What has Jayanagar MLA been up to in the last five years?

He credits Ananthkumar with bargaining with central government for the multi-crore elevated corridor project. What else did he do?

B N Vijay Kumar, who joined the BJP in 1990 is a three-term MLA from Jayanagar constituency. An engineer by qualification, he was an active member of RSS. Jayanagar, which was one of the first planned layouts in the city is considered an elite residential area with demography that has a mix of upper middle class and upper caste people. Vijaya Kumar, who is a brahmin, has had an easy run winning this constituency so far.

As a planned layout the issues plaguing the Jayanagar constituency are not as basic as some of the newly formed areas of the city. However one of the major issues in the locality has been the consistently declining green cover for various projects – BMRCL, road widening and TenderSURE projects which has led to friction between the residents and the MLA in recent times.

Vijay Kumar started the Jayanagar Academic Committee in 2010 to help SSLC students prepare better for their exams. The 60-year-old has held various positions in the party. He was the City General Secretary for almost 12 years and is currently the City Party President. However he was not given a ministerial berth when the Yeddyurappa government was formed.

He has robust media presence with a constantly updated website.

His vision for his constituency: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oECrVtBYkIO (Source:BPAC)

B N Vijaykumar in the Assembly:

Vijayakumar was a member of Committee on Sub-Ordinate Legislation.

  • Attendance % in Assembly: 91%
  • Starred question: 22
  • Unstarred questions: 166

July 5, 2016: Vijayakumar enquired Bengaluru Development Minister about lack of accurate information with the government on collection of e-waste in the city, and asked details about the mechanism for collection of ewaste in Bengaluru. K J George, the minister, said KSPCB had identified 71 centres where e-waste from across the city can go.

November 23, 2015: Vijayakumar participated in a discussion on garbage problem in Bengaluru, detailing the micro-level issues that hamper smooth operations, and the loopholes in the system.

March 28, 2017: Vijayakumar joined Sureshkumar in talking about law and order situation in Bengaluru, and said not enough chargesheets were being filed against those arrested in drug raids.

He asked a question on BDA flat allotment, and pointed towards an official who allegedly took part in irregularities.

He also asked on behalf of R Ashok the status of Metro phase 2 and suggested that the government take into confidence the resident welfare associations in the neighbourhood to solve problems faced by land acquisition issues.

He drew the attention of Bengaluru Incharge Minister towards the lack of facilities in Pavitra Layout in Rajarajeshwari Nagar.

June 6, 2017: Vijayakumar sought clarification on steps being taken to address sewage treatment in Bengaluru, and usage of treated water. K J George, Bengaluru Development Minister, said there were 15 STPs operational treating sewage upto 780 MLD. There were 12 more STPs planned to be operational soon. Currently treated water usage is negligible, but it will be used to fill lakes outside Bengaluru, said George.

Vijayakumar in the news

Citizen Oriented Work

February 27, 2014: On a tour of footpaths in Jayanagar, MLA Vijaykumar told BBMP corporators to clear the illegal encroachments and that he was looking into the finalisation of tenders for repairing broken footpaths.  

October 29, 2014:  B N Vijayakumar appeared second last on the list rating legislators on satisfactory performance in the first year of being in office. The survey conducted by DAKSH placed the MLA in 27th rank with a poor rating of 3.51.

August 13, 2015: He did not support the proposal made by the BMRCL to demolish the Jayadeva flyover connecting two ends of Bannerghatta road. He said that it could lead to more traffic problems.

October 1, 2015: In 2011, MLA Vijaykumar raised questions in assembly and objected to the launching of Google’s Street view project, as it could result in security breaches within the IT sector. After Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, met Modi, it moved forward and will be launched soon.

May 21, 2016: When a wall covering the SWD next to Nagarjuna Enclave in J P Nagar 1st Phase collapsed, officials discovered that the construction was an encroachment. The mayor along with MLA BN Vijayakumar went to the spot said a show cause notice had to be issued by the apartment complex.  

May 11, 2017: Jayanagar MLA Vijayakumar said the work on the public swimming pool and fitness centre should have started three years ago, but has just begun by the mayor’s initiative.

July 8, 2017: He took strong objection to the construction of Indira Canteen next to Banashankari temple in Jayanagar and opposed the cutting down of trees.

July 9, 2017: Jayanagar 9th block East Residents Welfare Association wrote to their MLA BN Vijayakumar, demanding that Indira Canteen does not come up on BMTC land in the area.


April 5, 2015: He supported BJP MP Ananth Kumar and gave him sole credit for the proposal of an elevated road project in the city, costing around Rs 16,000 crores.

February 4, 2016:  B N Vijayakumar was confident of BJP winning the Hebbal constituency in the by-elections in Bengaluru as the Congress had not chosen the right candidate to win voters according to him. He believes in the good faith established by MLAs Katta Subramanya Naidu and Jagadish Kumar in the constituency.

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