How to re-register your vehicle in Bangalore

Looking to bring your vehicle from your home town into Bengaluru? No matter which part of the country you are from, rules for the re-registration are the same across India. Here’s a quick guide.

Namma Bengaluru is home to people from across the country. While a good number of people depend on public transport or company-arranged travel to commute around the city, there’s likely to be an equal number driving around in their own vehicles. Given the fact that Bangalore has a sizable migrant population, there are many vehicles from other states entering the city now and again.

Getting your own vehicle from your home state is perfectly all right, provided all your documents are in place, you get the vehicle  re-registered in Karnataka and pay the prescribed tax.

The Karnataka Motor Vehicles Act 1957 makes it mandatory for all vehicle owners to change their address to a local address within 30 days from the day the vehicle enters a city, followed by a change in the registration number/number plate.

Procedure for re-registering a vehicle

Step one: In your home state

You will need to procure two documents from your home state, where your vehicle has been previously registered:

1) Police report from any police station at your hometown to  authenticate your records.

2) No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the original Registered Transport Office (Transferor) in CMV Form 28.

Step Two: In Karnataka

Approach your area’s concerned Regional Transport Office (RTO) office. Here you are required to submit the following documents. Those items that are starred (*) are compulsory.

  • NOC in the CMV Form 28 or a postal acknowledgment that states that you have applied for the issue of NOC with the registering authority (in quadruplicate) *

  • CMV Form 27 – Application for Karnataka Registration Mark *

  • CMV Form 33  – Change of Address  (will cost around Rs 300) *

  • KMV Form 27 – Intimation of Migration *

  • State Crime Record Bureau (SCRB) report – can be obtained from 7th Floor, MS Building, KR Circle and costs about Rs 20 *

  • RC book

  • Tax card with proof of payment of tax

  • Vehicle Insurance Certificate

  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate

  • Consent of financier (if applicable)

  • Fitness Certificate and permit in case of transport vehicle

  • Purchase invoice (for RTO to arrive at tax amount) *

  • Three passport size photographs

  • ID Proof of applicant (Pan card/Voter ID card/Passport ID/Ration card) *

  • Present Address Proof (Rental agreement, Employee contract letter) *

  • Electricity or telephone bill of local premises

  • Self addressed postal envelope with adequate stampage (for RTO to mail documents)

  • Form KMV 14  – Payment of Tax (this will be given to you once you submit all the documents over the counter)

  • Demand Draft for tax amount to be paid in favour of Regional Transport Officer (Cash payment can be made for tax amount up to Rs 3000)

In case the vehicle has not been inspected earlier, the RTO may ask to produce it for inspection as well.

The forms above can be obtained from the RTO office or can be downloaded online free of cost. There are typically several shops near the RTO office which sell the form as well.

How long will the re-registration take?

The RTO website mentions that the new registration mark will be assigned on verification of application and documents and have stated that the documents will be delivered in two days time. A post on on the re-registering process  stated that it while the website stipulated two days for processing the documents, in reality it could take 15 to 20 days. In case the applicant does not receive the documents within that time, he could go to the RTO to figure out the status of application.

D R Prakash, a social service activist and member of Osborne Road Area Resident Welfare Association says that while the change in address takes place with immediate effect, the re-registration will happen only on receipt of COA (Confirmation of Authenticity) from the previous registering authority. Sometimes there is delay in the process, and this might take a few months,  but it will not exceed 11 months.

He adds, “A vehicle can run for a maximum period of one year in another state with the old number, from the date of entry into the state. If COA is not obtained even within the stipulated period, the registration will stand invalid and vehicle will be liable for seizure.”

How much tax are you liable to pay?

For re-registration of your vehicle in the state that you migrate to, you need to pay Lifetime Tax. It is referred to as LTT as the life of a vehicle is considered to be 15 years. This was also earlier referred to as Road Tax in the late 1980s, where it was being collected once a year. The RTO found out that it was losing out on income as a result of tax evasion and implemented payment of tax at one shot in the form on Lifetime Tax.

D R Prakash, adds, “LTT is calculated on the basis of invoice value and age of the vehicle. In absence of the invoice, the current value of the vehicle is considered for deriving the quantum of tax. However, it is advisable to submit your invoice while paying LTT.”

As per Part A1 and A5 of CMV Act, the LTT tax is applicable as follows:

A vehicle is considered as new for first two years from the date of purchase mentioned in purchase invoice. The older the vehicle, the lesser the road tax one needs to pay, as the value of the vehicle depreciates.

Other payments applicable:

Payment of the tax must be made across the counter in cash and a receipt will be provided immediately. This is applicable for cases where the tax amount is below Rs 3,000. If the tax amount exceeds Rs 3000, a demand draft must be drawn in favour of the “Regional Transport Officer”.

For change of address within 30 days from the date of change in residence, the applicant is required to pay Rs. 20. In case of delay, Rs 100 needs to be paid.

Issue, renewal of RC or assignment of new registration mark costs Rs 60 for motorcycles and Rs 200 for light motor vehicles used for non-transport purposes.

In the State Budget for 2013 – 2014, provisions had been made to introduce an electronic payment facility in order for people to make the payment of tax and fees without visiting the Regional Transport Offices. This is yet to be implemented.

As per the State Budget for 2014-12014, amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act, to prevent vehicles registered in other states, from plying  in Karnataka without paying the LTT have also been suggested.  

Obtaining a NOC from the previous RTO

To obtain an NOC from the previous registering authority (transferor), the applicant must apply with CMV Form 28 (in quadruplicate). The NOC must then be submitted at the RTO in Karnataka for re-registration. 

If the previous registering authority fails to provide an NOC even after 30 days from the date of application, you can legally apply for a new registration number in Karnataka (the state that you have moved to). For this, you must provide a copy of the Form 28 that has been submitted with the previous registering authority, a postal acknowledgement of the same (For e.g. registered post receipt), and a declaration with the following statement, ‘The application for NOC has neither been rejected nor any reply received from the previous registering authority’. This needs to be submitted to the registering authority in Karnataka and signifies that the original authority has no problem with you applying for a new registration number.

Verification of documents

  • The registered owner will be required to be present along with the vehicle at the time of inspection .
  • The required documents are to be produced along with challans for verification in front of the Superintendent . These papers are required to be submitted at the inward counter and an acknowledgement can be obtained for the same.
  • New registration number will sent by post
  • New registration number or “Mark Card” will be issued by post. To get  this  applicants need to submit a self addressed, secured envelope (light green with cloth lining) with adequate stampage).
  • Once the RTO office verifies the documents submitted, a new registration number will be issued in 15 days.

What if you are caught without re-registration?

When you are pulled up by the Traffic Enforcement Authority, you can show the acknowledgement issued by RTO; this will prove that you have applied for the registration.

If you have not applied for re-registration, you will be penalised as per the rule under Section 44 read with Section 177 of the Motor Vehicle Act, which states that failure to register the vehicle for more than 12 months, can lead to penalty of Rs 100 for the first offense and Rs 300 for the second and any subsequent offences.   This is in addition to the tax that needs to have been paid from the vehicle’s time of entry, along with interest.


On receiving new registration number, you can apply for refund of Life Time Tax to the original RTO office in the state which you have migrated from. Here, the sooner you apply, the higher the refund you will get. The refund amount can be ascertained here.

For application of refunds from the Karnataka RTO, click here.

Also read: Non-KA vehicle owners want road tax rules changed

Additional resources:

RTO office timings: 10 am to 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm to 5 pm

Cash transactions : Only between 10 am to 2:30 pm

Forms pertaining to vehicle registrations and related services

A migrant from Gurgaon shares his experience of re-registering his bike in Bangalore on his blog.

A Chennai-ite shares the list of documents one needs to carry to re-registering a vehicle.

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  1. Shashi Somani says:

    If the private vehicle is purchased in one state registered there which is permanent address and tax is paid there. Now you are visiting some other state or transferred or job changed, and moving your vehicle from one state to another state…why should that private vehicle pay tax again. This is illegal and against the constitution. As per Constitution a person can go any part of the country for his business and job except J&K. And also India has adopted no multi-level taxes principle. Then why on vehicle which is private should have multi-level taxes. It seems some Auto mafia is working with Government and creating this non-sense. I think all people from other states should unite and raise their voice against such type of illegal rules which is against constitution of the country.

  2. V K Venugopal says:

    When there is a conflict between the central law and the state law, the central law will prevail. As per the central law, change of address is to be notified to the local RTO only if the vehicle is in the State for more than 6 months and re-registration is required only if the vehicle is in the State for 12 months or more. So, how can Karnataka insist on re-registration if the vehicle is in the State for more than 30 days? This is clearly unreasonable and against the law. One can understand the State Government’s need to curb the tendency of people to register their vehicles in States where the tax is lower. But why the complicated procedure? As pointed out by Mr. Shashi Somani, this is harassing people whose jobs are transferable. For every transfer should they re-register their vehicle in the new location? Ridiculous. If tax evasion is the concern, the State could ask the owners to pay proportionate tax for the period the vehicle plies in the State (if it exceeds 12 months) without the requirement of re-registration and new registration number. All States do this for commercial vehicles. While there is no justification for doing the same for private vehicles in view of the provisions of the MV Act and the Constitution of India, it is better than harassing the vehicle owners with the requirement of re-registration. This would protect the revenue interests of the State and save the vehicle owners the botheration of re-registration and claiming refund from the other State every time they are transferred.

  3. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Shashi Somani & Mr.V.K.Venugopal, Probably you must have gone through the guidelines in a hurry and have not understood it properly. This is an ACT made in 1957 and NOT a new one. It is 30 days time for Change of Address, when one migrates into the state. Roads are maintained by the State Governments and NOT by Central Government and hence the revenue in the form of Road Tax has to reach the State Government, when the vehicle is being rum permanently for a certain reasonable LONG period. Also change of address is necessary for Law enforcement in times violations, accidents, recoveries etc., etc. When a person relocates, is he not aware as to how long he is going to stay at that place ? Is one not getting the GAS connection changed to get subsidised gas at his new place, even if it is for a few months ? Similarly, one has to adhere to these rules, which are laid out LONG back. That is the reason many sell away the vehicles in their old state and buy a new vehicle at the transferred state. This is NEITHER mafia NOR harassment, but for the benefit of BETTER administration and service to the commonman. In this case there is no conflict between the Central and State Governments and the rule is the same in all states. If ones usage of a vehicle is less than SIX months in another state, it need not be changed, as it is of temporary in nature. Please go through leisurely and understand before making any CRITIC comments. D.R.PRAKASH, FP – Osborne Road Area Residents’ Welfare Association.

  4. rajesh varghese says:

    I took my bike from Kerala to Karnataka in 2005 and paid LTT at Indira Nagar RTO. They issued me a receipt. I misplaced it and cannot locate it anymore. Can the RTO authorities issue me a duplicate LTT token if I provide them my RC details? If so what would be the procedure and whom should I contact?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  5. D R Prakash says:

    Mr.Rajesh Varghese, There is no token system of tax collection in Karnataka. Where is the need for a duplicate receipt, when it would have been entered in the RC. That endorsement is the official document for having paid tax.

  6. divya divakar says:

    mine s a 10 year old pulsar…how much amount should i have to pay for this? will they calculate in accordance with the depreciated value..please reply emergency

  7. Ganga Madappa says:

    ‘@divya, please have a look at this table for details:

  8. Nafis Hasan says:

    Could you please let me know if its possible to only pay the LTT in Karnataka for a non-KA vehicle, without going in for a re-registration immediately? If possible, what documents would be needed and where can I make the payment?

    I have recently moved from Maharashtra with a MH number plate and don’t want to change it immediately, since I may need to go back soon. But I also don’t want to be harassed here, so I am willing to pay the Karnataka LTT, and try for refund when I leave. Unfortunately, I don’t have any NoC from Maharashtra.

  9. hidayath mahalthi says:

    Dear Sir,

    I purchased MH registered car.
    The owner has already taken NOC for Manipur but he did’t registered there.

    1. After exploring many blogs and RTO Website I understood that First I have to cancel the old NOC and have to get new NOC in my name.
    Rest the other formalities follow.

    2. In case If i want to stay one year and again went back to MH…..

    3. How to convince traffic cop that i going to stay here for just One Year. Is there any procedure to acknowledge officially.

    Pls guide some one.



  10. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Nafis Hasan,

    By providing proper proofs, get the address changed first and you will be directed to pay the tax and do it. Automatically, the entry of payment is an authenticated proof of its entry to the State. You will have ONE full year from that date for re-registration.

  11. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Hidayath Mahalthi,

    The answer given to Ms.Nafis Hasan holds good for your doubts also.

  12. V Narayanan says:

    I submitted my NOC(dated Apr2011) from Chennai RTO & also paid KA road Tax in Jan2012 (I received a KA Smart Card with TN registration ). Since I was frequently visiting Hosur I didnt bother to reregister it. Now since I will be in Bangalore, I would like to reregister here. Its now more than 2.5years( since jan2012) and was informed I need to reregister within 1 year. What is the penatly I will have to pay & also has my NOC become void even though I submitted it in Local KA RTO. I am also wondering is my vehicle unregistered for last 2 years as NOC was obtained which means TN can delete my reg from their records.

  13. D R Prakash says:

    Mr.Venkatesh Narayanan, Can you be more clearer with your data to give you a clear picture of the situation ? What for did you obtain / submit the NOC ? In which address is the vehicle at present / previous to obtaining NOC ?

  14. V Narayanan says:

    Thanks Mr Prakash for replying…I got my NOC as I was wrongly informed that for paying Road Tax I need NOC(from Agents outside RTO, i did not bother to check it myself bcuz of language & crowd inside)…hence I got NOC from Chennai RTO along with my bike…Later when I went back to RTO directly (without Agents) I realized NOC(Form 28) was not needed for paying RoadTax only. Since I already had the NOC the RTO officer took it in the file with KMV27(Migration Form). I was expecting a smart card with KA registration but was surprised to see same TN # on KA SC in my speed post. I went back to RTO & got info that I need to apply again after 1-2 months with form CMV27(Re-register). Before obtaining NOC vehicle was in Chennai, After NOC obtained its in Bangalore(frequently driven in Hosur also), I am the first owner & vehicle is more than 5year old now. I see in CMV27 which says one copy to be submitted to original RTO(by new RTO) for them to delete my entry ther, which means my vehicle is still registered with Chennai RTO. however the only problem is after 1-2 months of receiving KA SC I did not follow up submitting CMV27, & now its 2.5 years. I did some google and based on MVA Sec 47/177, first offense is 100 & subsequent offense is 300 for not reregistration beyond 12 months when caught, but no info mentioned on penalty in RTO office when filing for CMV27, also if my NOC submitted is still valid or I have to get a new one…If I have to get a new one, will KA RTO give my old Chennai RC book? As I have a KA Smart Card (SC) now with TN# in it. (Unfortunately, nobody was consistent in giving the right details let it be agents friends & even RTO officials hence lots of confusion,or maybe I was not quick in my understanding in this RTO process)

  15. V Narayanan says:

    There is a new law now on inter state transfers on MVA..

