J Jayavardhan, Chennai South: Strong on debates, poor in MPLAD implementation

Incumbent J Jayavardhan is seeking reelection in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls; before you make a decision on whom to vote for, check out how he fared in his last term, in terms of attendance, debates MPLAD fund utilisation etc.

J Jayavardhan was elected to the Lok Sabha for the first time in 2014, at the age of 26, from Chennai South constituency. A doctor by qualification, he is the son of noted AIADMK leader D Jayakumar, who serves as the MLA from Royapuram constituency.

In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, J Jayavardhan (AIADMK) defeated T K S Elangovan (DMK) by 1,35,575 votes, bagging 40.56 percent of votes polled.

He will be fighting for re-election to the 17th Lok Sabha as a candidate of the grand alliance of AIADMK with BJP among other parties in the state.

Personal Information

Name: J Jayavardhan

Age:   31 years

Constituency: Chennai South

Address: No. 10 Leith Castle South Street, Raja Annamalaipuram, Santhome, Chennai 600028

Name enrolled as voter in: 25-Mylapore (Tamil Nadu) constituency, at Serial no 279 in Part no 210


Term: 2014 – 2019

Email: jayavardhanjayakumar@gmail.com

Contact Number: 09840387494

Profession: Medical practitioner

Educational qualifications: M.B.B.S., M.D. (General Medicine) from Sri Ramachandra Medical College

No. of Criminal Cases: None

Assets & Liabilities

2014 2019
Movable assets 88,19,972 88,34,877
Immovable assets 2,51,39,100 2,40,61,710
Total 3,39,59,072 3,28,96,587
Liabilities 1,09,81,100 96,21,000

Source: Election Commission affidavit & myneta.info [All figures in INR]

Positions held

  • Member, Standing Committee on Information Technology
  • Member, Committee on Violation of Protocol Norms and Contemptuous Behaviour of Government Officers with Members of Lok Sabha
  • Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
  • Member, Court of Indian Maritime University

Source: Lok Sabha

MP Performance

J Jayavardhan has had an above average performance in terms of attendance and questions raised in parliament. He attained 100 percent attendance in six monsoon and budget sessions during his five-year-tenure. His overall attendance during the tenure stands at 84%, which is above the national average of 80%.

MP Attendance No of Debates No of questions asked Private Member’s Bill
J Jayavardhan 84% 65 816 0
National average 80% 67.1 293 2.3
State (TN) average 78% 46.6 453 0

Jayavardhan has raised his voice on various issues during the debates in parliament. He has represented the interests of his constituents by placing locally relevant demands and also spoke on the interest of the state.

Some key debates that he participated in relate to:

For the complete list of questions asked and debates participated in by the MP, click here.

Jayavardhan did not introduce any private member bill during his tenure as an MP.

Source: PRS Legislative Research

MP in news

J Jayavardhan has run into some controversy for being the son of a seasoned politician and has featured on debates around dynasty politics. Being one of the youngest members of parliament has also put scrutiny on his performance. 

In his capacity as MP, Jayavardhan adopted a village, Nanmangalam, in Kanchipuram district as part of the “Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana”. The aim was to ensure that the village gets all basic infrastructure facilities as priority and becomes self-sufficient. At the time of adoption, the MP had voiced hope and said that he would rope in NGOs and resident welfare associations to ensure that the needs of the people are heard and represented adequately.

The MP also promised an allocation of Rs 34 lakh from the local area development fund to construct two PDS shops in Velachery in Ward 179 East after a representation of residents met with him to air their grievances about having no ration shop for their ward.

MPLAD funds

Out of 25 crores allocated to Chennai South constituency, J Jayavardhan has completed 6 works which cost Rs  40,35, 748. The focus of the MPLAD fund spending has been in the fields of education and electricity, with a majority of the projects recommended, ongoing and completed pertaining to provision of infrastructure and books for government schools. He has recommended 204 works worth Rs 27 crore that is yet to be processed by various government departments. 

Recommended amount 27,52,90,690
Sanctioned amount 42,18,000
Utilised amount 40,35,748

Some of the local projects completed using the LADS funds are:

  • High mast lighting in Eri Karai in Ramapuram Main
  • Purchase of books for government Primary and High school
  • Purchase of books for government Middle school

Source: Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, GOI

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