Koramangala 3rd Block a death trap after Sarjapur Road was made one-way

For the past two months, residents of Koramangala 3rd Block have seen a marked increase in traffic through their neighbourhood. A citizen shares how it has impacted their lives.

A couple of years ago, the government came up with a hare-brained plan to construct underpasses on Sarjapur road. The sole reason for this was to benefit a private builder developing a large area on the wetlands of Bellandur lake. The residential areas along the way would have been decimated, but that was of no concern to the powers that be.

Citizens went to court and finally a negotiated settlement was arrived at between citizens and the government. A government-appointed commission, in its final report, stated that the real problem was on Hosur road and that had to be treated first. This involved widening Hosur road at the Madiwala junction. Whilst this was absolutely necessary given the traffic scenario in the area, there was a small problem… Some of these belonged to local politicians. Obviously, nothing was done on this road.

Now enters MA Saleem, the new Additional Commissioner of Police for Traffic. Overnight, the traffic police converted the 120 feet Sarjapur road into a one-way road. Saleem proudly claims that traffic is now flowing smoothly on Sarjapur road. Of course it will sir, it is 120 feet wide!!!

A view of Koramangala 3rd Block from Google Maps

The impact on the immediate neighbourhood, of converting this stretch into a one-way, is totally ignored, and rejected as collateral damage.

When Citizen Matters spoke to MA Saleem, he mentioned that the traffic police was in talks with a traffic consultant who would be putting together a one-way traffic impact report. This report would measure the impact of the new traffic arrangements in Madiwala on the current traffic situation, as well the neighbourhood. The traffic police would then implement changes as per observations in the report. Saleem also added that the report would be out in a week’s time.

Traffic expert Sanjeev Kumar, who is preparing the report, said that work on the report would begin only by end July, since they had to wait for 3 months from the day that the decision was implemented. He mentioned that it would be ready by mid-August.

Both Saleem and Kumar stated that whatever solution they came up with to ease the traffic, would be beneficial for commuters, as well as residents of the area.

Residents living on one side of this super highway cannot get their cars out of their homes. One could be crushed by a speeding bus going to Salem. Doctors of St John’s Hospital cross the road every day, not knowing if they will make it across alive. But then why bother? These guys are not responsible for the next promotion or transfer.

To add to the woes of the residents, a section of the service road from Aishwarya junction to St Francis School is also made a one-way. This service road now becomes in effect a lane of Sarjapur road, in the opposite direction!

Thousands of vehicles mainly call centre cabs going from Electronic City to Malleswaram, now zoom through the narrow residential by lanes of Koramangala 3rd Block.

These roads were used by a large number of residents, many of them senior citizens for their daily walk. But today, the lanes are death traps for the innocent septuagenarian or the ignorant child who dares to use them. Added to this, is the noise pollution that is indescribable.

The residents have petitioned and met police officials at various levels. However, the pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

The mantra seems to be this: I have to get the traffic moving. If your lives are devastated as a result, tough luck!

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  1. Balaji Chitra Ganesan says:

    Well, other than the self-declared claim that the 3 underpasses in Koramangala on Sarjapur road would somehow benefit a property coming up near Agara lake, was there any justification for stopping those underpasses?

    How can projects on a road linking Outer ring road (with all the software product companies) to CBD (via Hosur road) be dismissed as meant for a property coming up in Agara? Even so, if BDA/BBMP have given permission to such a project in Agara, is it not their duty to build infrastructure to reduce burden on others already using the road.

    The sheer stupidity of felling trees on Inner ring road to build the proposed multi-thousand crore wasteful flyover from Kendria sadan to Ejipura, is disconcerting. One only hopes that project will never see the light of day. The 3 said underpasses and two more near Sony world would have sufficed with less ecological impact.

    The Koramangala 3rd block RWA is a regressive organization, which does not care for the city but uses money, lawyers and political influence to serve themselves and their residential properties.

    Editor’s note: Comment edited for policy compliance.

  2. Balaji Chitra Ganesan says:

    I see my comment has been edited to remove a phrase, which I believe is misunderstood by the editor and perhaps some readers.

    I meant, its usually only after a mishap happens do people wake up to the dangers of letting speeding vehicles through side streets.

    If 3rd block RWA had not stopped the 3 underpasses, there would now be no need for vehicles to enter cross streets of Koramangala. Worse, lots of tax payers money would not have been wasted either.