    The following descision weretaken in the 35th meeting of the Transport Department Council held in New Delhi on 23-Oct-2013 to regularize MV taxes in respect to 2wheelers LMVs

    1) To levy life time tax (no recuring tax) @ 6% or more on the sale price before VAT.
    2) No tax to be charged on inter-state movement of vehicles for a period of upto 3 months.
    3) Full tax may be charged in new state if the vehicle is less than 2 years old with refund from original state if the vehicle is moved inter-state permanently
    4) No tax may be charged in new state if the vehicle is more than 2 years old and no refund from original state in such cases

    State Govt are requested to implement the above descision.

  16. D R Prakash says:


    You all have access to Department & Councils at CENTER and rules being suggested, but have no patience to read / inquire the senior officers and fall prey to middlemen. What is stated by you is of the meeting held on Oct.’13. Did you checkup as to they have been passed ?

  17. Suresh Nambiar says:

    I have a MH registration car , which is more than 5 years old. I have some work in Bangalore for 2 months during which I intend use my car. I will staying in temporary accommodation. Please let me know if I need to pay road tax for using this for 2 months and the documents required.Thanks

  18. V Narayanan says:

    1) Get a PUC certificate on the day you leave your Home City. This can be used for 1 month(Original with Hologram).
    2) For the next month try getting a letter from your office saying you will be here no more than 1 month(no SoftCopy) with home city company addr letter head. A employee card with office address in home city may also work, not the registered address of the company.
    3) A mobile Roaming Number with original stmt, not softcopy with your name in it(Post Paid with address of Home City)
    Its upto you how well you can convince the Official if stopped and questioned. Hope this Helps..A Toll Pass may not work these days as everyone goes home once a month(once in 2 months) these days which officials are well aware…

  19. V Narayanan says:

    If you have to pay there is no monthly or annual tax involved but only LTT which could fall to 13-14%of (69% of Invoice Bill for a 5yr old vehicle) to be paid in DD.

  20. Bikash Patra says:

    Hi, I have a MH registered 2 wheeler and I came to bangalore in 2008. It seems the NOC from my previous RTO is valid only for 12 Months. Can anyone help me on this.

    What should be my next step?

  21. V Narayanan says:

    Dear Bikash. Have you paid road tax in KA? NOC is not valid anymore if it has a date stamp of 2008/09, you will have to get a new One. FYI NOC is not mandatory for paying Road Tax.. however, if you show your current RC (if any NOC entry with Seal of 2008) for paying road tax, you will be paying a penalty for 5yrs other than the road tax calculated from 2008 as mentioned in RC (with NOC entry) as your vehicle is in another state for quite a long time. Its upto you if you want to convince officials saying you got the NOC but never brought the vehicle to KA then if you want to avoid the penalty.

  22. V Narayanan says:

    Visited the RTO office for my vehicle re-registration yesterday. As I had already paid the road tax and submitted NOC in 2012, there was no penalty taken for delay in re-registration. Also I got info from Senior officials that a decision on the Oct 2013 (state transfers) is not yet in effect in KA. No proposed date of implementation was shared.

  23. Bikash Patra says:

    Thank you so much Venkatesh,
    But when I bought the bike in pune I had paid LTT. So that LTT doesn’t apply in KA ?

  24. V Narayanan says:

    By Law MVA 1957 released, Road Tax paid is valid for the State & not country unlike Income Tax. The Road Tax goes to the State’s Revenue. You pay Road Tax for using the roads in a State not country. Since you use a vehicle at your state or within your city (generally) why should you pay Road Tax at centralized level on a Tax which would be very very high, hence its localized to a state. Also each state has their own percentage TN has 8% , KA has 12% for 2wheelers. Local Traffic police cannot question you on Road Tax unless involved in a Accident/No-Parking zone, they can stop you and only check for PUC/Insurance/DL. However, RTO inspectors can stop you anytime and ask for all the papers and if needed,also have the power to confiscate your vehicle. If ur ignorant on the laws/court/rules don’t think you can outsmart them, they are in this on a daily basis and are fully aware of possible reasons to give to confiscate your vehicle.

  25. Bikash Patra says:

    Thanks Venkatesh,
    Can you give a rough estimate of the Penalty / Road Tax I have to pay now?

  26. V Narayanan says:

    The other option would be to get National Permit Composite Fee (pay necessary tax) and use vehicle anywhere in the country 🙂 🙂 ….

  27. V Narayanan says:

    Dear Bikash, You will have to check with the local RTO on Penalty, please carry your vehicle Invoice, RC book, PUC, Insurance, DL, If you do not have a invoice , go to a local dealer of your ‘2wheeler’s make’ and ask for a certificate on the current invoice Cost of same vehicle model, RTO will calculate the depreciation Cost(4yr old 75%, 5yr old 69%, 6yr old 64%, 7yr old 59%,8yr old 54%) from this invoice Cost based on how old(RC book) your vehicle is, then with that value they will calculate 12% for road tax.

  28. D R Prakash says:

    Mr.Suresh Nambiar, When one uses a vehicle for a short period in another state, less than SIX months, NEED NOT pay any tax to that particular state. If only the vehicle is going to be used in another state for a period exceeding SIX months and the owner resides in the new state, has to change the address and pay tax for that state. If the vehicle is going to be used for a longer period, even it has to get RE-REGISTERED. In your case, you can RELAX, complete your work and get back to your place WITHOUT any hassle.

  29. dileeprao boinapalli says:


    I have another state bike for which I want to pay life-time tax and use it here. I have few questions as below.
    1. The bike is in my brother’s name, who is in USA doing job. Do I need him to be here for paying the tax and use the bike?
    2. Do I need change of ownership to use the bike?
    3. How can I prove the length of stay in Bangalore (I got the bike by train transport, but I misplaced the receipt)?

  30. D R Prakash says:

    Mr.Dileeprao Boinpalli, What is the reason for paying LTT over here ? Will it be used here permanently OR atleast for more than a year ? You can get a power of attorney from your brother and act on behalf of him OR send the required forms and get his signatures and you can pay the tax and get any other endorsements / changes made as per regulations.

  31. dileeprao boinapalli says:

    Hi Mr. Prakash, I intend to use it permanently, but I yet have to get NOC which I will do in the next 2 to 3 months when I visit my home, but before that, to avoid any difficulties, I want to pay LTT. As an add-on question, I would like to know is it possible to execute change of ownership with my brother in USA?

  32. D R Prakash says:

    Mr.Dileeprao Boinapalli, Yes, it is possible by getting his signatures on the required form i.e. form 29 and submitting it along with form 30 with other required documents as per rules. It is better you get the ownership transferred to your name first over the present place and then get it transferred to Karnataka to avoid un-necessary hassles.

  33. dileeprao boinapalli says:

    Thank you Mr. Prakash. Just one more query if you could help me with. As I visited the RTO to inquire about the procedure, what they asked first and foremost was invoice of the bike. Unfortunately, I could not find one (I think my brother misplaced it). I heard them asking either invoice or “certificate” (sounds like). What is this certificate and how can I get one?

  34. dileeprao boinapalli says:

    Sorry Mr. Prakash.. I think this question is answered in this thread by Venkatesh… thank you for taking your time to answer my questions.

  35. subramanian says:

    ‘@D.R.Prakash sir: my vehicle was purchased in 2006 in maharashtra. I have moved to bangalore now. I am willing to pay the LTT, but they say an invoice is not necessary if the vehicle is registered before April1 2007. How will they determine the cost of the vehicle and how will they tax me ? at present I am still searching for my invoice. Kindly guide me through.

  36. Saurabh says:

    Hello D.R.Prakash sir, I paid LTT for my Car from Hyderabad and got new RC with change in address but same number. My question is, by when can i apply for New Number so that i can claim tax paid in my previous RTO. And also guide me the process for the same.
    Thanks a lot for the help.

  37. Ramesh Kalammanavar says:

    I recently transfered permanently from hyd to bangalore, I took NOC there and Police veification Certificate. 3 days over now, Do we compulsory to register vehicle?
    The process above mentioned have so many steps.

  38. dileeprao boinapalli says:

    Hello Ramesh,
    Since you have taken NOC and if you intend to stay in Bangalore for a long time (even if it is for 1 year), it is better you apply for new registration number in Bangalore. After you have got registered here, apply for Tax Refund (LTT) from AP RTO immediately. This way, you will get LTT back (after deductions) which you can compensate for LTT paid here in Bangalore. Otherwise, you will not get LTT (without registration here in Bangalore) and end up paying LTT at both places.

    Once you have decided to apply for new registration, post back for the process.

  39. Gagandeep says:


    I moved from Bangalore to Delhi in Mar 2013. Have obtained NOC for my car from Bangalore, re-registered the car in Delhi and got a new number.

    Now, due to a change in job, I am again moving back to Bangalore.
    What will be the registration process in Bangalore now?

    Do I need to get NOC from Delhi RTO? I have already paid life time road tax in Karnataka (not claimed for re-fund yet). Will I get the old number or not? What is the expected expense in this case of re-registration?

    And once I re-register in Bangalore, can I get refund of LTT paid in Delhi?


  40. dileeprao boinapalli says:

    Hi Gagandeep:

    You have to get NOC from Delhi RTO to re-register in Bangalore. You will not get old number if it has been issued to somebody else.

    As far as LTT in Bangalore goes, I think you need not to pay again as you have not claimed the refund. But to be on safer side, first approach the RTO (where you have previously paid LTT) and confirm with them that they have not processed your refund.

    If they have NOT refunded your LTT, ask them about the process. For example, if you have to claim the refund and then pay afresh the LTT; or will they adjust when you are re-registering.

    Ensure that you do this thing as soon as possible once you are Bangalore or before you come to Bangalore.

    Registration process details can be found on RTO bangalore website under other state vehicle registration section.

    The cost would be mostly for LTT, and as I mentioned above, you have to clarify with RTO about the options.

    MAKE A NOTE: The time you can use your car WITHOUT paying LTT is ONLY 30 days (recent amendment). To avoid hassles and seizing of car, get a fresh PUC just before you are bringing your vehicle to Bangalore and try to get a receipt from a petrol pump and a toll receipt (keep these safe so that the dates are not erased) and keep these with you at all times when in Bangalore. All these validate your presence in Bangalore for less than 30 days.

    Next, before 30 days of time, you MUST go and inform RTO about address change. Pay LTT (if you have to claim refund, option 1) OR get LTT receipt or confirmation on a paper from RTO that you have paid LTT in the past (option 2) so that you do not face any difficulties until the time of re-registration.

    Yes, you can get refund from Delhi RTO.

    One small advice: For car, you will be paying a huge amount of LTT and if you are getting NOC and not claiming refund, you will be losing so much in depreciation every year. It is better if you claim refund from Delhi RTO immediately after re-registering here in Bangalore and follow it up until it is done.

    Post back if you have any doubts.

  41. V Narayanan says:

    Hi Gagandeep:
    To add further on expense in Bangalore RTO for reregistration..
    Re-Registration 200/-, Smart Card 137/-, Bio-metric sticker 63/-, Address Change 20/-
    Total 420/-
    For Road Tax : Hope you still have the challan of Road Tax paid in old KA#, else try to get a duplicate copy from your old RTO in Bangalore giving your old KA#.

    If Bangalore RTO has already received a copy of CMV 27 from Delhi RTO(new DL #), they will block the old KA Number. Once Blocked, for security reasons New KA # will be issued and YES you will need a NOC from your Delhi RTO (Form 28).

  42. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Subramanian,

    If the RTO says, it is not mandatory for the invoice, they calculate as per their valuation chart. But if you have the invoice, they calculate as per the calculator published above in the procedure.

  43. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Saurabh,

    You can apply for a NEW number anytime, but before ONE year of entry of vehicle into the State.The earlier you get Re-registered, you will get MORE refund, i.e. from the date of Re-registration. If you delay, you will be getting LESSER refund, as tax till that time will be deducted from the previous LTT paid.

  44. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Gagandeep,

    Getting your old number is not assured. If you get the old number, the tax already paid will be adjusted. Otherwise, it is to be claimed and fresh tax has to be paid against the NEW number what you will be allotted.

    Our practically experienced friends have explained quite a lot, which please go through. You will get refund of the LTT paid at Delhi, only after getting Re-registration done over here.

  45. subramanian says:

    ‘@D R Prakash sir: thank you.

  46. Saurabh says:

    Dear D.R.PRAKASH Sir, I have a contact person there and he is telling that new number can be obtained after 2 months and 15 days of getting new RC(paying LTT) with address changed. Is there any regulation like this ?

  47. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Saurabh,

    When one can gets things done by himself, why depend on others ? What is he over there ? If you have any doubts, contact the ARTO, who will be available in his chambers at all reasonable times. In his absence, Superintendent is the next person in-charge.

    Fill in the necessary forms as mentioned above and submit yourself and obtain ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, which is the proof till you get your documents. Processing time depends on the response of the other RTO in the particular case. The MAXIMUM time frame is also given above, please refer.

  48. swarna says:

    Dear Mr.D.R.Prakash, I purchased a second hand i20 vehicle with TN registration just before the amendment from Karnataka RTO regarding non KA cars. Still I havent got the name transferred. But my EMI for the car loan started from last month which I have already paid. Kindly advise how to go about it and how much tax will be levied in bangalore? I want to get the registration done here as I will be staying in Bangalore permanently. Since am travelling very often to TN, am keeping all the toll bills & petrol bills safe with me. But still looking at the posts of various bitter experiences of the citizens, I need to get the right things done ASAP. Please help me on this. – Thanks – Swarna

  49. swarna says:

    Dear Mr.D.R.Prakash, I purchased a second hand i20 vehicle with TN registration just before the amendment from Karnataka RTO regarding non KA cars. Still I havent got the name transferred. But my EMI for the car loan started from last month which I have already paid. Kindly advise how to go about it and how much tax will be levied in bangalore? I want to get the registration done here as I will be staying in Bangalore permanently. Since am travelling very often to TN, am keeping all the toll bills & petrol bills safe with me. But still looking at the posts of various bitter experiences of the citizens, I need to get the right things done ASAP. Please help me on this. – Thanks – Swarna

  50. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Ms.Swarna,

    Can you be more clear about your ownership and residential place at present. The tax depends on the model of the car and value.

