Lasya: An exhibition to celebrate and experience Indian art

Lasya’ is a series aimed at bringing Indian art forms and artists to the fore. It is established in the fond memory of “Ganga” who was an artist par excellence with more than 100 paintings to her credit. This will be the first chapter of Lasya with an exhibition of her creations. The day will also see three diverse artists share their talents and experiences. All are welcome to join and immerse Lasya!

Ganga Srinivasan, after exploring so much in the art field, firmly believed that art as a whole is an exclusive field that requires greater amount of talent, skill set, patience, dedication and imagination. Also, artists’ need immense amount of encouragement, opportunities and venues to bring out their talent. Similarly, she believed that there are hundreds of rare and dying Indian art forms that requires the right kind of value addition, recognition and upliftment. She also had indicated many times that people consider arts as a field which does not provide any earning opportunities for artists and thus predominant talented population does not want to consider arts as a main profession.

Ganga left all of us early this year. As a dedication to Ganga Srinivasan and her art, the family has made a humble effort to continue her journey with the commencement of an art event – Lasya.

Event details

Date: 1st Dec 2019 (Sunday)

Time: 10.45 am – 8.00 pm

Venue: Sobha Lake View Club House, Hall 2, Green Glen Layout, Bellandur, Bengaluru – 560103

You can expect the following and more at the event

  • Awareness about different forms of paintings
  • Exposure to various uses of paintings
  • Opportunity to know and interact with artists
  • Opportunity for artists to show case their skills
  • Opportunity for art lovers to witness and feel the power of art
  • Different ways of showcasing art

Event schedule

  • Inauguration  (10:45 AM to 11:15 AM)
    • Welcome – Purnima Menon (Kathakali artist)
  • Keynote – N.V. Srinivasan
  • Confluence of artists (up to 12:45 PM)
    • Usha Krishnakumar – Multi-talented artist with
      more than 25 years in the field of art. Guru and
      friend of Ganga.
    • Sridhar Comaravalli – Renowned cartoonist
      resident of Bangalore. Hundreds of talk shows,
      public events and publications add to his
      commendation. He will be anchoring an interactive
    • Vedha Sreeram – A pen artist extending her
      pattern art into water colour, acrylic and oil
      mediums. Specializing in Mandala art and its
      effects on mental wellbeing. An interactive session
      will follow.
  • Vote of thanks – Janakiraman

For more details, please contact Lakshmi on 9632093048.

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