Linking Aadhaar with bank accounts, mobile and more: A comprehensive guide

If you are getting a panic attack every time you receive an SMS asking you to link your Aadhaar to something or the other, this will take you stepwise through the process for your bank account, mobile connection, PAN card, LPG and ration card.

The jokes on Facebook and Whatsapp have been relentless — some even gross, indicating the blockage of various bodily functions because they have not been linked to Aadhaar!

Notwithstanding those, or the more serious concerns and critiques raised by scores of individuals, the government remains steadfast in its mission of mandating UID-linked verification of citizens for every scheme or facility that they avail.

While several petitions against the statutory linking of Aadhaar with various essential services and schemes is now awaiting a ruling from the highest court of the country, mobile phone inboxes of consumers continue to be flooded with reminders to link their bank accounts, and even the phone connections themselves, with their 12-digit UID number.

While these two are at the centre of focus at this point, going back a bit further and taking stock of all reports and orders so far, one finds that the most regular and critical services/benefits which need to be linked with the 12-digit biometric Aadhaar number to ensure continued operation are:

  • Bank accounts
  • Mobile phone connections
  • PAN Card
  • LPG connection
  • Ration cards

For the ordinary urban citizen caught up in the pace of his frenetic life, the first stumbling block is often “How,” more than “Why”.

If you are one of those who have an Aadhaar card but are yet to figure out how to link the number in each of these cases, this guide is for you.

Linking Aadhaar to your bank account

By now, you must have been bombarded with messages asking you to link your bank account with your Aadhaar number. The process broadly would be the same for all banks, though some of the steps or the sequence of it may vary from one bank to the other and can be checked online on the website of the bank in particular.

Generally speaking, you may link your bank account and Aadhaar IDs either offline or online.

The offline method would entail filling out the Bank Account seeding form with all details asked for and submitting it at any branch. This form may either be downloaded from the bank’s website or collected in person from the branch.

Online linking of Aadhaar with bank account

  • In order to complete the linking process online, you will have to activate your Internet Banking Services if you have not done it already.
  • Once you have logged in to your account on the Internet Banking page, you will find a link indicating Aadhaar Card Seeding or Aadhaar card updates. Click on it.
  • This will take you to a page where you will be asked to provide some details, including your Aadhaar number. Fill in the details and submit.
  • The bank will then verify the details and link your card to your account. You will be informed about the same through a SMS or an email.

Aadhaar linking through ATMs

Most banks have now floated a facility whereby you can link your account to your Aadhaar number through the nearest ATM, instead of visiting the branch or doing it through Internet Banking. Once again, the broad steps remain the same though the sequence may vary a bit. The ATM screen itself will guide you through the steps.

  • At the ATM of the Bank, swipe your debit/ATM card and enter your PIN when asked for.
  • In the menu, choose the option that indicates Aadhaar linking. In some banks, you may have to go through an additional option that says “Other Services” or “Service – Registrations”.
  • Follow instructions on the screen that appears. Typically, you may be asked to enter your Account Type, your Aadhaar number and then reconfirm the same.

Aadhaar linking through SMS

If your mobile number is registered with your bank, you can simply link the account with your Aadhaar number by sending an SMS in a particular format and to a number specified by the bank in question. For example, if you have an account with the State Bank of India, you can send SMS to 567676 in the following format UID(space)Aadhaar number(space)Account number.

Many banks have specified the details of the various ways in which you can go about linking the account with Aadhaar on their website. Here are the links to some of them:

State Bank of India:


Axis Bank:

HDFC Bank:

Punjab National Bank:

Yes Bank:

Linking Aadhaar to mobile phone connection

  • Connecting mobile numbers with Aadhaar cards is still an offline or manual process, even though a simpler online procedure is expected from December 1, 2017, wherein Aadhaar card holders can link their UID or Unique Identity Number with mobile number or SIM from home through an one time password.
  • Forget about the linking, if you have opted for ‘eKYC’ – Aadhaar-based activation – by providing the biometrics while applying for the mobile connection. eKYC is an online method of providing details as per Know Your Customer norms.
  • Other subscribers need to visit their nearest outlets and follow simple steps to complete the mandated E-KYC process.
  • The manual procedure is almost same with the telecom providers, as all you need is your Aadhaar card / number.
  • Explaining the four step process, Idea Cellular mentioned on their website: “Visit our nearest Idea centre, provide your mobile number and Aadhaar number. The Idea store executive will provide a four-digit verification code on your mobile from the re-verification application. The subscriber will then provide the verification code to the Idea store executive and provide his or her biometrics.” After 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation SMS, reply ‘Y’ to complete the EKYC process.
  • For Airtel customers:  Complete the biometric procedure by visiting the nearest store. You will also receive the verification code (OTP) on your Mobile that would be required to complete the process.
  • The procedure is similar for any other networks including BSNL, Jio, Vodafone and Aircel.

Linking Aadhaar to PAN Card

You can link Aadhaar to PAN either online or through SMS.