    I fail to understand as to how your EMIs started without getting the name transferred. So to give a specific reply, please provide the details and also copies of documents.

    Thanks for your approach.

  51. swarna says:

    Dear Mr.Prakash,
    Thanks for your response.
    We reside at Indirangar, Bangalore. We bought this car from our friend, and the financing through an outsider. And we got the car to Bangalore. Hence we paid the first month EMI, and when we go next to TN, we will register it in our name. The model Is HYUNDAI i20 Asta 2012 model – march month purchased. We bought it for around 4 lakhs. As per my understanding, first we need to get the name transferred, only then we can apply for NOC in TN. Please correct me if am wrong. Also suggest us whether it will be a loss for us because of other state vehicle purchased in second hand due to the life time taxes, and all theses procedures etc., Thank you very much. – Swarna

  52. Sankar Kumar says:

    D R Prakash Sir,
    I brought by Kerala Regn Matiz car in 2007 to Bangalore.Got NOC from Kerala and paid lifetime tax in Karnataka KR Puram. I went for getting a Karnataka Number within one year.There the clerk informed that reregistration amount will be calculated on original invoice cost(my car was 10years old) and would come to Rs 40000. He advised me to run the car without change of number plate as I have paid LTT in Karnataka. Subsequently I shifted to Mangalore and running the car there. But car is due for mandatory 15 year reregistration . RTO Mangalore advised me to go to RTO KRPuram to get cc and change of number plate and reregistration can be done in Mangalore. I have only one day available to go to Bangalore,as I am abroad and car is being run by son at Mangalore.
    Now my queries
    I have to get vehicle number to KA before reregistration due date.
    (1) Can I get CC from KR Puram to Mangalore RTO for my Kerala vehicle with LTT in Karnataka ? Can it be completed in one day?
    (2) Can I get change of ownership to my son’s name directly when cc is notified by RTO KR puram or I have do it again in Mangalore

    If nothing works out I wish to tell KR Puram RTO to allow me to convert the car to scrap.Car engine has just done 40000kms

  53. Abhishek Pandey says:

    Hi Narayanan,

    You look like expert in this department of inter-state bike transfer and all formalities.
    Please guid me also.

    Well here is my story, please help me what to do…..I got my bike here in Bangalore on 25th June 2013 with proper NOC from my home town (Uttar Pradesh, Gorakhpur). I bought my bike in November 2012 , so I was told by my friend to re-register your bike after November 2013 as by that time it will be 1 year old and road tax which you will play will be less.

    So I drove till December 2013 and didn’t get chance to get my bike re-register at that time. Suddenly this big twist happened that I had to leave bangalore for almost 5 months due medical emergency at my home then I cam back here in May’2014. Even after that I could not able to decide how to deal with this RTO people and also due to fare of extra charge I still keep postponing.

    Please help me what steps I should take to get my bike re-registered here . Please tell also what max. amount will I have to pay including fine.


  54. V Narayanan says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    Your Friend gave wrong info, till first 2yrs the depreciation is same which is 93%. Since its a bike, penalty on Road tax will be within INR 500, take your NOC to Bangalore RTO, since NOC is 14 months old(they will accept the NOC as it only crossed 2 months from 1Year). If they refuse you will however be allowed to pay Road tax with penalty. Road Tax will be calculated from Jun 2013(as stamped in NOC) [Vehicle Cost = Invoice Amount * 93%(93% for less than 2year old vehicle) ] Road tax will be 12% of Vehicle Cost + there is a CESS charges which is between 300-400.
    Road Tax challan will be given in cash counter immediately with your UP Reg# in it when you deposit the Demand Draft. You have to fill Form 14 for Tax calc + Vehicle Invoice Copy. Tax will be calculated by Superintendent in Form14. If NOC is accepted, KMV 27 form (other state migration form with Chassis Pencil mark) + Form 28 in original (2-3 orig. copy as given by UP RTO) + RC book in original should be submitted. RTO will take the original Form 28 & RC book original and issue a Karnataka Smart Card(by Post) with local KA address with same UP Reg # (Temp. Card) within 1 month. Once you receive this smart card you have to wait for 2 months & file for re-registration for KA #. You can however continue using same UP # on KA Smart Card as I did for 2 years without submitting for re-registration, I was caught twice during that time but they let me go when I showed the KA smart card (with TN#) as they only cared for the Road tax paid.

    If you want to avoid penalty, on your own risk, wait till Nov 2014, your vehicle cost will be 87% for 2 year old vehicle. But you will have to get a new NOC(stamped after Nov2014) from UP. Get a Chassis pencil marking on new Form 28, also original RC book back to UP (can get it done thro friends), Not mandatory for vehicle to be present in UP RTO for new NOC.

    Note: Its a 2 step process, first you will receive a KA smart card with UP # (Temp. Card)then after 2 months apply for re-registration. This is bcuz the Form-28 submitted will be validated which takes 1-2months between the 2 RTOs. Next during re-registration you will fill a different form CMV-27(New # mark) & surrender the temp Smart card.

    Hope this Helps!!

  55. V Narayanan says:

    Hi Swarna,
    I wonder how the Financier gave the loan without NOC & Police Clearance Certificate for TN vehicle as I dont think both docs are available with You. I suggest please ask your previous owner to file for NOC(Form-28) in parent RTO & also for Police Clearance Certificate in police commissioner office(egmore) on the TN Reg #. In NOC (Form 28) there is a line where the owner can mention the new car owner name and also to which RTO authority transfer, in your case its KA03.

    Hope this Helps!!

  56. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Ms.Swarna,

    If you want to apply for an NOC, first it should be transferred to your name, for which you will require address proof of TN. If it is feasible do it that way. Then it will be just transfer of registration (Re-Registration) from TN to KA. If not ask your friend (Previous Owner) to apply for an NOC and proceed further. Then it will be change of Ownership as well as Re-Registration.

    You need not worry about any loss of value, as you have purchased a KNOWN vehicle from a genuine owner, as well as might be at a BETTER deal. All these procedures are common and you need not take it into account madam.

    Feel Free to get any other clarifications, if need be.

  57. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Sankar Kumar,

    The validity of your NOC is just ONE year. For For fitness after 15 years, you have 30 days time without penalty. After that it will be charged at Rs.100/- maximum.

    You can give a ‘Power of Attorney’ to your son to get everything done on stipulated time. As per RTO schedules, nothing can be done in ONE day. All that you have to do is that file your requirement and will receive the documents by post at your door.

    Even now the vehicle will be valued at the invoice price, if you have duly deducting as per prescribed depreciation / reduced value, as per the table given in the write up. The information given by the clerk has to be verified by calculating on the cost, to find out its correctness, which we can ignore for now as it is a past story.

    As per the advice of the Mangalore RTO, you can obtain a CC and get things done over there, without getting it to Bangalore.

    Forget the idea of scrapping, if it is in GOOD condition. These are SIMPLE procedures, but time consuming due to its nature and security reasons.

    You can ask your son also to feel free to contact for any clarifications, if need be.

  58. Abhishek Pandey says:

    Thanks a lot for the info Narayanan. 🙂

  59. swarna says:

    Dear D.R.Prakash,

    Thank you very much for your info. We were really scared to take the vehicle out after reading all the harrasements that RTO has been carrying out. So we decided to give back the vehicle since the name also not yet transferred. We are aware how our government offices work to get back the refund amount from one state & applying in other state. And all we have to do in a hurry due to the current status in bangalore. It is a pain…. But I will continue to fight with my other friends agaisnt this issue who are genuinely have come here for work for short terms, what the RTO currently doing is completely unfair. Thanks – Swarna

  60. nikhil mogallapalli says:


    I moved my 2 year old bike form AP to bangalore some 3 months back. I got my NOC from AP. Now I am ready to pay LTT in bangalore. But to my surprise I cannot find my invoice of bike. This is required to pay LTT. Now what can I do? I need to apply for registeration since I got an NOC and there is NO RC with me. Please give some suggestion.


  61. Shailendra says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am applying for NOC from UP (my car registraion is of UP), for that I need to submit Form 28 (in 3 copies), Original RC etc.. They will then issue me the NOC by signing the form 28. However, I am worried if I will get the Orignial RC back or not as this is required for me to apply for re-registration in Bangalore.

    Also, as you mentioned there is a clause that we can apply for registration if we haven’t received any updates from previous RTO in 30days by providing the acknowledgement from Postal department. I will not have original RC as this would have been sent for UP for NOC clearance. Then how Bangalore RTO would accept for registration without orignial RC.

    Please help me to understand this better.

  62. Srinivas says:

    Dear Sir,

    We have moved my car from AP to Bangalore recently and received the NOC certificate on 30th august.
    Today visited RTO office and came to know from the agent that first i need to apply for change of address and pay the LTax. The registration number will not be issued for 90 days period and I will need to visit the RTO office again after 90 days for the registration purpose.
    Question is if we pay the LTax on 10th Sept then can we use the car with AP registration number for 90 days period without any problem?

    Please advise is this process correct one?


  63. dileeprao boinapalli says:

    Dear Srinivas:

    Yes, it is right that first you need to apply for address change, and at the same time, pay LTT. After paying LTT, you need not to bother about which number plate you are using (AP or KA) for the period until you re-register your vehicle. The RTO is more concerned about collecting tax from vehicles rather than obtaining KA numbers.

    So, pay LTT and roam around happily. Keep the tax challan with you safely always!!

  64. dileeprao boinapalli says:

    Hi Nikhil:

    Mine was also same problem, that I could not find the invoice of the bike. From your query, it seems your bike is just 2 years old, so you can approach the showroom from where you purchased the bike and ask them to give you invoice copy. They will provide it to you without any cost (I got it the same way).

    They need details like name of the owner, bike registration number, model, year, etc.. Just call them and ask them that you need invoice copy.

    If you have obtained NOC, you will not have RC.

    Once you get invoice copy, approach the RTO with NOC and invoice copy, pay the tax, apply for address change, wait for 90 days, then go back and apply for new KA number.

    I have practical experience in this as I went through the same thing for my AP bike.

    Post back if you have further queries.



    I have applied for Re-registration of my i20 car which has a Gujrat – GJ passing, RTO officials have taken my original RC, NOC from Gujrat RTO and relevant forms for the same along with tax paid receipt copies (KA tax is highest in the country). They have given me an acknowledgement stating it will take 30 days to get my new RC (smart card) with change of address with GJ passing . Once i receive new RC with same GJ passing , then i need to apply for Re-registration for KA passing, it will take another 60 days. Is it the right process or they are unnecessarily delaying, which i am not sure Please guide me whoever has gone through this process in Bangalore RTO.

    Please post ,

  66. Ashwani Jain says:

    I moved to banglore last week from Gurgaon, I need to keep my gurgaon number and want to pay LTT here in banglore.
    what is the process for that and do I need NOC from gurgaon also.
    also it is mentioned that I need to change the address also so for that where I need to apply for change in Gurgaon or in banglore

  67. Amit rath says:

    Have moved to bangalore along with my 6 year old swift from Bhubaneswar. I have got the NOC in the month of July 2014. Right now i want to pay the LTT. Could you please guide what else document the RTO personnel may ask the time of paying LTT and how much expected cost has to be incurred.
    Thanks in advanve

  68. D R Prakash says:


    Forget about the time taken by the RTO. At times it takes more than the stipulated period. The due date will be mentioned in the acknowledgement issued. Till such time you need not worry and that acts as your RIGHT document.

    In case you do not receive even after the due date, please call on the RTO and check. Nothing else to do. Keep calm.

  69. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Ashwani Jain,

    Yes you have to provide your local address and pay the tax. You will have one year time to get re-registration done, if you continue to stay here.

  70. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Amit rath,

    You require an address proof to pay the tax. The amount depends on the invoice value, if you have OR on the basis of the table available with RTO with appropriate depreciation, which please refer on to the table given above.

  71. Amit rath says:

    Sir can i use my Rent agreement as the local address??

  72. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Amit Rath,

    Yes, you can use it, but it will be accepted only if it is REGISTERED. Instead, if you are employed, can give a letter on the company’s letterhead mentioning your details of employment and your residing address.

  73. Sunil kumar says:

    Dear Mr. Prakash, Read your post justifying the collection of LTT. In my opinion collection of Life Time Tax again is unnecessary and illegal. For the benefit of citizens we should actually fight against this rule. Extremely surprised to hear that RTO is spending the money to maintain the roads in Bangalore. The condition of roads in Bangalore and even near by areas of many RTO offices are pathetic. Recently my vehicle damaged due to a huge pothole in the road. Can I apply for claim from RTO as they are supposed to maintain the roads ? The re-registration fee should be legitimate and the LTT has to be paid only when some one buy a vehicle. It is Govt. authorities responsibility by co-coordinating with other state department to transfer the LTT once paid to their state. The poor common man should not suffer if there is no coordination between Govt. departments. They have to run around many times to complete all these work and end up in spending more money and time. I had terrible experience of going several times to RTO and going from one floor of the building to another several times. Another is the nexus between agents and officers. If you go through an agent things will happen quickly. The system is highly corrupt mainly due to all these non sense rules. We have intimated in local circle initiative by the new Govt to resolve such issues and abandon such rules which are made to penalize public.

  74. Sunil kumar says:

    Dear Rohan Kumar Shetty, Do you have to pay anymore fee for registering in KA passing? Assuming you have already paid the LTT while applying for smart card.

  75. Anees says:

    Hi Sir,
    I own a car registered in Kerala and got the OC and paid LTT in KA and wanted to change the registration to KA. I was told that to first get the address changed and then only I can apply for registration changed. I got the RC From KA with the local address and KL no. Now what is the procedure to get the registration changed to KA? (I was told I need to wait for 90 days)
    Thanks in advance for your time.

  76. Amit Goyal says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have a Delhi registration Swift Dzire Car bought in Aug 2008. I shifted to Bangalore in April 2012. I got NOC from Delhi RTO in April 2012. Please advice me what should i do. I would like to stay in Bangalore for next 10-15 years.

