G.Road upto its Junction with Old Madras Bank Road.

3.   Vehicles parked on M G Road, Brigade Road, Rest House Road, Church Street, Residency road and St.Marks road in the area specified in Para 2 shall be removed by the Owner(s)/ Driver (s) before 4 pm on 31/12/2013 failing which they will be towed away by the Police and fined.

4.         After 8 pm on 31/12/2013, vehicles coming from the direction of Queen’s Statue junction on M G Road and proceeding towards Halasuru and beyond will turn left at Anil Kumble Circle, at B R V Junction, turn right into Cubbon road and proceed on Cubbon road and join M.G.Road near Webb’s junction.

a)        Vehicles proceeding in the direction of Cantonment areas, from Halasuru should turn right near Trinity Circle and enter Halasuru road, turn left on Dickenson road and proceed towards Cubbon Road.

b)        Parking of vehicle is allowed on both sides of Kamaraja road, from Kamaraja road   junction to Commercial Street junction.

c)        Public can also park their private vehicles at 1st floor BMTC Shopping complex, Shivajinagar Bus Stand.

5. On Brigade road pedestrians only can proceed by walk from M G Road junction to opera junction and walking in the opposite direction is prohibited. Instead if they want to come to M G Road, they can do so by proceeding via Residency road cross (near Shankarnag theatre cross)

6. Movement of vehicles on the Flyovers will be closed / regulated from 9 pm on 31/12/2013 till 6 am on 01/01/2014 so as to avoid incidents like accidents, crashes etc.

7. Road users/motor cyclists who cause inconvenience to other public by indulging in rash and negligent driving or those who try to wheeling/drag racing will be dealt with sternly. People are requested to contact the traffic helpline No. 103/100 in case they come across any such situations.

Special appeal for ‘spirited’ citizens

The press note has a special appeal “to the joyous public celebrating the New Year Eve especially with drinks”: If you are in a group, at least one person who holds the steering of the motor vehicle or the rider of two wheeler should abstain from consuming alcohol and carry the group safely, to ensure the safety of other road users, which helps to keep the New Year celebration accident-free and people-friendly.

A press note from BMRCL said that Metro trains will run the services till 2 am on the night intervening between December 31, 2013 and January 1, 2014. Frequency of trains will be 30 minutes after 10 pm.

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  1. Vaidya R says:

    Forget the traffic. The whole area will be a crowd of howling guys high on alcohol and testosterone running around screaming. Advisable to avoid.

  2. Pushpa Achanta says:

    Hope those indulging in gender harassment/assault/violence/crimes will also be “dealt with sternly”!

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