    Well, Mr Balaji, where do I start. It is because people like you who are supposed to (according to Dr Saleem) take Madivala Santhe Road upto Total Mall, turn right on Hosur Road, proceed upto Ayappa Temple and turn right upto Water Tank junction. This is the one-way design that he extolls.

    Now you and others of your ilk seem to delight in deciding to speed through our roads to save your 2Km extra commute. Well, too bad. In a week’s time we are going to cut your options off and force you to do that extra 2 Km. We know how to block people like you off every one of our roads and we are going to do so. Go somewhere else to speed. Not here.

    If you have heard the story about the person dropping a pin and searching somewhere else because that is where the light is, then that’s the story of Sarjapur Road. Its a pity you have chosen to make these statements without getting into the facts. Please understand that Sarjapur Road is taking traffic today because Hosur Road is not being treated (why it is not being treated is of course common knowledge).

    We refused to allow the Government to allow National Highway traffic to flow through Koramangala to save a few structures and satisfy a few egos. A 150 ft road is made one way and NH-7 Hosur Road is only 65 ft at its chicken neck point. An expert panel headed by the present Chief Secretary and including CISTUP, IISc and others discussed this issue for months. The report is available in the public domain. READ IT and please comment with some knowledge. Ask Citizen Matters. They have the link.

    The report (and it is an expert report of a technical committee that has people that actually make their living on road design — unlike you), makes clear that taking up projects on Sarjapur Road is wrong and that Hosur Road must be treated vide a flyover from Forum to Silk Board. The report also asked the Government to ensure that this flyover is finished by December 2012. We know where we stand today with the promised flyover nowhere in sight.

    Koramangala refuses to put its citizens at risk because a few want to save certain encroachment structures on Hosur Road or for other ostensible reasons. Therefore every time you take this 2 Km detour (starting shortly I assure you), please curse the people involved who are refusing to build this flyover for various reasons. Please demand the reasons — your eyes will open.

    I know you hold us in such contempt that you think that we value our dogs more than our children (the deleted comments have gone viral in the entire Koramangala community), But be assured that you and your ilk who want to speed through our roads giving a damn about who you kill or maim are not welcome through Koramangala. We will take effective steps to ensure that. That is a promise.

    And by the way, our track record will show that when we make a promise, we will deliver.


    I also don’t know where you picked up the nonsense about the multi-thousand crore budgets for a flyover. The project cost Rs. 179 Crores when tendered 6 months ago. You say 2 more underpasses at Sony World. If you look at a basic topographical map and study the contour lines you will realize it is not feasible. Don’t bother asking for more details. It is sometimes difficult to explain to people who don’t want to do research first and start shooting off their mouth with random comments and facts. First do some study. Read extensively. Get the traffic numbers from traffic studies. Talk to experts. And then comment. (And by the way, we have done all this and more_)


    Mr Balaji — also please stop misleading people about the number of trees to be axed for the Ejipura to Kendriya Sadan Flyover and imply that this is much more than the trees which were to be axed (and some of them actually were axed !) for the infamous underpasses. If you don’t know, be honest enough to say so. We will provide the information. If you have the information — here is the challenge. Tell me how many. I will grant you plus or minus 10 %.

    Also stop confusing those who don’t live in Bangalore and think that Sarjapur Road’s 3 underpasses mysteriously connect ORR to CBD !! That has to qualify as a joke — right ? I mean, you aren;t seriously suggesting that the CBD starts at the Water Tank junction right ? Or even that the ORR starts at the Aishwarya bakery junction ?

    And before you insult us by posting nonsense numbers, facts, geography and random statements about dogs, children etc in the future, I would strongly suggest some research. On basics — like what projects cost, like what is the environmental impact, on what are the traffic numbers, what are the turning movements, what size the slip roads are, what the size of roads will support, etc. Do all of this, and when you are ready for an adult conversation, please return to the forum

  6. Balaji Chitra Ganesan says:


    I lived in Koramangala 4th block for 4 years and I still work in Koramangala 5th block. So I do have a stake in solving Koramangala’s traffic problems. I hope you’ll read this longer comment of mine.

    I used to take the arterial sarjapur road till it was made into one way. Sure, 3rd block RWA can use it influence to stop traffic on some roads (as i said to serve yourself and your properties rather than the city). But its not going to reduce vehicles pouring into Koramangala cross streets via 80 feet road, or inner ring road, no?

    We are all ofcourse aware of the proposed underpasses near forum on Hosur road and the delay. There are the planned elevated corridors across the city too.