  77. Wilson says:

    Hi Sir,

    I had paid the LTT in KA for my MH registered car. I got the smartcard from KA with the local address and MH no. When I enquired with the Indiranagar RTO, I was told to wait for 60 days to change the registration to KA.
    I have the following queries. Can someone help me?
    1. The next step after 60 days -Are there any more forms to be submitted? What would be the expenses?
    2. The steps to perform or documents to be submitted at PCMC RTO to get the LTT refund.
    Thanks in advance for your reply

  78. anup kapadia says:

    Hi Sir,
    Some time ago, I purchase bangalore registered bike through one dealer. He handed over all the documents and owner left bangalore. When i go for transfer of vehicle on my name, found one sign missing in the document form 29/30. Now both dealer and owner are not reachable. How to transfer the bike now on my name? Please suggest.Its a genuine case and not a fraud done by either owner or dealer.

  79. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Sunil kumar,

    You can claim the damages, provided you had lodged a complaint about the mishap and the rectification is done at the authorized service station. RTO does not maintain the roads, but it is the city corporation that maintain the roads. The tax collected is transferred to the corporation.

    RTOs are state government run organizations and not a central government. For the changes to be made is not easy, but can be done in a long run. It needs amendment of constitution also.

    It needs only a couple of visits to the RTO, if you follow the instructions and contact the correct concerned authorities. In one visit you can submit the application along with the payment and the result reaches your home. Submit for refund, it gets to your home. Things have been streamlined and made simpler and easy in recent times. Because of fraudsters, many checks are necessary.

  80. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Anees,

    Yes, it is right and follow it. Its easy.

  81. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Amit Goyal,

    What for did you get the NOC and what were you waiting for since 2012? Please read the write up in detail and act accordingly. You will be ending up paying tax at both the places for couple of years by your staying quite.

  82. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Wilson,

    Please read the write up slowly and understand. Everything is given like a SPOON FEEDING in it.

  83. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.anup kapadia,

    A transfer has to be done within 14 days of purchase. Had you done it, these complications would not have arisen. Try to find out the whereabouts of the owner from their neighbors etc. If you had purchased from a experienced genuine dealer, such mistakes would not have crept in.

    For further details contact through mail ID.

  84. Vinod Mittal says:

    Dear Friends,
    I came up with this discussion suddenly while surfing for some thing else. I have been benefited with such an important and vast information on re-registering if I would have searched it earlier. This is a great information for the persons seeking re-registering their vehicles. I want help to know the procedure for getting refund from other state from where the vehicle has been transferred to Karnataka. Any sort of certificate is required from Banlore RTO to get refund from other state from where the vehicle has been transferred ?

  85. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Vinod Mittal,

    The registration certificate (RC) issued by the local RTO is the document required along with the required forms filled.

  86. Wilson says:

    Dear Sir,

    As suggested, I had gone through the whole document once again. I am afraid, I could not find the answer for my below queries.

    1. The next step after 60 days -Are there any more forms to be submitted? What would be the expenses?
    2. The steps to perform or documents to be submitted at PCMC RTO to get the LTT refund.

    Could you please help me?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  87. V Narayanan says:

    Hi Wilson,

    I see its mentioned above in Step 2, to add further clarity..
    File the below documents after 60 days..
    a) Temp KA logo Smart Card with old # in Plastic pouch.
    b) Green Envelope (thread based) with Self address & 18/- stamp
    c) Form CMV 27(taken from RTO website) fill Two forms, to be included with pencil impression of Chassis #(just in case). Also self PP photo in this form. One will be with New RTO, and other will be sent(by New RTO) to Old RTO for them to delete the old# from their Rolls.
    d) Bangalore smart card copy (with old#)
    Bangalore Road Tax Copy
    Insurance Copy
    PUC copy
    Identity copy (DL/PAN/Passport)
    e) For Address Change if not submitted earlier
    1. Form 33 (taken from RTO website ) with 1 PP Photo in it.
    2. Address Proof Copy

    ***All Copies needs to be self attested with Date.

    Cost for RR for Car in Bangalore RR 200/-, SC 137/-, Addr change 20/- (if not changed earlier) , Biometric 63/- {Biometric sticker says “SC Issue Cost” (63/-) which is for data entry into the new SC Chip/printing.}

    For Refund in Old RTO
    Form 16 for refund of Tax
    New RTO RC copy
    Old RTO RC Copy
    Form 28 Copy

    Please do post in this forum in how many months you receive the tax refund from Old RTO.

    Hope this Helps!!

  88. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.V Narayanan,

    This is an issue which is not constant. It varies from place to place (RTO to RTO), but definitely between 30 and 90 days from the acknowledged date.

    In case of further delay, followup becomes a MUST.

  89. Wilson says:

    Dear Mr.V Narayanan,

    Thank you very much for the detailed explanation.
    I shall definitely post in this forum once i get the refund from the old RTO.
    In fact, I have to get refund from 2 RTO’s (one for me (MH14)and another for my brother(KL59)).

    Thank you once again.


  90. Wilson says:

    Dear Sir,

    Today, I had applied for the assignment of Karnataka registration number (re-registration).
    Total time taken for the process : 30 minutes
    Total amount spent : Rs. 400/-

    The documents which I had submitted are given below.

    1. Application on plain paper
    2. Original RC Smart Card (KA one with old MH Number) in transparent plastic pouch
    3. Original & duplicate receipt of the fees paid today {Rs. 337 (Rs. 200 for reassignment and Rs. 137 for SC)} with the hologram sticker worth Rs. 63 affixed.
    4. Photocopy of RC Smart Card
    5. Photocopy of Insurance Certificate
    6. Photocopy of Emission Certificate
    7. Photocopy of KA Road Tax paid receipt
    8. Self-Addressed Envelope with Stamp of Rs.17

    Thanks & Regards


  91. Sunil kumar says:


    Well done man.

  92. Wilson says:

    Sorry.. forgot to mention one thing.

    I have received an acknowledgement against the documents submitted. I was told that I would be getting the new RC smart card by post in another 45 days. The same is mentioned in the acknowledgement.

    After getting this I need to apply for the refund from MH.



  93. Vinod Mittal says:

    Dear Shri Prakash

  94. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Wilson,

    If alone everybody takes interest to get their work done by themselves, INDIA will become CLEAN. Corruption starts from a few LAZY people, infecting the WHOLE population.

  95. YASAR ARAFATH says:

    Hi sir, i have been posted in Bangalore for training. i want to use my bike in Karnataka. i will be in Bangalore for an year. and i dont want to change my registration number. please guide me on what procedure should i follow. whom do i need to consult.

  96. D R Prakash says:


    All the details have been given in the write-up. Please go through and become active, than being lazy.

    With your local address pay the Karnataka tax and keep using your vehicle for an year. If it exceeds, you have to change the registration.

  97. Madhu PATEL.U.M says:

    Hi sir, I am planning to buy a Contessa from Tamil Nadu. I need information regarding re-registration of outside vehicle in Karnataka in absence of purchase invoice. Because the person who is selling the vehicle is not having the purchase invoice, as he is a 5th owner of that vehicle and its a 1996 model. Also, am sure that he cant find the dealer who sold the vehicle as its too old. What alternate documents can be subitted in the absence of purchase invoice ? Please guide me…
    Thanks in advance

  98. Nanda Kishore says:


    I am going to stay in Bangalore for 8-9 months, and i want to shift the bike from Hyderabad to bangalore. As i read from the above points, i understood that if i stay more than 6 months, i need to pay Tax.
    So what my doubts are
    -> do i need any local address to pay the TAX?
    ->Is there any option to pay tax only for one year? If no, then do i get tax refunded when i leave bangalore?
    ->Suppose after 9 months, i continue to stay in bangalore for one or more years, then what should i do?
    -> Is the courier/parcel reciept which i get when i am shifting bike via train or bus, is enought as proof for data of immigration? If yes, then can we shift the bike from bangalore to other city within 6 months of migration, and then again shift it to bangalore, then we will get a fresh copy of receipt which we can use for 6 more months??

  99. Nanda Kishore says:

    Also, the tax payment receipt alone is enough to ride bike in the city right?

  100. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Madhu PATEL.U.M,

    It is not compulsory to have the invoice. You have a choice of accepting RTO’s value OR get a valuation done from the company and pay tax accordingly.

    ThanX 4 Ur approach.

  101. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Nanda Kishore,

    Your quarry clearly indicates your intention of evading all the hassles, which is not. Everything is simple, if you follow correct procedure.

    The tax paid is refundable when the vehicle is moved out of the state. A local address has to be there for you to stay and the vehicle cannot run around without a rider.

    If you are a defense personal and have a posting for just a year, you can pay tax just for the year.

    If you continue to stay for more than a year, get it re-registered. Anyway tax would have already been paid holds good.

    All these doubts show your laziness to go through the write-up and the clarifications. Also it indicates your teen age and perverted mind. As an elderly person, my advice to you is be GENUINE always. Hold your head high. Because of people trying to cheat the government, rules are being given additional teeth every now and then and is becoming difficult to the genuine citizens.

    With Blessings to you to Purify / Rectify at the earliest.

  102. Madhu PATEL.U.M says:

    ‘@ D.R.PRAKASH

    Thank you very much for the information Sir.
    But wanted to know, what kind of method or on what basis the vehicle is validated by the RTO ? Will the validated price would be greater or lesser than the invoice price of the vehicle ?

  103. netranjeeb lenka says:

    Hi Narayanan,

    After getting the NOC form own state, is it mandatory to re-register in the new state. I intend to pay the TAX but not to re-register. Please guide me.

  104. Saveesh s says:

    We are planning to buy a car at my home town(Kerala, Kollam) using CSD canteen card ( my father is an exservice man) and planning to get it registered in banglore as I am working here and may stay here for few years. Can you please guide what all the process I should follow? Thanks in advance.

  105. Dijo C.I says:

    ‘@ D.R.PRAKASH

    Hi Sir,

    I am planing to buy one bike in Bangalore.I have an offer from one of my friend, bike is Rajasthan registration,brought it here before 2months.He is having all the documents including police report and NOC from RTO.Is there any problem in buying it and changing the ownership.Please guide me sir.I am in confusion 🙁

  106. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Madhu PATEL.U.M,

    Sorry, there must have been a technical snag and your query did not reach me in time.

    There is no any special method to calculate, but is based on the company’s tagged price. So if you had received any discounts while purchasing by the dealers, it will be lost. Depreciation is calculated on the time gone by and cost derived at.

  107. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Saveesh s,

    Yes you can do it.Submit the address of Bangalore over there at Kerala and you will be allotted a TEMPORARY registration number and with it you can drive down and get permanent registration done. For detailed procedure, contact RTO over your place.

    The other simple way out is, take delivery (Purchase) it from the canteen at Bangalore, as the validity of the card is throughout INDIA.

  108. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Dijo C.I,

    Absolutely there is no problem, if your friend is genuine and the documents are not forged. You can go ahead based on this factor.

  109. V Narayanan says:

    Hi Netranjeeb,

    You will have to pay Life Time Tax. You have to fill Form 14 for Tax calc + Vehicle Invoice Copy + RC Copy. Tax will be calculated by Superintendent in Form14 based on vehicle cost and date of registration. Once this is done deposit the Demand Draft in cash counter, you will receive Road Tax challan immediately with your Reg# in it. Thats it!!
    Since you already have NOC, try not to submit your RC original/NOC, if you do, they will give a KA Smart card with your old Reg # in it. If you plan to leave within 1 year your old RC will be stuck in RTO office, no guarantee if you will get that back. I am not sure if the KA smart card with old # will be valid back in your state when you return. Other option would be applying for duplicate on return. You can apply for road tax refund in KA which takes 3-4 months to process on your return.

  110. Rajesh D says:

    Deear Prakash Sir,

    I am Rajesh.D owning a Honda Activa (2 –wheeler) with the Reg No. AP03 N 9715, as I have shifted my vehicle to Bangalore I wanted to pay the road tax in Karnataka and change the vehicle registration number.

    I have got the NOC from the RTO Tirupathi, Andhrapradesh to to Jayanagar RTO, Bangalore and I have submitted all other required documents such as From 27, Form 14 and Form 33, insurance, pollution certificate, SCRB report, Address proof, Self attested envelope etc and I have paid the mentioned tax amount in Form 14 and the amount for change of address, and the vehicle inspection was also done by RTO Inspector and I have submitted the documents in the sakala counter and got the acknowledgement receipt form them. They said you will receive the smart card in 30 days.

    Can you please let me know about the following doubts?

    1. Will they issue me a Karnataka Registration number after 30 days
    2. They have given receipt only for LTT and change of address but not for the re-registration for change of number
    3. Some one was telling I will get a smart card with the same Andhrapradesh no.(AP03 N 9715) with change of address and again I have to re-apply for the Karnataka registration after 90 days
    But i have submitted the form 27 for change of registration no. also, and i have given all my original documents such NOC, RC, SCRB report etc.
    While re applying for KA no.,again do i need to submit the NOC etc. can you please let me know the exact procedure

    4. In the RTO website they have mentioned I have to provide 3 passport size photos with form 27, but they have not asked me any photos from me

    Can you please let me know the process as soon as possible so that It can help me

    Thanks in Advance
    – Rajesh.D

  111. Rajesh D says:

    Dear Wilson,

    Did you receive the new smart card with the KA number, How much time it took to receive the RC.

    if possible Could you please reply for the above question i have asked

    Thanks in advance,

  112. Wilson says:

    Dear Mr. Rajesh,

    I had received my new smart card with KA number by mail on 05.Dec.2014. I had applied for it on 15.Oct.2014 approximately, after 50 days I go it.

    Let me try to answer your questions by explaining what had happened to me.

    After 45 days or so of paying the KA tax, applying for change of address and the inspection, I had received the smartcard with the local address and MH number. Then after 60 days, I had applied for assignment of Karnataka registration number (re-registration).
    The doucments which I had given are mentioned below.

    1. Application on plain paper
    2. Original RC Smart Card (KA one with old MH Number) in transparent plastic pouch
    3. Original & duplicate receipt of the fees paid {Rs. 337 (Rs. 200 for reassignment and Rs. 137 for SC)} with the hologram sticker worth Rs. 63 affixed.
    4. Photocopy of RC Smart Card
    5. Photocopy of Insurance Certificate
    6. Photocopy of Emission Certificate
    7. Photocopy of KA Road Tax paid receipt
    8. Self-Addressed Envelope with Stamp of Rs.17

    – I believe that this will answer your query.

    Regarding photograph; In my ase, I had given the photograph initially, while applying for change of address. In case, if you had not given at that time, I believe that it would be better if you could give it when you go for re-registration.

