No camera, no black on tri-colour day in Bengaluru!

If you plan to go to the Bengaluru's city centre on the Independence Day, this guide is for you. What to carry, where to park, which route to avoid.


As the city gears up to celebrate the 68th independence day, Bengaluru police have put the system in place, by enabling high security for key locations. The Independence Day – 2014 Ceremonial Parade will be held at the Field Marshal Manekshaw Parade Ground, Cubbon Road on August 15th, 2014, at 9 am.

City Police Commissioner M N Reddi on Wednesday, August 13, 2014, briefed the press with the don’ts that the public attending the Independence Day Parade will have to follow. Carrying materials like matchbox, lighter, deodorants, etc or sharp objects like knives, cameras, eatables, water bottles, umbrellas, radios, helmets and bags etc will not be allowed, though there is an exception for bags for women. But you can breathe easy – cellphones are allowed.

People are also barred from wearing or carrying black cloth/ flag with them. He said, “People wearing the black T-shirt will also not be allowed.”

High alert, but no threat

Reddi informed that a high alert is on all over the city, but not because of any threat. He said, “There has been no specific threat on any kind of disruptive activities that may take place on the eve or on the day of August 15th.”

Over a week, police have kept a watchful eye on lodges and hotels in the city, to ensure high security. Reddi said, “We have deployed 1,200 men including civil defence volunteers, armed police, police in plain clothes as well as the traffic department.”

Along with the police personnel, 30 door frames, metal detectors, two bomb detection squads and five anti- sabotage check team, have been deployed. 40 CCTV cameras connected to a special control room will monitor all the movements in key areas, on the parade day. The special control room will inform the field officers about suspicious people and movements.

Ambulances, fire brigade and cranes will be available near the parade ground, to avert any crisis. Cranes will be used to remove any last minute breakdown of vehicles on the road. The programme is scheduled to begin at 9 am. Audience is requested to be present by 8 am.

Following is the advisory on parking arrangement:

1.    All the invitees with Yellow Car Passes are requested to come on to Cubbon Road and enter Gate No.1 (One) facing Northern side of the Manekshaw Parade Ground (Brigade Parade Ground), and park their vehicles on the western side of Parade Ground.

2.    All the invitees with White Car Passes and the Secretaries to the Government, Military Officers, Police Officers,   etc., are requested to use Gate No.2 (Two), i.e., Cubbon Road and park their vehicles on North Eastern side of parking lot inside the parade ground.

3.    All Media persons and O.B.Vehicles should enter parade ground through gate No.3 and park their vehicles on eastern side of the parade ground.

4.    All invitees with Pink Pass should enter through gate No.3 and park their vehicles on North eastern side of parade ground.

5.    All Green Car Pass holders are requested to park their vehicles in parking lot on Kamaraja Road and Main Guard Cross Road and enter the parade ground through Gate No.4 & 5 by walk.

6.    Vehicles carrying participants in the parade and cultural events should drop near Gate No. 1 and park their vehicles on Northern side of M G Road, from Anil Kumble circle to Metro Station.

7.    All the government vehicles of PWD, BBMP and other departments shall enter the parade ground from Gate No.1 on Cubbon Road and park their vehicles behind the Fort Wall (Southern Side).

8.    Visitors who like to travel in their own vehicle can park the vehicle near Safina Plaza, BMTC Shopping Complex first floor at Shivajinagar, Chota Maidan (Shivajinagar Corporation Ground) or at Kanteerava Stadium and enter the parade ground through Gate No. 4 and 5 on Kamaraja Road by walk.

9.    All the two-wheelers shall park their vehicles on eastern side of Kamaraja Road and enter through Gate No. 4 and 5 on Kamaraja road by walk.

10.    Those who do not have car passes can park their vehicles on Kamaraja road parking area and enter parade ground through Gate No. 4 and 5 on Kamaraja Road by walk.

11.    Public attending the programme can park their two wheelers or four-wheelers near Safina Plaza,  BMTC Shopping Complex 1st Floor at Shivajinagar, Chota Maidan (Shivajinagar Corporation Ground) and at Kanteerava Stadium and enter parade ground through Gate No. 4 and 5 on Kamaraja Road by walk.

12.    Provision has been made to park BMTC Buses carrying participants on Northern side of M G Road from Anil Kumble Circle to Metro Station.

Information on traffic diversion near M G Road for the day

The traffic will be diverted on 15/08/2014 from 8.30 am to 10.30 am from BRV Junction to Kamaraj Road Junction (both directions) on Cubbon Road.

a)   The vehicles coming from Medinova towards Manipal Center should move on Infantry Road – Safina plaza – Left Turn – Main Guard Road – Alis Circle – Dispensary Road – Kamaraja Road and Dickenson Road Junction – Right Turn – K R Road – K R Road Junction – Left Turn and Cubbon Road onwards to Manipal Center Junction.

b)   The vehicle coming from Manipal Junction towards BRV Junction on Cubbon Road will take left turn at K R Road Junction. towards Cauvery Art and Crafts Circle Junction – Right Turn – M G Road – Anil Kumble Circle – Right Turn – BRV Junction – and proceed towards central street

c)  The vehicle coming from Anil Kumble Circle towards Cubbon Road will go straight on Central Street Junction – Right Turn – Infantry Road – Safina Plaza – Left Turn – Main Guard Road – Allies Circle – Dispensary Road – Kamaraja Road and Dickenson road Junction – Right Turn – K.R.Road Junction – Left Turn – and Cubbon Road onwards to Manipal Center junction.

d)    The vehicles coming from Cauvery Arts and Craft Circle on M G Road going towards Cubbon Road and K R Road junction shall go straight on M G Road towards Anil Kumble junction – Right Turn – BRV Junction and move towards Central Street.

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