    None of this takes away from the fact that Sarjapur road is an arterial road serving a significantly large populace of Bengaluru than those living in Koramangala 3rd block. A flyover on inner ring road or an underpass at Madivala police station or multi-grade separators near checkpost junction … none of these make the 3 underpasses on Sarjapur road redundant. Better arterial roads are needed even for Koramangala traffic let alone Bengaluru city traffic that passes through Koramangala.

    May I point you to the fact that, the one way system was imposed by the Bangalore Traffic Police (who’s commissioner is being ridiculed in this post) and that they were only reverting to the system that existed only two years earlier?

    After the Anjaneya Temple underpass and opening of Hosur road to two way traffic, the completion of 3 underpasses on Sarjapura road would have further eased traffic in South East Bengaluru, if not for the protests instigated by 3rd block RWA. I remember the protest placards at watertank junction, had more to say about living quality of 3rd block residents than any reasoned argument on why stopping underpass construction was better for the city.

    Not to mention the continued insinuations about a business group, when the underpasses will benefit millions of people in Bangalore South East.

    (Hello Ms. Meera and Mr. Subbu, please atleast post “our calls to M***** group were not returned” or whatever the case may be. Considering, a rival business group owner seems to have a house in Koramangala 3rd block, there might be a case of conflict of interest, in publishing 3rd block RWA officebearers views without comment from that business group. Not to mention the legal case by 3rd block people against the group, in the Green Tribunal and subsequent appeal.)

    Isn’t Sarjapura road with government/PSUs owned land one side, and a service road for 3rd block on the other, a better arterial way for Bellandur/HSR traffic than narrow Hosur road lined up with small traders? Is the social cost of a project not a concern? When neighborhoods within stone throw away from 3rd block, Koramangala village, Ejipura displaced people, Mangammanapalya do not even have basic civic amenities, is a “179 crore” flyover justified? Do people in Jakkasandra and Teachers colony want an underpass at Jakkasandra junction or not?

    In anycase, why all traffic Outer ring road traffic should go to Hosur road (further burdening the millions of South Bengalureans who endure Silkboard junction traffic already), instead of the wide arterial Sarjapur road, needs to be answered.

    Can’t we make an effort to save 286 trees (to be cut for the flyover according to citizen matters) when many were sacrificed already to widen Sarjapur road?

    3rd block RWA might want to think about 3rd block but Bengaluru City Traffic police have to think about whats best for the city, no? As Gandhiji said, there is enough to for everyone’s need, but not greed. BBMP’s and in this case Karnataka govt’s and Country’s (JNNURM/AMRUT) resources will be better spent in providing paved roads in Mangammanapalya or Roopena agrahara than a flyover in Koramangala.

    ps 1: If I’m not wrong Hosur road is no longer designated NH7 north of Silkboard. ORR to the east of Silk Board is the designated NH7.

    ps 2: Sure, the proposed cost of the flyover is 179 crores. Lets hope it stays that way, considering cost and time overruns in what is even to begin with, a 30 month project.

  7. Balaji Chitra Ganesan says:


    Your language is very entertaining. Please keep at it.

    For number of trees, I quoted:


    286 trees to be cut

    The DPR projects cutting of as many as 286 trees on this road. To compensate, BBMP has made provision for an afforestation plan. The DPR states, “It has been observed with management plans consisting of planting of trees in the ratio of 1:2, proactive afforestation for green cover and development of green ribbon in and around the project area, it will be abundantly compensating the green cover.”

    Ms. Meera/Mr, Subbu,

    Now I think about it, please please post a disclaimer or response from the business group insinuated against in the original article. Not only does the rival business group owner, a resident of 3rd block, they also have a large project coming up in ST bed as you ofcourse know.


    And whose fault is it that Sarjapur Road is wide and Hosur road is not ? Why the mysterious silence on that issue ? Who prevented Hosur Road from being widened ?

    Sarjapur Road takes all the traffic that Hosur Road should take. That isn’t acceptable. What we were saying is simply this, first build the Hosur Road flyover. If after this you still need to treat Safjapur Road then yes. But not the other way around.

    You have this delusion about some rival business group. No I am sorry to have to puncture this big balloon of air but we do not work at the behest of any business group. I know you and your friends find it convenient to mock sometimes worried that we are actually delivering on what we said.

    Koramangala 3rd block will be effective in blocking traffic through its streets. We have been effective in many other things. What other block RWAs do is up to them. We hope they succeed.

