Learn about lake rejuvenation in Bengaluru this weekend

Lake Conservationist, Anand Malligavad, who was able to rejuvenate 4 lakes (Kyalasanahalli lake, Vabasandra lake, Konasandra lake, Gavi lake) within 2 years and with minimal resources is conducting a Lake Rejuvenation Workshop this weekend.

Anand’s approach to lake rejuvenation is systematic and scientific. It involves rejuvenation of streams of inter-connected lakes divided into 4 different zones of Bengaluru based on topography and gravity. His lake rejuvenation technique not only focuses on water, but on changing the whole ecology with a self-sustainable ecosystem representing the natural ecology of olden days.

The rejuvenated lakes host 38,000 saplings and 4 miywaki forests planted with the help of 20,000 volunteers in record timings. He employs engineering techniques for lake rejuvenation which are highly cost effective, innovative and proven to be successful. After the lake rejuvenation, nearly 180+ borewells have been recharged, land value around the lakes have shot up drastically and the lives of the farmers have improved. These lakes have become home to hundreds of varieties of native trees and birds. His work has been studied by many top academic institutions for their research.

Workshop details

Date: 23 November 2019

Time: 10 am – 5 pm

Venue: Axilor Transit, Bengaluru

Here are some of the topics that will be covered during the workshop:

  • Water:

a. Rain water harvesting : Rooftop, storm, reuses, etc

b. Lakes

i. Urban, semi urban, rural lakes

ii. Science, engineering, sustainability techniques and success stories of the 4 rejuvenated lakes

iii. Vision 2025

c. Grey water: Natural Treatment System

d. S3 Method: Save, store and secure water and its sources

  • Forest: Traditional and miyawaki methods, and chemical free organic and  natural forests
  • Wildlife: Conservation and community engagement for protection of endangered species


There is a fee of Rs. 200 for the workshop. Visit imjo.in/qyBqua to register.

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