    Thanks & Regards


  113. Saurabh says:

    Hi Mr PRAKASH,

    With the help of this thread I was also able to get New KA RC with New KA number on my own. It happened exactly as described by Mr Wilson above. Thanks for the help!

    Now,I need to apply for refund and wanted to understand the process for the same?
    1.Is there any format for the letter (form 16 is for KA only ?)
    2.My vehicle is from Hyd. Can I send the required doc by post or I need to be there in person.

  114. Rajesh D says:

    Dear Wilson,

    Thank you very much for the quick reply.

    I have submitted all my documents on 06th of December, as you said i may receive the smart card (KA one with old AP Number) may be by January end.

    Regarding photos, they verified all my documents but they did not ask me about the photos, and they have put a list of documents required for change of address for other state vehicle at the sakala counter, in which they did not mention that photos are required, as you said i will ask them and provide once i apply for re-registration

    Do you have any idea that now due to non submission of photos, will any problem happens in issuing a card (KA one with old AP Number)

    1. Once i receive the SC what is the maximum time limit i have to apply for the re-registration 60 or 90 days?
    2. And regarding the Insurance copy once i receive the smart card (KA one with old AP Number) do i need to apply for the change of address and as you said that after 60 days we can apply for re-registration then again i have to apply for change of number in the insurance, is it required 2 times 1. Change of address 2. Change of number
    or can we do both at the same time once we receive the KA number.My insurance is valid till Sep 22 2015.
    3. Once the re-registration is done will the allotted KA number will be intimated to us immediately (in week or 10 days) or do we need to wait till 50 days to receive the smart card with KA number then only we have to get the number plate done and apply for the change of number in the insurance copy

    Thanks & Regards

  115. Wilson says:

    Dear Mr. Rajesh,

    My reply to your queries

    1. I was told by the RTO staff that we can apply after 60 days. The maximum time to apply for re-registration is 12 months.
    2. I was told by my insurance agent to the change of address and change of number together, after I get the new KA number. In fact, I had applied for that on 06.Dec.2014. I had to submit a copy of my existing insurance and a copy of my new smart card.
    3. We would know the newly allotted KA number only when we get the smart card by mail, after 45-50 days.

    Thanks & Regards

  116. nikhil mogallapalli says:

    Hi Wilson,

    I am also in the same situation of Rajesh. I may receive KA new smart card with AP number by 15 days. I was told by some one that I can use KA smart card with AP number forever without an issue. Is it fine or I need to re apply for KA number?


  117. Rajesh D says:

    Dear Wilson,

    Thank you very much for a quick reply
    This cleared my doubts, i will wait to receive the KA SC and then post back how many days it took.

    I have one doubt how it will be intimated to you that we are writing comments to you, will you visit the website daily. because even on selecting the checkbox “send follow up comments to “” – i am not receiving any mails

  118. Rajesh D says:

    HI Nikhil,
    while searching on Google i have read in karnataka RTO website FAQ saying that

    2. What is the procedure for re-registration?
    The vehicles migrating from other States are required to obtain re-registration mark of Karnataka State within 12 months from the date of arrival into Karnataka State.

    If you are leaving in 12 months no need to re-register if you want to stay here are sell the vehicle here you can re-register here.
    I don’t know whether i am correct Wilson can tell the correct answer


  119. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Messers Saurab, Rajesh & Nikhil,

    Sorry for not being on line and reply due to personal tight schedule and technical problem with system.

    Dear Mr.Wilson,

    Thank you very much for your kind responses to quarries from various readers and giving them the right directions. With support from people like you, Citizen Matters can do much much more to the needy.

  120. parag says:

    Hello D.R. Prakash,
    It’s a great work you are doing by guiding people on RTO queries! I am in confusion and seek your help here.
    I got transferred from Pune to Bangalore 3 years back. I applied for NOC at Pune for my 4 wheeler and got it after 3 months. My company policy says that you can claim the Tax and registration charges within 2 months of joining, but since it crossed the timeline, this benefit elapsed. Since then I have approached many agents which were asking service charges to the tune of 10-15K. I kept pushing this and its 2.5 years now.
    I sincerely want to get this regularize and hence I need your help to know:
    1. Is it still possible to re-register at Bangalore with same NOC( 2.5 years old)? Is there any expiry date for NOC?
    2. Do I have to pay fine? How much?
    3. If the fine amount is very high, is it possible to cancel the old NOC and get new NOC issues from Pune without appearing physically with my car at Pune RTO?

    Same is the case of my 2 wheeler where the case is more complex as I bought it from my Uncle without completing the Transfer formalities. I took NOC for 2 wheeler same time as of car. Can I re-register it in Bangalore directly on my name?

    I seek your advice to do the right thing.


  121. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Parag,

    It is not a CRIME, not getting registered. Its just an offence. You will be losing money by way of paying Road Tax at both the places. Penalty, if any will be very minimal / nominal. No fresh NOC will be issued at the current date. So you need not try to get a fresh NOC and waste money and time.

    Regarding the Two Wheeler, get signatures from your uncle and get it registered here and then transfer it to your name, which will be easy and simple.

    Do not break your head, just approach the Senior staff, if in any doubt / clarification and avoid middlemen / brokers.

    Thanks for your approach.

  122. parag says:

    Dear D.R. Prakash,

    Thanks for your advice!

    Following your advice, I approached the RTO officer. He was quite helpful.

    Since my vehicle was less than 1 year old at the time of talking NOC from Maharashtra, he considered full invoice value for Tax calculation. Also, he said the penalty for 32 months delay comes out to be 19,000 approx. So Tax and Penalty come to about 20% of my Original cost of vehicle. This is huge!

    RTO officer said that if you want to save penalty, get new NOC issued from Maharashtra.

    Should I attempt to issue new NOC? How?
    Or should I go ahead and pay the fine? Is their any way to reduce the fine?

    I seek your guidance again.


  123. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Parag,

    One way is to apply once again to the RTO to issue a fresh NOC. If possible call me OR send your mail ID

  124. Manoranjan Nama says:

    Dear D.R. Prakash Sir,

    I have paid the road tax in the year 2004 to Karnataka RTO for my Andhra Pradesh vehicle. Now I am planning to apply to get Karnataka name plate by submitting NOC from AP RTO office thru Form 28. Is that I need to pay additional tax and please advice me on the step to follow, I prefer going to Indira Nagar RTO as it is near to my place


  125. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Manoranjan Nama,

    Hope you have gone through the plight of Mr.Parag, whose calculated fine & tax works out to 20% of the cost of the vehicle.

    You are permitted to run the vehicle just for an year maximum with an outer state number. But you have completed TEN years by paying tax at both the states and for the offence, should have to shell out fine also.

    Before submitting, take an oral estimation from the concerned RTO and lets decide the next course of action.

  126. parag says:

    Dear D.R.PRAKASH

    I don’t have you email ID. I can be reached at
    Looking for ward to hear from you.


  127. Manoranjan Nama says:

    Thanks Prakash sir

  128. Vinay Kumar says:

    Dear Mr DR Prakash,

    I migrated my Santro Car registered with Gurgaon RTO (HR26 Name Plate) here at Bangalore in April 2014. I paid LTT (Road Tax) with Karnatka RTO in May 2014. Afterwards i applied for Registration with Karnatka RTO by submitting Original NOC + PUC + Original RC (Gurgaon) in July 2014. I received a Smart Card in November 2014 But is issued with same HR 26 Number.

    1. Please tell me how to get a new samart card updated with KA Number
    2. Which all documents will be required to get new smart card with KA Number
    3. How much is the Fee and time period required to obtain KA Number
    4. How much is the validity to continue with this Smart Card with HR 26 Number

    Apprecaite your quick help and advise.

  129. Vinay Kumar says:

    Dear Mr. Wilson,

    In one of your response to Mr Rajesh D to obtain new smart card (Re registration) with KA Number, the response and explanation is very very helpful. Can you plesae clarify additional following points:

    1. Content of apllication for Reassignement on a plain paper.

    2. As you said the smart card was received after 50 days, in the mean while how did you manage as you did not have any RC / Smart Card during these 50 days.

    3. Is KA number allotted immediately after Reassignment application or it comes only with smart card.

    4. If KA Number comes with New Smart Card it means you managed these 50 days with old MH Number.

    Please clarify.
    Thanks in advance.


  130. Raj says:

    Dear Mr. Prakash, and other samaritans.

    Kindly help with my three queries.

    My motorcycle (2003) is registered in MP.
    In 2007 i moved to Hyderabad & paid AP LTT.
    In 2010, I moved to Bangalore but forgot to pay the LTT here.
    I don’t want to re-register as i’m moving back to Hyd. permanently mid of next year. But I do want to pay LTT as traffic police checks that.

    1) As i understand, for paying LTT the NOC is not mandatory. Then how RTO would come to know the time of entry ? Will an affidavit work, as i don’t have the train parcel receipt ?

    2) Worst case if i have to pay the penalty, What would be the amount from Feb. 2010 ?
    (Bike value was Rs.40000 in 2003, amounting to Rs.1000 LTT without penalty, i.e. 25% of 10%)

    3) When i will move back to Hyd next year, who can grant the fresh NOC, is it MP rto or Bangalore rto ?

    Pls guide. Thanks,

  131. Wilson says:

    Dear Mr. Vinay Kumar,

    This is the format of the letter which I had drafted.


    The Registering Authority,

    Respected Sir / Madam,

    Sub: Application for the assignment of Karnataka registration number reg:

    I, ____________, S/O ____________, the registered owner of the Motor Vehicle No. ____________bearing Chasis No. ____________ and Engine No. ____________ would like to apply for the assignment of a new Registration number to the said motor vehicle.
    I would like to humbly request you to do the necessary for the same.
    Thanking you,
    Yours Truly


    Original RC Smart Card (KA one with old MH Number)
    Original & duplicate receipt of the prescribed fees
    Photocopy of RC Smart Card
    Photocopy of Insurance Certificate
    Photocopy of Emission Certificate
    Photocopy of KA Road Tax paid receipt
    Self-Addressed Envelope with Stamp of Rs.17


    When we submit the documents, the RTO officials would be giving an acknowledgemnt in return. That is enough to manage till we get the new registration number.

    When we submit the documents, the RTO officials would be giving an acknowledgement in return. That is enough to manage till we get the new registration number.

    We would know the KA number only once we receive the smart card via post. Till then we would have the old number.

    Wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

    Thanks & Regards

  132. Saravanan G says:


    This is regard with Defence personnel. My ex-Boss has purchased a car in Bangalore 15 years ago(karnataka registration), Presently he is posted in Jammu. Now his car has crossed 15 years of life cycle. how can we get life certificate. He can’t come to bangalore all over from Jammu. (can we get life certificate from Jammu RTO).

    Request please advice

  133. Vinay Kumar says:

    Dear Mr. Wilson,
    Thank you very much for your prompt and valuable inputs.

    Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year!

    Warm regards, Vinay.

  134. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Saravanan G,

    Since when does he is using the vehicle at J & K ? You will have to pay penalty charges and Tax of Jammu and then get FC validated over there itself. Defence personnel have special concessional formalities, which you can opt for.

    Thanks for your approach.

    Wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015.

  135. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Vinay Kumar,

    I do not understand your plight. When you applied for a new registration, how will they give you a Smart Card with old number ? What all documents / forms were submitted and fees paid ? If you had confined to the norms of New Number, approach the RTO and demand.

    If not follow the instructions of Mr.Wilson, who seems to have even practical experience in abundance.

    Thanks for your approach.

    Wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015.

  136. raja vel says:

    Any online tax paid option there…

  137. Shyama Prasad says:

    Hello all,

    I am planning to re-register my Pune (MH -14) vehicle in KR Puram RTO as I have moved to Bangalore permanently. I have been told to get a DD of Rs 1.3 Laks of which 1.17 is the LTT to be paid and about 13k is some cess. Anyone aware what this cess is about?

    Also, does anyone has any experience in reclaiming the LTT paid at MH-14 RTO? Please share your experience. Thanks in advance.

  138. Sravan says:

    Hello everyone,

    Few concerns:-

    1. My 2 wheeler registered vehicle is from tamilnadu state, i posted to hyderabad. I have NOC from tamil nadu RTO. In hyderabad do i need the registration for my vehicle or just i need to pay the road tax of talengana.
    2. The vehicle is 7 months old, how much tax i need to pay for Yamaha FZ.
    3. What will be the over cost i need to bear.
    4. What is the procedure for refunding the amount from tamilnadu state and wht is the procedure.

  139. Rahul says:

    Dear Mr. Prakash,
    As like Mr. Vinay kumar I also applied for re registration of my car from Gurgaon to Bangalore on 2 December 2014. And I also got smart card with old same HR number.

  140. Raghu honnudike says:

    One of my relative is panning to buy maruti gypsy which is converted from petrol to diesel from mahrastra and get it Bangalore the vehicle is 1998 question is the conversion is legal as he claims to have conversion mentioned in rc.what is formality to made to re register in Bangalore, what amount might be the fee for the registration

  141. Sameer Ahuja says:

    Respected Sir,
    I paid Road Tax for my 2 Wheeler in “Jayanagar 4th Block” RTO about 1 year ago, while I used to stay in Jayanagar.
    Now, I want to apply for KA registration including change of address. I have obtained the NOC from original RTO.
    However, I have shifted my home to Begur Road, and the RTO for this area is “Electronic City”.
    Can I apply in my area RTO (Electronic City), while I paid the Road Tax in another RTO branch (Jayanagar) — because the current address proof is falling in the limits of “Electronic City RTO”.

    Humble regards,

  142. Sameer Ahuja says:

    Inspired by Mr. Wilson, I got ready my file with all the docs. as mentioned in Encl. of Mr. Wilson’s application draft posted on 29th Dec., and went for re-registration of my car today (not bike as mentioned in my prev. post), with a confidence that I too may have to spend just 30 Minutes 🙂
    However, I was told that I need to get SCRB (State Crime Records Bureau) report from MS Building at Dr. B.R.Ambedkar road.
    Query:- Is SCRB report mandatory for change of Address & KA registration?
    Secondly, I was told that I can’t apply KA registration along with change of address >>
    First I need to apply only change of address & after a month I need to apply for KA registration.
    Mr. Wilson, is it possible to speak to you? Will it be OK for you to share your contact details at my email ID –

  143. Manoranjan Nama says:

    Hello Sir,

    How to find out at which address is registered in RTO for two wheelers, Basically I want to know what is the address for my vehicle as per government records/

  144. Rajesh D says:

    Dear Wilson,

    I have received the KA Smartcard with AP number. i have applied on Dec 5th 2014. i received it on Jan 19th 2015

    After 60 days i will apply for the re-registration to get the KA number and smart card

    Thank you

  145. Amit Kumar says:

    Dear Sir D R Prakash/Fellow friends
    I have one small query, I purchased a bike with MH Registration and then I applied for registration in Karnataka, Bangalore RTO, I paid full Road Tax in Bangalore and got the RC card however instead of LTT, “BTT” is mentioned against TAX UPTO.
    I would be grateful if you could help me what BTT means or is it a typing error by the RTO official.