    The tree figures you cite refer to the original plan not the revised plan. Please do your research. A few hours at Major Roads BBMP my be useful. Not that you and your ilk actually do research. That would be slightly difficult to expect.

    You are entitled to your views. You think Inner Ring Road flyover is wasteful. We think the Sarjaour Road projects were wasteful. The difference is that we have the research to back it up. You have innuendo dodgy facts rival business groups dogs and children. ( Not to speak of funny logic about how Sarjapur Road was widened instead of Hosur Road for reasons you know well so Hosur Road should stay that way and we collect all their traffic). Next argument please. And do return with some accurate and correct information.

    As William Blake put it – Mock on. Mock On.

  9. rohan says:

    “The Koramangala 3rd block RWA is a regressive organization, which does not care for the city but uses money, lawyers and political influence to serve themselves and their residential properties.”

    Where do you get this stuff from? I can understand logical discussion points whether something should be done or not to solve a particular problem, with some facts, figures and numbers. But initiating a blame game serves nobody. Please be respectful in your critiques

  10. rohan says:

    and btw when i read the article there was no mention of Koramangala 3rd Block RWA and the direct mention of it in your comments makes me wonder whether you have something against them in the background…no?

  11. rohan says:

    Also tell me something ” Shouldnt St Johns Medical Hospital not have a say in the decision-making? How can there be a one-way on a hospital route? Was that thought about by the authorities?

  12. NITIN SESHADRI says:

    Rohan, we are regressive folk because we refuse to be happy about allowing people like Mr Balaji to zip through our streets to save a precious 2 minutes of time (he himself confessed that he does that to save his precious 2 Km extra). We are also regressive because we have actually achieved things that others like Mr Balaji only keep blogging about. We are also regressive because we take on certain real estate builders and the real estate lobby. We are regressive because we actually read up on things, do research and take the trouble to learn in depth about issues before commenting on them.

    So hey, what’s the point us regressive folk asking ‘progressive” people and “liberals” logical questions? Just makes us more regressive !

    Let Mr Balaji and his “liberal”ilk keep “progressing” while we keep regressing. We will do what we do best — hard work, success on the ground, and make others like Mr Balaji madder still at us. The madder he gets (and perhaps there is a double entrendre in this), the surer the sign that we are actually doing things right.

    “The problem with liberals is not that they are ignorant. It is that a lot of what they think they know — is just not so !” — Ronald Reagan

  13. NITIN SESHADRI says:

    I am sending a forward mail from Vijayan Menon which was posted on the Savekoramangala forum in response to Mr Balaji’s rant

    Will Mr Balaji please stand up and let some of us ( not even from 3 rd block) try to educate / clarify the logics that were adopted to stop Sarjapur road underpass projects.
    And also as a quick reminder.
    1. It was not a 3 rd block initiative,it had support of many areas of koramangala.
    2.it was not just a self declared claim…the Chief secretary gok,the courts,and many of the more reasonable members of the TAC, saw merit in what we were saying.
    3. Logical and credible alternatives were put on the table which was win — win and which was in the same ball park costs.
    It’s a different matter that the self styled expert on traffic.. The obnoxious Saleem, had put most of those thoughts to dust and forcing our hand again.
    4.the simplest way to explain logics is
    —Try to separte thro traffic of koramangala away from internal, residential movement.
    –In areas of conflict, local, pedestrian, safety issues to prevail over consideration of speed of thro traffic.
    I am letting the comments on kids, dogs and Balaji himself declaring himself as a speeding driver thro residential areas,go for the time being.
    And giving him the benefit of doubt, that it was just written in bad taste in the heat of the moment.
    Would-be grateful if someone can forward this to Balaji Chitra ganesan as he might bombe on this forum.

  14. Balaji Chitra Ganesan says:

    Not sure if I should be replying anymore, but I hope it helps someone interested in this issue.

    1. If I’m a speeding driver on Koramangala streets, why would I come and post here? Its just absurd. I expressed concern about speeding vehicles in cross streets. Sure, I do drive through Koramangala 3rd block. (I carpool and would try cycling to work, when its not raining). I wish traffic police allows right turn on to 8th block from Krupanidhi college junction. Saying vehicles should drive 2 kms more to even go to Koramangala 5th block industrial area, is both a waste of fuel and environmentally unsound.

