What to look out for at the Lalbagh Flower Show this Independence day

Planning to visit the Lalbagh Flower Show this weekend? Here's a complete guide for you. And even if you are not able to make it, don't worry -- these photos will give you the closest glimpse possible from the comfort of your home!

The 208th Lal Bagh Flower Show has started in the city to commemorate the 72nd Independence Day. The show is being jointly organised by the Department of Horticulture and Mysore Horticulture Society. With the theme ‘Sevege Gaurvarpane’, the biannual event pays homage to the Armed Forces this time.

The chief attraction is the model of Amar Jawan Jyothi, the memorial to the fallen soldiers of the country at India Gate, with the flags of the three branches- Army, Navy and Airforce. Behind it, as an impressive background is a replica of the Siachen Glacier with the models of Indian soldiers along with a model of a helicopter made entirely of flowers. Landscapes of the soldiers in desert and sea coast as well.

The flower show is also paying homage to the Kannada film Industry with two installations – a 45 feet film reel made of more than 15,000 roses and a camera with more than 7,000 roses in it. It also has floral replicas of the clap board and old film awards.

85 years of silver screen. Pic: Srinivasan Subrahmanyan

The installations are spread across three areas – in the glass house which has 17 attractions including a huge lion made of flowers, butterflies etc. It also houses models of  ISRO Satellite Launch Vehicle, INS Vikramaditya, Brahmos and Aakash missiles and 25 feet vertical garden.

The second showcase area is around the glass house with seven attractions including a dancing peacock and third area are dotted around the botanical garden and will have about 200 pieces of wood carvings along with vegetable and fruit attractions.

Military bands from BSF and the Madras Engineering Corps are expected to play during the weekend (August 11th and 12th) to entertain the crowds.

Amar Jawan Jyothi – dedicated to defense forces and their achievements. Pic: Manasi Paresh Kumar

Fifteen artists have worked for more than a month to put the show together at an estimated cost of Rs 2 crore. Eighty seven types of seasonal  flowers are on display at the show. It is also a great time to stock up for your garden. Besides saplings, garden accessories, mud, manure and other essentials will be on sale.

The Highlights

  • The show was inaugurated by Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy on August 4th and will go on till August 15th. It will be open to the public from 9 am to 6 pm
  • The entry fee has been increased by Rs 10 to Rs 70 to include GST. The Department was fined Rs 1.4 crore in January for not having included it the last time
  • You can book your tickets online as well. http://in.ticketgenie.in/Events/Lalbagh-Flower-Show
  • Children (below the age of 12) and specially-abled people are exempt from the entry charge during the week. However there is a fee of Rs 20 on weekend and public holidays.
  • There is an absolute ban on plastic. You will not be allowed in with any plastic.
  • Private vehicles have been banned inside Lalbagh for the duration.
  • You can park your two wheelers at the Al Ameen College and HOPCOM premises near Double Road while car parking is available at the Shanti Nagar TTMC, BBMP car park at JC road. Most of these parking spaces are less than 500 metres from the North Gate and main entrance.
  • School buses ferrying children, will however be allowed to enter only through the Double entrance.
  • You will also find bathrooms at all the four entrances.
  • Security has been beefed up. About 100 CCTV cameras have been set up in the botanical garden along with a police outpost as well. A bevy of police personnel have also been deployed including 150 police men, 100 home guards and two patrol of Karnataka State Reserve Police have been stationed.

Take a look here at some of the most spectacular sights on display at the show this year.


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