  146. Wilson says:

    Dear All,

    Just to give an update on the recent happenings.

    I have applied for the refund of LTT from PCMC RTO on 19.01.2015. It was my friend who had submitted the documents on my behalf.

    The documents which were submitted are
    1. Form DT ( , Sr. No – 38)
    2. Photostat copy of the tax paid in MH
    3. Photostat copy of the smart card of MH
    4. Photostat copy of the tax paid in KA
    5. Photostat copy of the new smart card of KA (with KA number)

    They have asked us to write the bank details such as the Bank Name, Branch and IFSC code in the second page of the from ‘DT’.
    I have not got any acknowledgement slip. Instead, the RTO personnel had put a seal on the Form ‘DT’ and asked to take a photostat copy and keep it with us as an acknowledgement.

    Now I have to wait, for the refund. I shall keep you updated.

    Thanks & Regards

  147. Vijay says:

    Dear D.R.PRAKASH

    Sir i am from Bangalore and i am planning to buy a Second hand car from Delhi reason being its cheaper compared to the same car in Bangalore reg in Karnataka. Question are as follows.
    1. The car i am buying is a 2010 model Honda Civic 1.8CC engine and its a single owner and buying cost would be 5lks.
    2. What would be the Complete RTO charges i would be paying – which includes transfer charges , NOC, registration and the Road tax. IF you can give me an approximate cost it would be a great help.
    3. what is the time frame i am looking at and will i be able to drive the car till the time i get the registration done to KA.

    Thank you for any help provided. And anyone knows or has contacts who is selling a Honda Civic in Bangalore at a price range of 4.25 MAX(specifically white and manual transmission model above 2009) i would be interested to buy..Please feel free to email me or can call me at 9611191002

  148. Vijay says:

    The last paragraph was for people in this forum and not to DR Prakash..

  149. Kaushik Kn says:

    Hi Dear D.R.PRAKASH

    I purchased an Yamaha R15 from Kerala, I paid the road tax there.
    As per agreements between Kerala and Karnataka is there any need of paying tax in Karnataka. What all documents i have to get from Kerala.

  150. Bhagya says:


    Last week we went to Bangalore RTO for FC certificate. Got to know that our car is still in previous owner name. It is 11 years back and not sure that we have given all the details and RTO has updated or we have not submitted the CC and Form 29 to them. Added to this we have lost/misplaced the RC book while shifting the houses. 15 years are already over last week. Please can you tell us how can we address this issue of
    1. Getting a duplicate RC
    2. Getting the ownership transferred to our name
    3. Getting the FC certificate as the Car is still in good condition

    Thanks in advance,

  151. D R Prakash says:

    Dear all,

    Please excuse me for being not able to get in touch with you for certain unavoidable reasons. Even for the clarifications requested by you all, I’ll be replying tomorrow, as one more day of tight schedule is pending.

    Hope you will accept and bear for the additional delay.

  152. D R Prakash says:

    Mr.raja vel

    Still there is no option to pay road tax on line, as a few documents have to be verified before collecting tax.

  153. D R Prakash says:

    Mr.Shyama Prasad,

    Cess is the part of tax collected on the main tax. This is of different types as Road Maintenance cess, education cess, Solid Waste Management cess, Beggery cess etc.,etc. But for a common man, it amounts to complete tax.

    Read more at:

  154. D R Prakash says:


    Your questions will be correctly answered by Andhra RTO as it is governed by that state. It is not a centralised rules.

    Read more at:

  155. D R Prakash says:

    Mr.Rahul & Mr.Vinay Kumar,

    Is a new number allotted to your application / vehicle ? For your immediate use, they provide you with a smart card, as per Karnataka rules.

  156. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Raghu honnudike,

    Please go through the write up given above and you will get all the answers from it. Dont become lazy as it is a FREE site to ask all doubts.

    Read more at:

  157. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Sameer Ahuja,

    As regards your 2 wheeler, your tax wherever paid in Karnataka holds good and you can apply at the Electronic City RTO for Re-registration.

    Regarding the 4 wheeler, the confirmation of address is required and hence it has to be done in stages. It is as per the rules.

  158. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Manoranjan Nama

    Your query is peculiar. Just refer to your RC, you will get it.

  159. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Amit Kumar,

    I’m sorry, even I could not get the term ‘BTT’ on site. Definitely, I’ll clarify your doubt at the earliest as I’m also curious to know about it.

  160. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Vijay,

    You can use any state registration vehicle for a month without paying any tax of that state. One has to pay the particular state tax if the usage is shorter than ONE year. If it is more than that, Re-registration has to be done.

    Please refer to the guidelines given above to derive at the cost of tax. It will differ based on to your producing the original invoice and without invoice.

  161. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Kaushik Kn,

    Yours is a basic question. Why dont you read the write-up meant for you ? The answers are well available there.

  162. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Ms.Bhagya,

    Yours is a case of irresponsibility. Thank you stars, as you have not been caught in the meantime.

    First obtain a ‘B’ Extract (It is also obtainable from Bangalore One counters). Check, whether you can trace the registered owners and get a fresh set of transfer documents. First you have to get applied for a duplicate RC through them. Then you can apply for a transfer and FC together as an authorised person OR apply for FC through the registered owner and then for transfer.

    For any other doubts, you may directly contact me, on mail / telephone.

  163. Wilson says:

    Dear Sir,

    As mentioned earlier, I had applied for the refund of LTT from PCMC RTO on 19.01.2015. Do you have any idea how many days would it take for the refund?
    Any how I had filed an online RTI yesterday on the same. But let me know if you have an idea please.


  164. Amit Kumar says:

    Dr Prakash Sir
    Thanks for replying to people’s queries, you are doing a tremendous help for all of us. The following is my query. I bought a bike from from Maharasthra and got NOC from the owner and paid road tax in Karnataka and got a Smart RC card with the MH reg number only with LTT paid issued by Karnataka RTO. I would like to know if i need to change the number to Karnataka no (if it is necessary), since my job is a transferable job and hence i keep on shifting and i might move to Mumbai later so i can save on road tax there since it is already registered with MH no.
    My query is it necessary to change the number to KA no in the RC card ?

  165. djsan007 says:

    Hi Sir,
    I’m planning to Buy an used car from Mumbai 2004 model.. The Owner is second he have Smart card but no Invoice available… Can I go for it.Or should I drop the idea of buying from him. Can I get the refund of tax paid by the 1st owner from Mumbai RTO if I pay LTT here…

  166. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Amit Kumar,

    It is clearly stated that if the vehicle is to be used beyond ONE year in another state, re-registration is to be done.

    Generally refunds are made to the person who has paid it. It is not clear in your quarry as to in whose name the vehicle stands at present.

  167. D R Prakash says:


    The answer has been inadvertently added in the clarification of Mr.Amit Kumar’s quarry. Invoice is not compulsory. It just adds a benefit in determining the tax to be paid. In its absence, standard valuation of the vehicle as per the list will be considered. So you can go ahead with your plans.

  168. Tanmoy Das says:

    My brother has a Kerala registered 2-wheeler. About one and half year ago, when we shifted to Bangalore, he took NOC for his 2 wheeler from Kerala RTO. Kerala RTO had taken the original RC book at that time and supposed to send it to Bangalore address. But he never received it here and the RC book returned to Kerala. He checked online and the origical RC book is still in Kerala RTO. He tried to get the RC booked from Kerala RTO through some authorized person but they did not allow.

    Now when he tried to pay the LTT for his two wheeler here in Bangalore through some agent, they are asking for the new RC book for the same. Is there any way to pay the LTT in Bangalore, without the original RC book and continue using the 2 wheeler.

    We have all the other original documents with us.

  169. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Tanmoy Das,

    Your question is like, “How to prepare Chappathi without flour ?” Why do you need agents for what you can do it yourself. How did you leave it at Kerala after collecting the NOC ? What are you doing with the NOC ? Why have you not paid the tax for one and a half year ? What were you doing for the past more than a year ? when you have not received the RC book ? That shows your laziness OR high wealth. Write to Kerala RTO and ask them to send it to your present address. Send all correspondence by Registered acknowledgement due system.

    Then follow to re-register over here, as it has crossed the limit.

  170. Tanmoy Das says:

    Kerala RTO had denied to send the RC book over mail. They are asking us to go there and collect which is not possible for us.
    Moreover, you can call it our laziness OR high wealth, but at the end of day, I dont think that it is so easy to go to the RTO and get the proper information from any of the folks and especially for outsiders like us who does not know the local language.

  171. V Narayanan says:


    I am not sure why you gave the RC book to RTO, RC book always needs to be with the Vehicle when on Road, just like a Driving License stays with You when your driving…Its illegal to drive without a License for us & similarly its illegal to take a vehicle on road without its RC Book(usually we carry xerox but need to show original when in accident or parking fine or when towed away to Police station.)

    You will need to go back and collect the RC Book in person for any further transactions in future @ any RTO. I do not see any other possible option. This RC book needs to be surrendered in Bangalore RTO with NOC and they will issue a Temp Smart Card with KL #. Its OK if you did not have the NOC then you can skip the surrender RC BOOK part & pay only the Road Tax in Bangalore.

    Please take some time to read all the above comments to understand the Taxation and Re Registration Process…


  172. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Tanmoy Das,

    Do you have the acknowledgement for submitting your RC at Kerala ? Do you have the correspondence / reply for refusal to send the RC by mail ? If you have any of the above, contact me personally either by mail or phone.

    Before that, you can scan them and send them to my mail ID. Based on that, it will be possible to take the next step.

  173. Tanmoy Das says:

    Mr V. Naraynan and Mr D.R. Praksah,

    Thanks a ton for your quick reply. I will get the scanned copy of the acknowledgement and contact you in this regard.

  174. VARGHESE says:

    recently purchased a used TN Regn car in Bangalore. Seller of the vehicle has already paid the Karnataka LTT. I would like to change the TN registration for which self sent by Regd AD documents like Original RC, form no.28 (in quadruplicate), emission certificate and insurance copy. After a lapse of 3 months I have not received anything from Chennai RTO.. On verification it has bee found that the RC book is lying with the concerned RTO office at Chennai waiting for police clearance certificate.
    in the meantime, I have gone thru the RTO Karnataka website and found the following:

    “ 7. I Could not obtain NOC at the time of shifing of my vehicle, I have paid tax, and obtained change of address in the certificate of registration in Karnataka , Is there a way to obtain NOC from previous registering authority ?
    Yes . You fill form CMVR 28 in quadruplicate with pencil print of the chassis no. on all the forms , and send form CMVR 28 in triplicate to the previous registering authority along with original registration certificate, Insurance, emission testing certificate BY RPAD. Keep the acknowledgement from the previous Registering authority for having received your application and the 4 th copy of NOC application safely . You will receive the NOC from the concerned Registering Authority.
    8. If I don’t Receive the NOC , What I have to do ? If you do not receive the NOC even after 30 days from the date of acknowledging your application, You can approach the RTO along with your 4 th copy of form CMVR 28 and acknowledgement and file a declaration giving details of your application for NOC and stating that

    “ Neither I have received any reply from the concerned RTO nor my application has been rejected by them” .

    In such cases Your application for Reassignment / Transfer of ownership will be considered.”

    Is it acceptable by the concerned RTO.

    Please suggest. with regards

  175. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Varghese,

    You need not worry about it. It is the official norms and you will never have any complications in future. Hence please go ahead.

  176. Aditya Narumanchi says:

    Dear Mr. Prakash;

    I have 2 questions:

    1. I have purchased a car which is currently having MH registration but LTT has been paid in Bangalore. The current owner is getting the NOC from MH with all the necessary clearance (RTO + Police). I would actually like to get the car re-registered in Bangalore and also change the number plate to KA. Please let me know the process and is there something that I need to be worried about. Also, can you please tell if this entire process can be done in 1 shot or do I need to go step by step on registering the car first and then reapply for change of number plate?

    2. I have my dad’s car that is already registered in Bangalore and I need to make changes to the number plate. How long does this take and is there a way to speed up this process.

    Thanks and Regards,

  177. Aditya Narumanchi says:

    Sorry Sir, just a small update on #2. My dad’s car has MP registration and currently I have registered it in Bangalore with the smart card showing MP number. I want to change it to KA number.

  178. D R Prakash says:

    Mr.Aditya Narumanchi,

    First tell me clearly, whether you have got the vehicles registered here. If it is so, then it should have Karnataka number. Then regarding the other question, when was the tax paid in Karnataka ? Has it exceeded a year ?

    Every thing has to be done in steps one after the other. Either the number should get changed and then transferred OR get it transferred and then get the number changed. It is like eating just one mouthful at a time.

    Read the write-up slowly and you will get all the answers to your questions.

    Thanks for your approach.

  179. Anand Tilak says:

    Respected D.R.Prakash sir,
    Thank you for your valuable guidance w.r.t RTO issues. Kindly guide me on relevant details.
    I have a santro car bought in Dec 2011 and registered with LTT in Rajasthan. Now I had to move to Bangalore from August 2015, with a planned stay of four or more no. of years. I have following doubts
    1. Do I need to get pollution certificate,even though the vehicle is less than 3 years old?
    2. How to apply for police certificate in my present location, is there any format? or need to apply in plain paper?
    3. Do I need to get a new driving licence in Bangalore or my Rajasthan one will be enough?
    4. I am planning to bring the vehicle by road,so how many months I can show these toll bills as valid if any traffic police catches me?

    Kindly help me in answering these Qs.
    Thank you,

  180. Renjith says:

    Dear Mr.D.R.Prakash and friends,
    First of all happy to see this blog. I need your valuable advise and suggestions on the below matter.

