BBMP ready with waste management plan for Bakrid

BBMP has teamed up with citizen volunteers to manage waste generated during festivals.

BBMP has come up with clear guidelines to manage solid waste generated during festivals. After Ganesha Chaturti, BBMP has geared up for Bakrid.

Top officials and department heads including Mayor Manjunath Reddy and Commisioner Manjunath Prasad met in late August and have finalised the arrangements.

Awareness and enforcement

No slaughter can be carried out in public areas – roads, footpaths in areas outside the homes or shop in public view. Only animals in the permissible list can be slaughtered. Segregation at source is compulsory.

Health Inspectors and Medical Officers will supported by volunteers have been reaching out to the various mosques and requested to communicate BBMP’s appeal in their prayer sessions. Prahari vehicles and newspaper inserts have also been used for announcements.

Collection and Disposal

Animal waste cannot be left by wayside, it will be collected in tubs from the source into Auto Tippers with 50 litre drums. No Plastic bags can be used for collection. Designated Collection points in various wards have been identified. At those points, a mini truck will be stationed for collection either in drums or in a plastic sheet which can be used to cover the waste at the time of transportation.

Two points in Yelahanka Zone – Kogilu Bande and Kuvempu Nagar, will receive all animal waste from the city. 10’x5′ pits are to prepared by the Animal Husbandry Department.

Volunteers have been helping spread awareness in the shops and households in the identified areas and track if collection process is happening properly. Citizen volunteers — seven at the zonal level and 21 at the constituency level, are helping BBMP officials with coordination. Another 40 volunteers are helping ensure the waste reaches the right destination.

Bakrid Festival Action Plan: BBMP’s Instructions:

  • Segregation is compulsory at source.

  • Inform public about the waste collection vehicles placed at ward level.

  • Animal waste should not be left on the roads.

  • There should be vigilance team consisting of volunteers, and BBMP officials.

  • Illegal slaughtering should be monitor by Assistant Director, Animal Husbandry.

  • Day to Day report shall be submitted by Assistant Director at Zonal level to Joint Director then send the compiled report of 8 Zones to JC (H & SWM) at in the prescribed format.(Annexure Enclosed)

  • Veterinary Officials shall take care of the hygiene and not to display meat outside the shops.

  • Proper collection and disposal  to designated points in scientific way shall be monitored by Medical Officer’s.

N S Ramakanth, Member, Solid Waste Management Roundtable (SWMRT) and Expert Committee Member, Solid Waste Management, spoke to Radio Active 90.4 mhz on BBMP’s directions for eco-friendly Bakrid Celebrations.

He said the volunteers roped in were based purely on their interest, and not based on their religion. Hence the festival waste volunteering had a kind of communal harmony, he opined. Listen to the full interview here:

Interview and Editing by RJ Priyanka.

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