    2. I wrote “only when speeding vehicles run over kids, or worse dogs, will 3rd block people come to their senses”. I did not intend any malice in this statement, only pointing to the dangers. Wish I had not used sarcasm and phrased it better, though the original article is a sarcastic piece on the Bengaluru Traffic Police commissioner. Two 3rd block RWA people have used abusive language against a public servant (Dr. Radha about promotions and transfers, Mr. Vijayan – “obnoxious saleem”). Very disappointing, especially when the city police is going to amazing lengths to listen to people (via social media) and actually responding to their inputs.

    3. Koramangala 3rd block people bragging that they’ll block outside traffic and name calling of the Bangalore Traffic Police commissioner was exactly the point I was making about 3rd block RWA being a regressive organization. For anyone wondering why we are talking about 3rd block RWA – the post is written by an office bearer and Nitin and Mr. Vijayan are there too. 3rd block RWA played an infamous role in stopping the underpasses (after construction was well underway) and terrorized tens of thousands of Bengalureans every day for a year or so, when they left hundreds of meters of Sarjapur road dug up, while dragging city administration through various courts …

    4. The innuendo about “a private builder” is disappointing in a crowd funded magazine like Citizen matters. Which even if true, only points to lessons learnt from the traffic chaos caused by poor planning of a mall in Malleshwaram. If BBMP wanted to improve infrastructure on Sarjapur road expecting traffic surge on this road, what is wrong with it? No, ofcourse, I don’t accuse 3rd block RWA of doing things on behalf of a rival business group owner. Just that Citizen Matters may want look at conflicts of interest, if any, in publishing such innuendo.

    5. As I said, Sarjapura road is an arterial road connecting millions of people to the center of the city. Its a big 10 bus route. Hundreds of trees on this road were felled and the left (west) side service road removed to widen the road. Land acquisition and development on this road is much easier (and cheaper to BBMP/KA govt) because much of land is already govt/PSU owned. Its just common sense. No one is saying don’t widen Hosur road, where the plans have changed anyway to a city length , north-south, elevated road.

    And finally,

    Every single day, Bengalureans are wasting thousands of man hours at Jakkasandra, Krupanidhi and Watertank junction traffic jams because of these 3rd block people. This after the city spent crores of tax payers money and fell lots of trees, intending to widen and construct underpasses on Sarjapur road.

    Since we are all at the mercy of these 3rd block people, I’m appealing to the conscience of any well meaning people here, to reflect on what is being done in your name.


  15. Balaji Chitra Ganesan says:

    My suggestions for some immediate relief to the traffic woes on Sarjapura road:

    1. Allow vehicles on Sarjapura road to take right on to Koramangala 8th Main road from Krupanidhi college junction. This will free up service road for local traffic and make it safe for pedestrians.

    2. Restore two way traffic on service road on east side of Sarjapura road from Koramangala water tank to Jakkasandra. One way’s on service roads are absurd. Completing bwssb digging and making it 2 way again will reduce traffic getting on to Koramganala cross streets.

    3. Introduce No-U-turn for vehicles going north on Sarjapur road near Teacher’s colony bus stop (opp. Barbeque nation). This u-turn is causing terrible jams near what is already a very narrow stretch of Sarjapura road.



  16. NITIN SESHADRI says:

    OK Balaji, once more let’s ask a logical question here — a one way was introduced on Sarjapur Road and Hosur Road. The entire presumption of the one way is that huge traffic streams will travel the extra 2 Km we are talking about. One such stream is coming on Hosur Road from the city with a Silk Board destination. That stream has to take Sarjapur Road upto Krupanidhi college and turn to the Santhe road to reach Total Mall. The other stream bound for Sony World junction from Jakkasandra is supposed to take Santhe Road, TOtal Mall, Hosur Road, Ayappa Temple and reach water tank and onwards to Sony World. Look at the map.

    Now you are asking even worse — for guys wanting to get to Sony World to be allowed to turn right into 8th Main Road !!

    Sorry — that isn’t on. Because guys like you who don’t live here want to save a few miserable minutes. We get stuck with the traffic, noise, particulate pollution and diesel smog. When we criticize the gentleman who thought up this one-way, you criticize us. You are not even prepared to live with the consequences of the one way yourself and want a short cut through our roads. And you think the one way is a great idea ? If you do, please live with the consequences and go to Total Mall.