    I currently live in gulf. I am shifting my job location to Bangalore next month. I am planing to buy a second hand car in Bangalore and I have actually found one as per my budget. The car is AP registration and he is using it in Bangalore for more than 3 years. He is ready to sell the car to me but, he cant go to hydrbad and get the NOC for me. He is willing to provide all documents and asking me if i can manage to go and do the NOC. Is this possible? if possible what is formalities? He has paid the life tax in Hydrabad when he brought this car. this more than 10 years old fiat palio car. what will be the approx tax i have to pay in Bangalore. Sorry the link was confusing for me to calculate the same, if you can give me some details on this matter it will be highly appreciable.

    best regards//Renjith

  181. D R Prakash says:

    Mr.Anand Tilak,

    1. This has to be verified with the manufacturers conditions. Hence go through the same.
    2. This you have to inquire at your RTO, as it is governed by the state and differs from place to place.
    3. Any driving licence is valid throughout India. If you are not getting back to Rajasthan again, it is better to get an NOC for the same before coming to Bangalore and get one from Karnataka in lieu of the same.
    4. Any vehicle can ply in another state for NOT more than a year without getting re-registration. Hence get an NOC while coming over here and get it re-registered at the earliest. First you have to pay the LTT and then get the Registration done.

    The earlier you get it registered, you can claim refund of tax and can avoid double payment of tax, i.e. tax at both states for the same period.

    ThanX 4 Ur approach.

  182. D R Prakash says:


    First one should verify the documents and only then it can be guided. Either the write-up OR the clarifications here are GENERAL in nature. For specific cases, please send the available documents for specific guidance.

    ThanX 4 Ur approach.

  183. V Narayanan says:

    Hi Anand,

    1) While making emission norms stringent for all vehicles manufactured to conform to Bharat Stage 4 (BS4) — and vehicle registered on or after April 1, 2010 — the ministry of road transport and highways has increased the validity of pollution under control certificate to 12 months. (PUC is necessary to be taken every year).
    To add further, the government is likely to link the PUC certificate with annual vehicle insurance cover, so there is likely to be more people abiding by the law, meaning You can renew insurance only if you have a valid PUC.
    2) Visit your local RTO office. Please note some states RTO gets this done internally before issuing NOC, some state expect you to do it for issuing NOC. If you have to do it, Visit Commissioner office in your city (Rajasthan) for police certificate, they will provide a Form asking basic details of your vehicle. This is just to check if your vehicle has violated any traffic rules & any dues pending and also any FIR put on your vehicle (any Police case exists) in Rajasthan.
    3) DL is valid in all states in India. If you want to change address to bangalore in DL also, you need to get a NOC/CC for your DL from Rajasthan also, same process as for vehicle. You will get a new KA Smart Card with Expiry Date as same as was in old DL.
    4) Toll bills valid for 1 month, please note that the toll bill entry of Karnataka is not valid in Bangalore, need to produce the toll bill of exiting Home State . I remember when we were caught (driving back to Bangalore from Chennai in friends TN reg vehicle) in Electronics city & they were asking for Chennai exit toll slip & were not interested in krishnagiri toll exit /Karnataka Toll entry.


  184. V Narayanan says:

    Please note a further clarity on Point 1. For BS4 vehicles no PUC is needed for First year from date of registration, some states even allow grace period for BS4 vehicle of another 1 year so 2 years from date of registration. (Bharath Stage 4)
    Validity BS4 norms Compliant Vehicles is 12 Months for renewal.

  185. Anand Tilak says:

    Dear Prakash/Narayanan,
    Thank you for the guidance.
    I will start things and will update further if I need any more help.

    Good day,

  186. Srinivas says:

    Dear sir,

    I have obtained the NOC certificate for my AP registered vehicle and paid the Life tax in Bangalore ( Sept’2014) and as per the process first applied for address change, with that i received KA state card with AP number.

    I have couple of questions here.

    1) If i am planning to retain the same AP number then can i get the AP registration original RC card back again? what is the process involved in this?

    2) If i can not retain the AP registration since the address change is already made to Bangalore within what time i need to get re register the vehicle in Bangalore?

    Please advise


  187. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Srinivas,

    The time limit for having an outside registration number is just ONE year. What you have been given is just the AP RC (The smart card is only the NEW form) with local address. If you want to continue with the AP registration, you will have to move back to AP and get the address changed.

    By getting the registration changed OR move back at the earliest, you can claim the refund of tax paid from one of the state, otherwise, you will end up paying TWO taxes for ONE vehicle, as refund will be calculated only from the date of your application for the same.

    Hope this clarifies your both doubts.

    Thanks for your approach.

  188. Hariharan N says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have moved my bike from Chennai to Bangalore last week. But I did not get a NOC from Chennai RTO. Now, how do I get my bike registration changed to Bangalore.

    I have the RC book and the life time taxes paid in Chennai. Can I drive with Tamilnadu registration before I apply for the registration change. If so for how long and If I am stopped by traffic police what documents do I have to show.


  189. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Hariharan N,

    Please do not expect a SPOON FEED, as it is a FREE column. Please read the entire write-up as well as the comments and you will get the answers for all your doubts, as they are clearly explained and yours are repeated questions.

    Thanks for using our efforts.

  190. rayees says:

    Hello Mr Prakash,
    Your Comments were very Helpfull in understanding.
    I am in Bangalore, and planning to buy a second hand Scooter (Honda Active), one of my neighbor of same apartment has an Activa to sell.
    The vehicle was initially registered in a Different State, later the Owner has paid the LTT and claims to have got an RC from Karnataka also.
    So Assume that I am planning to buy this bike .
    1)so what all documents I should get it verified/checked with the Bike Owner. ?
    2)How would be the procedure to transfer it to My name ?
    a) Do re-register in the current owner’s name with KA number (form 27 if I am not wrong)and then change of ownership to my name ?
    b) Directly can the vehicle which is having Karnataka RC and previous state Number can be directly registers to my name.

    Please guide me on both the topics and any other points which i have to note as I am confused to go for an bike which is not fully re-registered in Karnataka.
    And If i go to agents they would tell what ever that strike their mind and get fooled around with out much clarity.

    Appreciate your expert guidence.

  191. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Rayees,

    It seems that it is the first time you are buying a vehicle. Any vehicle will have only one registration. By looking at the number, you will come to know to which state it belongs. When your neighbour says, it has been registered in Karnataka, it should have KA series.

    You require to get RC book / Smart Card, Insurance & Emission Test Certificate are the documents. Along with that Form 29 in duplicate and Form 30 in single. A letter to Insurance Company for transferring of Insurance, Authorisation letter. A Receipt 4 having received the payment & Delivery Note signed by you for having taken delivery of the vehicle, wherein the date and time are entered clearly. Generally all this are available in printed formats as a set near RTO offices.

    Wish U 2 become the owner of a vehicle soon.

  192. rayees says:

    Thanks Prakash for the info.

    I have not stepped down to my neighbour for having a look at vehicle and documents.
    May revert back in case i found something confusing.

    Ofcourse these information was helpfull 🙂


  193. Swayam Prakash Behera says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’ve a 4-wheeler which is registered in UP (Uttar Pradesh). I shifted from Noida to Bangalore in Year 2010 April and during that time I got my NOC from Gautam Buddha Nagar (Noida) – Transport authority. I was supposed to produce this in Bangalore RTO office in next 6 months time frame and registered my vehicle here.

    However due to my negligence or other busy activities, I failed to do so.

    Now I would like to register my 4-wheeler in Bangalore RTO office, but I think to do this I need to again collect the NOC from Gautam Buddha Nagar (Noida) – Transport authority as the previous one obtained is already expired. But I’m not sure on this.

    May I know the exact procedure that I need to follow to get my vehicle registered in Bangalore.


  194. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Swayam Prakash Behera,

    You can just write to then and enclosing the prescribed form and send it by registered post with acknowledgement due, by having a copy with you. You must get the NOC within a month. Otherwise, you can get it registered here with the copy of the application and acknowledgement. You will be ending up by paying TWO taxes for one vehicle for the period it has been run here without re-registration.

  195. Thomas says:

    Dear Prakash,

    I have a 2011 model Kerala registered 4 wheeler being used in Bangalore for the last 3 years. I have paid Rs. 50803/- through DD at RTO KR Puram for the LTT for Karnataka in 2013. I have received a receipt for the same. Registration is not changed. No other formalities have done yet.

    Now, I want to sell my car in Karnataka. What should be done to get the name changed to new owner? What are the forms to be submitted and to which RTO. Whether these process can be done by the new owner or not? How much will be the approx expense and what is the expected time to complete this process? Kindly advice. Thanks.

  196. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Thomas,

    Selling procedure remains same for any registration vehicle. As yours is registered in Kerala, the transfer has to be done there and not in Bangalore. The rules remain the same throughout, except the charges and some minor regulations.

    The tax paid by you has to be claimed only by you. As it is you are ending up paying tax at TWO states for just one vehicle, as the refund will be made only as from the date of application.

    More the task, the purchaser has, more the price reduction will be sought. The purchaser has to get NOC from Kerala RTO, which takes upto ONE month. The penalty for using the vehicle over here without re-registration, as the time limit is only ONE year from the date of entry of vehicle into the state.

    The rest decision is yours.

    ThanX 4 Ur approach.

  197. Alok Sharma says:

    I bought my car in 2006 in Noida and in 2010 I moved to Pune. I re-registered it in Pune and got Maharashtra number. But now I am moving to Bangalore. I am also not sure how long I will be staying there. So I have few queries.
    1. If I re-register in Banglore how much tax I will have to pay assuming original cost to be 4L and it is around 9 years old now.
    2. Is it possible to pay tax only for 2-3 years in Banglore. I read there is some change in rule regarding LTT.
    3. If I go for registration when I can apply for refund from Pune RTO i.e. at the time of issue of NOC or once it gets registered in Banglore?

  198. Thomas says:

    Thanks, Mr. Prakash.

  199. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Alok Sharma,

    You are already experienced in this matter. So there is nothing much to say. Other state vehicles can be used for a maximum period of ONE year without changing the registration.

    Refund can be claimed only after it is re-registered.

    Regarding the amount of tax, please refer with papers, and it will be immediately given at the RTO. Assumption figures are not correct to be put in writing.

    ThanX 4 Ur approach.

  200. Thomas says:

    Dear Mr. Prakash,

    I have sold my Kerala registered car in Bangalore. How can I transfer the RC to the new owner, who is residing in Bangalore and don’t have any address proof in Kerala? Request your advice as the new owner is asking for NOC in his name.


  201. D R Prakash says:


    Its simple logic. How can NOC be issued in somebody’s name for somebody’s vehicle. Please go through the write-up and avoid feeding bottle questions.

  202. Alok Sharma says:

    Dear Mr. Prakash,
    I have another query regarding NOC. When I applied for NOC in Pune to Bangalore they asked about RTO zone information. So if NOC is issued for particular zone of Bangalore than can I register my vehicle in different RTO zone or not. As I am not sure where I will be staying in Bangalore.
    Also does Sarjapur or Marathalli fall in same RTO zones.

  203. pankazz Kumar says:

    Dear Mr. Prakash
    My dad is a retired Army officer and is entitled to puchase a 4 wheeler through CSD. The price of the 4 wheeler in comparatively cheaper in CSD. The problem is we are currently put up in bangalore and the csd depo is in chennai and hence the car will be delivered in chennai. Would you be able to assist me with the additional cost and paper work that I would have to do in order to get the car registered in karnataka and also the road tax. will I have to pay it twice.?

  204. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Alok Sharma,

    Sorry for the delay in replying due to extra tight schedule, could not open this site. First take your location and then apply for NOC. The reason being a copy will be sent to the concerned RTO.

    If there is a change in RTO, you may have to run around the mill to get the copy transferred to the other RTO.

    Regarding the RTO zone, it cannot be said exactly, as one side of a road comes under one office, whereas the other side of the road will come under other office many a times. Hence, get your address and then check as to which zone it comes under.

    These things cannot be done haphazardly as it is a valuable document.

    Thanks for your approach.

  205. D R Prakash says:

    Mr.Pankazz Kumar,

    Will you be purchasing the car on Bangalore address OR do you have any Chennai address ? Why is it that he is bound to take it from there, when you have it in Bangalore also ?

    Anyway, if the purchase is on Bangalore address, you have to get a TEMPORARY registration done at Chennai and get the PERMANENT registration done over here with normal fee and tax, by surrendering the temporary RC.

    The charges for temp.RC at Chennai has to be obtained from that RTO only.

    Thanks for your approach.

  206. pankazz Kumar says:

    Thanks for your response Mr Prakash. The car will be purchased using Bangalore address.Since the nearest depot connected to csd is in Chennai we have to collect the car from Chennai. I have an estimate of 9k for temp registration and basic accessories from the dealer. I also wanted to know how would the road tax work. Will I have to pay it twice or since the car is booked on Bangalore address the tax rate as per Karnataka govt will be applicable at the time of purchase.

  207. D R Prakash says:

    Mr.Pankazz Kumar,

    When you have obtained the estimate for temporary registration, had you gone through clearly, there would be a tax for Tamilnadu for the period of the validity of registration. When you get it registered permanently in Karnataka, you will have to pay Lifetime tax as per schedule.

    Please avoid asking simple questions as these, because it is a FREE column.

  208. chethan says:

    Dear D.R.Prakash,

    I need to bring my bike from Hyderabad to Bangalore, but I have lost the invoice copy and at showroom they told, they have no records as it is 7 years old.
    So how can I proceed for RTO work, is there any way out, other than paying LTT calculated on current showroom price.
    Please assist me.
    Thanks and regards.

  209. chethan says:

    sorry meant to say, please guide me.

  210. mohit says:

    Hello Mr. Prakash
    This article has helped me in re-registration of my outside karnataka vehicle till now, but I have a query. I would be grateful if you can help me with this. I had paid the lifetime tax in Bangalore for my vehicle, submitted all the documents required, including NOC from my home state. After I submitted the file, I got the smart card with my Bangalore address, but the car number mentioned is still the old one. I was expecting the KA number after this process. What do I have to do now to get KA number and how much time it takes?

  211. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Chetan,

    I think you have not properly read the write up, where it is clearly stated, as how the calculation goes. So please go through the entire article once again with concentration.The price is derived at the present price less depreciation for the age of the vehicle.

  212. D R Prakash says:


    It is the correct order of transfer. Have you submitted the COA ? You have to approach the RTO at the end of the year for allotment of local number.

  213. Nitin Purohit says:

    Hello Prakash sir,

    I want to shift my Pulsar 180 (purchased in Aug 2012) to Bangalore from Pune.

    So it lies in 3-4 years after registration category. How much will be the total cost to register the vehicle?

    Can I continue with the same number of Pune or is it not possible?

