In pursuit of my voter id…

Having had my voter id “vanish” (from Richmond Town,where I had voted earlier), I had applied afresh…online, and twice gave my photograph and Aadhar details to people who were vetted by our residents’ association and were supposed to be genuine information collectors. Finally, this morning, I went to the BBMP office where I was supposed to check on the arrival of the Voter Id card. The office that I had visited before (J P Nagar 2nd Phase) was wide open…and deserted on the first floor, with all the steel cupboards open with several files inside.


and locked on the ground floor.


No notice,nothing to say if the office had been moved (as I suspect it has been).

After a lot of hunting, we tracked down another office across the road. The door was shut, with a notice saying, “On Election Duty”. ( Are we so short-staffed that there is not even a darwan who can give information, during election duty?)


This evening, I get a call from someone, that my voter id would be available at that office…but I must come immediately. I could not do so. I am wondering if I should spend the time and effort on Thursday (tomorrow being a holiday for Labour Day)…or whether it will be another pursuit of that least favorite of my birds, the Wild Goose.

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