    I am tired of non-sequiters about 3rd Block RWA singlehandedly stopping some road project. Sorry, it was stopped by a huge combined movement of all of Koramangala. The road was deliberately dug — since your BP gets elevated when people name officials I won’t. But try to find the name of the BDA Commissioner at the time (Hint — that’s the gentleman responsible. And by the way he did it after the High Court asked him to stop – so if you really want to know who spent whatever money was spent look no further). . Trying to argue all this with you when you refuse to read the Kaushik Mukherjee report, the Cabinet Sub-Committee report of R Ashok (former Deputy CM) etc all of which Citizen Matters can provide on request is tantamount to someone refusing to educate themselves about something they know little about (reading stuff that the BDA intended to ‘widen’ and create underpasses is such a bad joke that I wanted to laugh but could not bring myself to).

    FYI, Vijayan is not a Kora 3B member. He does not even live here. Dr Radhakrishnan is not in the Committee of the RWA at all. He is an ordinary member and citizen.

    Some friendly advice from regressive souls — before you comment on issues could you please do some reading and research. Minimal at least. At least then you won’t claim BDA wanted to widen roads while constructing underpasses. At least then you won’t claim BDA spent crores digging that big ditch on Aishwarya junction. Which is the land for which acquisition would be “cheaper” because of public ownership ? And the decision to scrap the project was not made by any court (let alone various courts).

    But hey, why argue. Let’s all be happy. Let’s agree we are all regressive and a bunch of idiots with low IQ and selfish ones at that. All wisdom resides with you. No problem. We are the evil ones. The former BDA Commissioner et al were the heroes. And the one way on Sarjapur Road is a brilliant idea — one that people of your ilk are ready to praise to the skies but not ready to follow. Your comment about wanting to run over our children and dogs was only a rhetorical flourish. Your accusation about a rival business group was not really an accusation at all. We inflicted misery on lakhs of Bangaloreans. You love our roads but hate our regressive ways. Excellent, Let’s wrap up the fairy story.Fantasy’s over for the day. It;s bed time.

  17. Venkat Hariharan says:

    The tone of this discussion has become needlessly aggressive and hurtful, just because someone disagreed!

    Lets keep in mind that due to past mistakes of BBMP (which they still continue to make today), some things cannot be rectified easily (for example, its no use asking now why the Madiwala underpass on Hosur Rd was made so narrow). In such cases, no solution will please everyone, and we need to go with the 80-20 rule. A system that benefits 80% of the users/population while making it slightly harder for 20% of the residents, should be very much acceptable, I feel. Here by users/population, I dont just mean the residents of that loacl area, but all users who pass by that way also.

    From that viewpoint, my initial tendency is to agree with the one-way traffic that Addl Comm Saleem has introduced. I am not a daily user of that road, but after having traveled on it on about 4-5 occasions till now after the one-way was introduced, it seems to be better now.

    Its very easy to criticize someone else’s solution, but it should be backed up by a *feasible* alternative.

    I agree that crossing the road has become a nighmare for the residents living there. For that, we have to build skywalks, we need to litter Blore with skywalks every 500 meters, seriously.

    Maybe the road width can be reduced by 10 feet on each side, and the footpath be widened. That will also make space for constructing skywalks.

    But the reconvergence at Hosur Rd at Madiwala is still problematic. They need to acquire some space and make it a wide, gradual turn.

    Last but not the least, I wish we began naming roads. When you say Sarjapur Rd, I keep thinking of the road from Suncity Iblur signal going to Sarjapur! I agree that before ORR was built, that road in front of Koramangala Water Tank was indeed the only road to Sarjapur, but now its high time that road got renamed more appropriately. Indeed, all roads should be named (maybe after Kannada freedome fighters, scientists, artists, historians, film actors, politicians, etc), not just that road. I dont know why we still name roads after the destination they lead to: Kanakapura Rd, Mysore Rd, Tumkur Rd, Sarjapur Rd, Hosur Rd, etc (even near NIMHANS, its called Hosur Rd!!)

  18. NITIN SESHADRI says:


    I appreciate the tenor in which you have made your points. Some of them I agree with and some I disagree with but when will two individuals ever agree 100 % with everything ! The discussion with Mr Balaji degenerated thanks to his rancid comments about wanting to run over our children to teach us a lesson, which Citizen Matters removed. There is always scope for civilized discussions in public fora but when reckless comments amounting to threats are made then the tone of the discussion naturally gets poisonous.

  19. Shrikanth Hegde says:

    Completely agree with recommendations of Balaji
    1. Allow vehicles on Sarjapura road to take right on to Koramangala 8th Main road from Krupanidhi college junction. This will free up service road for local traffic and make it safe for pedestrians.

    Mr. Saleem is one of the best officers we have seen in recent past. His actions have given relief to large number of commuters.

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