  214. Yuvaraj says:

    Hi Prakash Sir,

    I’m working in mysore, I have two wheeler from which is registered in my name, for abt another one year i have to work in mysore, Could you pls kindly provide me the details that can i drive like that or i have to pay some tax to the KA govt pls. & i have LL only.. Pls do the needful.

  215. Yuvaraj says:

    two wheeler from Andhra sir.

  216. Wilson says:

    Dear Sir,

    As mentioned earlier, I had applied for refund for my LTT from MH14 RTO on 29.01.2015. I have not yet got the refund.It is more than 6 months since I have applied for the refund. Twice, my colleague had visited the RTO office on my behalf, asking the status of the refund. However he was not given any answer by any of the staff and they had returned him mentioning that the section personnel is on leave. Meanwhile, I had sent an e-mail to the ID of the RTO. I have not received any reply as well. Last week, I had sent a mail to the Transport Commissioner, additional chief secretary transport, secretary of transport and Minister of transport, MH. However there is no reply yet.

    In the interim, I had filed an RTI. The response from the PIO was unsatisfactory. It was mentioned in the reply that application for tax refund has been rejected as it was not filed within the specified time period. No more details were there. Today I had filed first appeal.But this process is taking too much time.

    Can you please suggest something?


  217. D R Prakash says:


    Please remember that, we are living in INDIA. You may be knowing the lethargic attitude of the officials when there were so many files lying on their tables. Now with e-mails, which is not visible, they adopt “Out of Sight is out of Mind” principle. One have to bear with the system.

    That is the reason, many sell away their belongings when transferred to a new location and buy new ones at the new place.

  218. D R Prakash says:

    Mr.Nitin Purohit,

    Please read the above write up slowly and calmly till you understand and visit the RTO or refer to the RTO web site for details of fees.

    Thanks for your approach.

  219. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Yuvaraj,

    The above answer to Mr.Nitin Purohit applies to you also. Please do it.

    Having a licence to drive OR not has no impact for the registration of a vehicle.

    Thanks for your approach.

  220. Jinu O says:

    Dr Prakash,

    I own a imported Audi which I plan to take to Bangalore and use it there. I have been made to understand by a consultant that the taxes vary for cars registered before 2007. Is this true ? The car is 2006 model.

    This thread is very useful and appreciate the efforts to revert to each query that is posted. Thank you again

  221. D R Prakash says:

    Mr.Jinu O,

    The tax schedule has been prepared in the year 2008. It once again got amended in the year 2010 as more classes of vehicles were introduced like electric vehicles etc. The tax is calculated on a percentage based on the tax for the value at the time of first purchase, which keeps on decreasing every year of ageing.

    The schedule is available at the following link –

    One can verify before going to the RTO, as to how much will be his damages.

    Hope this clarifies your doubt.

    Thanks for your approach.

  222. Sandip Duseja says:

    Dear Prakash,

    I have a query for my vehicle transferred from Maharashtra to Karnataka and now again back to Maharashtra.

    1) I moved my vehicle from MH to KA 1 year back.
    2) I paid LTT in KA and address change.
    3) no vehicle no change (still MH number).

    Now i am going back to MH.
    1) I will take NOC from KA
    2) LTT already paid in MH ( no refund).
    3) will apply for address change.

    Please advise i need not pay LTT in MH as i already paid?


  223. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Sandip Duseja,

    Its simple, as you have said. Definitely NO need to pay tax at MH again as you have not claimed and got the number changed. You are loosing tax for one year, as you had paid at both places.

    If you do not claim refund from KA after changing of address, you will lose tax till you claim by paying TWO taxes for ONE vehicle.

    ThanX 4 Ur approach.

  224. suresh kumar says:

    I want to transfer a second hand vehicle from Delhi to Bangalore, Could you please let me know how much amount to be paid to register in Karnataka?

    Also the procedure and documents needed for the whole process.

    Thanks in Advance

  225. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Suresh Kumar,

    Please read the whole write up in a CALM, COOL and CONCENTRATION. The answer is available. Please do not become lazy and approach as it is a FREE platform.

    Put some efforts.

  226. chandi says:

    Dear Prakash,

    I transferred my bike from pune to bangalore and I paid road tax also, But I want to get KA registration number, How can I get new registration number? now I m using with Pune registration number only.

    Thanks in advance

  227. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr. / Ms.Chandi,

    There is no harm in using Pune number. Your RC will be having the local address and proof for paying KA road tax. You have one year’s time to apply for the local registration number. Have you procured the NOC from Pune ? If not apply for it and it will take about a month’s to get. After getting, you have to submit it along the required forms filled.

    When once you are allotted the KA number, you can apply for the refund of the Pune tax, which will be refunded. To expedite, submit your account details and the amount will be credited through NEFT.

    Thanks for your approach.

  228. Manesh Kumar says:

    Hello Mr. D.R.Prakash,

    I am stuck in a big issue. I have an Alto K10 KL registration car which is on my Da’d name. They got the vehicle to bangalore some 3 months back. But later were not able to take back the car immediately as my Dad’s health spoiled. Now I am planning to take back the car in another 15 days back and post that it will stay there.
    Unfortunately 1 week back the RTO officials caught me and are now demanding me to pay LTT here. The issue are many now –
    1. I am taking the car back to Kerala and do not wish to use it here in bangalore.
    2. I have no problem paying the LTT as long as they confirm if I can get the refund without re-registring the vehicle in Bangalore.
    3. I have given them my case on an application request for waiving off my LTT as I have given the assurity that I will be moving out soon in 15 days.
    Please guide me on how to go about it.

  229. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Manesh Kumar,

    As I need a little more details about the issue and as it is urgent, please SMS / call me on 9964184896. Also provide your mail ID to

  230. Debi Prasad says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have apache of other state,Invoice amount 74k, more than 2 yrs but less than 3 yrs old. I want it to be register in karnatakka RTO, and also wanna get Bangalore number. I do have all the documents like NOC, insurance etc.. What will be the price for road tax and RC book and bangalore vehicle num ?

  231. D R Prakash says:

    Mr.Dsbi Prasad,

    Just because it is a FREE forum, dont put unwanted questions. Here we give only the procedure. Contact the respective RTO for specific quotations.

  232. manoj says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have Purchased Suzuki Fiero (ka O5) 2000 Model.Now i want to pass The FC.may I know What are The Procedures.

  233. D R Prakash says:


    This is entirely a new item on this forum. Thanks for raising it. Lets others also get to know about it through you.

    The vehicle has to be conditioned for sturdiness for the next five years and looks. So it should have no damages on the body, no rusting, good paint, upholstery etc. It should have all the electrical systems like bulbs, horn indicators in working condition. Insurance and Emission should be in force. You have to down load the forms OR obtain it from dealers near the RTOs and get the pencil impression of the ENGINE no. on it. Pay the prescribed fee, consisting of FC charges, Smart card fee and Green Tax and submit the following documents – Original RC, Insurance & Emission Certificate copies along with originals for verification and a Security envelop stamped and self addressed.

    The vehicle will be inspected by an Inspector and if it passes, you will be given an acknowledgement and the new RC will reach your door by post.

    Thanks for your approach.

  234. DrDenver Fernandez says:

    Hi Mr Prakash,
    I am planning to buy a 2002 Zen in Kerala costing 60000.
    I plan to move to Bangalore.
    What is the amount of Tax i will need to pay to register this vehicle in Karnataka.
    Will taking a NOC from Kerala suffice when i move?
    Or a better option would be move to Bangalore and buy there instead?

  235. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Dr.Denver Fernandez,

    I presume you have not gone through the previous questions and replies to them posted. Please do it.

    Suggesting about the vehicles is for automobile dealers, which you have to consult with them and not on this platform.

    Thanks and come out with genuine queries next time.

  236. Ajith says:


    I had purchased 86 model Bullet with AP (ATC) registration and I have transferred it to my name and registered in Bangalore RTO in 2014. Now I will have to do Renewal of Certificate of Registration (Form 25) since fitness is going to be expired in March month.

    Question is I have not changed registration number to KA and still having RC with ATC. Is it mandatory to change the number to KA or just I can do fitness again (using Form 25). Checked with agent and he said I can continue with ATC number and no need to change it to KA.

    Please help.


  237. Ashok Malve says:


    Can I do re-registration of Existing Karnataka registered Car i.e. change my Car Vehicle Number?

    Please let me know the procedure & cost for same…

    Ashok Malve
    +91 9880448890

  238. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Ajith,

    Re-registration is only for your benefit of saving tax. Now you are paying tax at TWO states for ONE vehicle. You can continue, if you are interested to bear it.

    Thanks for your approach.

  239. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Ashok Malve,

    Your request is a peculiar one. I fail to understand the need for it. You can do it for certain specific reasons. Getting refund of the tax paid is at stake. The charges applicable for first registration may be charged again.

    Regarding the cost, you have to approach the concerned ARTO and we do not have that details, which is clearly put up in the article which you have skipped.

  240. D R Prakash says:

    Mr.jeby p,

    ThanX 4 Ur understanding. Ur language speaks / reveals about you. For an IDIOT, the entire society looks like idiotic. No wonder, U R treated appropriately by the various departments. If U want 2 live in Bangalore, behave as a Bangalorean, otherwise get back to Ur place.

  241. Ajith says:

    Hi Prakash, appreciate what you are doing. And some psychopaths do not understand what help means so ignore them and continue helping people.

    And Jeby if you have problem with Bangalore or Bangaloreans then you are most welcome to go back to your city but unfortunately you will never do 🙂 .

  242. Ganga Madappa says:

    Hello, some comments on this thread have been disapproved because of profanity. While Mr Prakash is not obligated to respond to comments, he does it of his own interest, and we think that should be appreciated.

    On that note, we also request readers to avoid turning the conversation into a Bangalorean vs. non-Bangalorean thread 🙂 Thank you.

  243. umesh anand says:

    Hi Prakash,
    I have a Santro that has done only 80,000 km but the life of the vehicle in Delhi is only fifteen years and that life is about to expire. the car is with me in Delhi but i want to get it registered in bangalore. while the NOC is not an issue, how do i get it reregistered without physically moving it to Bangalore?
    is there another option that i can explore?
    Thank you in advance cause i see the yeoman service you doing for this cause

  244. umesh anand says:

    sorry about the inadequate information in my post above. The car is presently registered in Gurgaon which is under the national capital region(NCR). its a jun 2000 model and life in NCR expires in Jun 16. Hope that helps

  245. Sunil kumar says:, This is a great win by case fought by a single person and his team made this change. Attitude matters !!!

  246. Sunil kumar says:

    Now drive without registering if you are on a temporary stay.

  247. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Ajith & Ms.Ganga Madappa madam,

    ThanX a lot 4 Ur support and encouragement. Anyway I am not a person to get pulled back by such limited knowledged people.

  248. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.Sunil Kumar,

    I also read about it in the media. But it may not be the final step. Our CROOKED minded officials will definitely find a way out to implement something else in its place as, other states are continuing this system. It is the duty of the CENTRAL government to intervene and pass the required orders / amendments.

    Atleast it is a time to take a short break. It is the duty of all the sufferers / affected lot to recognise and thank that person who have brought a respite gap.

  249. D R Prakash says:

    Mr.Umesh Anand,

    Your’s is a peculiar need. You want the vehicle to be at Delhi with a Karnataka registration. Yes you can have it, but will have to pay tax at both places for a single vehicle. Get the fitness done at the existing RTO, where the need of physical inspection arises and then apply for NOC and get the documents for a re-registration with the local address.

    Hope you will think over the issue with a cool mind again and decide appropriately..

  250. saikat ganguly says:

    Hi , I have a bike which is more than 10 years old with a UP registration. i want to know if it is possible to have it re register in bangalore? As Delhi does not re register vehicles from other states which are less than 10 years old, I wanted to know if the same applies for Bangalore as well?

  251. Srinivas says:


    I have honda shine 2010 model registerred in chennai Tamil nadu, it is 2nd hand bike and very good condition. Do to job reason i’m moving out from chennai and going to benglore can you please suggest me to take step for sale it or take NOC and re-register there in benglore.

    As it is very good condition it ran only 24000 KM. So your suggestion will be so appreciated. If you suggesting for NOC and re-registration what cost it will come for those if we go through brokers.

    Thanks & Regards,
    P V Srinivas Rao

  252. D R Prakash says:

    Dear Mr.P.V.Srinivas Rao,

    Holding back OR selling is your choice, which others cannot recommend / advice who knows nothing either of yourself OR the vehicle. Is it a permanent job in Bengaluru ?

    Will you be staying here for ever OR atleast for a longer period ? It is NOT clear in your posting. Regarding the cost through brokers is TOTALLY unaware of as this forum is to teach people as to HOW TO AVOID middlemen. So in this respect, you are approaching a WRONG group.

    Wish you a BETTER enlightenment at the earliest.

  253. Srinivas says:

    Hi D R Prakash,

    Let me put my question in this way, what is re-registration cost, and road tax come for my vehicle, i have applied NOC from chennai.

    P V Srinivas Rao

  254. D R Prakash says:

    Mr.PVS Rao,

    Recently RTO charges have been hiked, but it is yet to be updated on their site. So kindly visit the concerned RTO and collect the details.

  255. Rajkumar A says:

    Hi.. I have bike registered in TN state ( Registered 2016 march ). due to an Job change i have been moved to Karnataka.. i have been applied for NOC at Registered RTO in Chennai and got the clearance with form 28. Now i want it to register my bike into Karnataka state.. can some one suggest the procedure..

  256. Anoop says:

    I took my bike from Maharashtra in 2011 and I have paid road tax as soon as I reached here. However I did not changed registration yet. I would like to apply registration now in Karnataka. Could you please let me know whether I need to get NOC from Maharashtra again or copy is surface?
    Also, i would like to know is there any need to repay tax again? I do have tax paid certificate with mw

  257. V P says:

    Sincere advise : Don’t go for re-registration. Re-Sell /gift vehicle some one at the state of origin. I had gone through much pains, lost lot of money , time & even papers, still did’nt get re-registration of a bike (in Bangalore). RTO officials won’t even talk properly.

  258. BK says:

    we all are talking about re-registration, can’t we ask a simple question why we need to do registration again within same country. we are citizen of this country and we hold every rights to go to any state. if govt. have done tax reform why not to change this also, it is really painful to devote the same efforts and time again for the same work. Can we all write to ministry of transport for our problems. Pl. reply if you agree with me.
    three weeks back i have written a mail to finance ministry on this issue but still waiting for reply and on top of it, few email ids does not exist… i don’t know if i will get any reply.


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