Through SMS

Message in the format UIDPAN<space><12-digit Aadhaar number><space><10-digit PAN> to either 567678 or 56161 from your registered mobile number. Eg., UIDPAN 123456789012 ABCDE1234A

Through Income Tax e-filing website (

Direct linkin

  • In the home page, click ‘Link Aadhaar’ tab on the left side of the page. Else you can go directly to the linking page here. You will asked to enter your PAN, Aadhaar number, and name exactly as in Aadhaar.
  • Ensure that your Date of Birth (DOB) and gender are the same in both Aadhaar and PAN.
  • If your PAN card mentions only your year of birth, click the box mentioning this, in the linking page. Then simply click the ‘Link Aadhaar’ button, and you will get the message ‘Aadhaar-PAN linking is completed successfully’.
  • If there is any minor mismatch in your name in Aadhaar and PAN, you can get an OTP to the phone number you had registered with Aadhaar. Enter the OTP and complete the linking.
  • If the name in PAN and Aadhaar are completely different, you will have to change the name in one of the cards before linking them.

Linking after registering on e-filing site

  • In the home page of the site, click ‘Register’ tab on the top right. In the registration page, you will be asked to enter your PAN card details.
  • After registration, log in to the site using your user ID, password and DOB. When you login, you will get a pop-up window prompting you to link Aadhaar and PAN.
  • If you do not get this, go to the ‘Profile Settings’ tab on the blue bar on top of the page; under this, click ‘Link Aadhaar’.
  • In the linking page, your name, DOB and gender will be already displayed as per the details you had given earlier. Now you only have to confirm that these details match those in your Aadhaar, and then enter Aadhaar number.
  • Click ‘Link Aadhaar’ and complete the process.
  • In case of name mismatch, you will have to enter OTP or change name in database as mentioned earlier.

Linking Aadhaar to LPG connection

Now the LPG connection has been with you for years, but the Aadhaar card is new! Still, you need to link the two, in case you want to benefit from the LPG subsidy. So, how will you Link Aadhaar Card to Bharat Gas, HP or Indane Gas connections?

First, download the subsidy form from or the official websites of Bharat Gas, HP Gas or Indane.

Next, you need to print the form and put in the relevant information, including the Aadhaar details asked for.

Visit the closest LPG distributor and submit the application. You can drop the application into a box in the office too.

You could also go the postal route: Download the form from an official website, fill it in with necessary enclosures and post it to the relevant address.

Aadhaar-LPG link through the Call Centre

  • In order to link your LPG connection with your Aadhaar ID through the call centre facility, call 1800-2333-555
  • Listen carefully to the rules and instructions that are outlined by the operator and follow them to complete the link.

Aadhaar-LPG link through IVRS

This is yet another technique to link the Aadhaar card with your LPG connection. The Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) has been set up by every LPG company to help customers in linking their Aadhaar Card to their connection.

Every state/district has a different IVRS and customers can attain the number for their particular area by checking out the link provided by each company. Once you have got the number for the relevant state/district in your case, call the number and follow the instructions provided.

For Indane connections:

For Bharat Gas connections:

For HP Gas connections:

Aadhaar-LPG Link through SMS

This is an easy way of doing it. You can register your mobile number with your LPG distributor and then send an SMS from the registered number

Link it online

  • First go to
  • Put in the relevant information
  • Select the Benefit Type and choose LPG
  • Mention the Scheme Name based on your LPG connection. This might be “IOCL” for Indane, “BPCL” for Bharat Gas or “IOCL” for HP
  • Select the Distributor’s name
  • Enter your LPG consumer number
  • Put in the mobile number, email address, and Aadhaar number
  • Click “Submit”
  • You will get an OTP on your email id; submit it on the page
  • Your online request is now registered.
  • The details in the form will be verified by the authorities, and you will get a confirmation of the linking in your email id and mobile number

Linking Aadhaar to PDS (ration) cards

The rationale behind the linking of Aadhaar to your ration card is that it will preempt multiple or fake cards, and ensure that the subsidised supplies reach the eligible targeted beneficiary of the scheme.

As in other cases, this can be done either online or offline.

Offline seeding

Visit the nearest PDS/ration office and submit the following documents:

  • Photocopy of your ration card
  • Photocopy of the Aadhaar cards of all family members
  • Passport Size photograph of the head of family
  • Photocopy of your bank passbook, if your bank account is not yet linked to the Aadhaar card

Online seeding

As in the case of online linking with your LPG connection, you will have to visit the Remote Aadhaar Seeding Framework (RASF) to initiate the process. The broad steps are as follows:

  • Visit the site
  • Fill in your location details and choose the benefit type, in this case Ration Card; name the scheme (once again, Ration card)
  • Enter all details asked for, including your Aadhaar details and mobile number.
  • Once this is complete, you will receive an OTP on the mobile number you have provided. You will have to enter this OTP, after which an online notification will inform you about success of your application.
  • Once the details provided have been verified, you will receive a notification on your mobile informing you that your UID has been linked to your ration card.

Disclaimer: The link to the Remote Aadhaar Seeding Framework ( mentioned here was down at the time that this article was published. The online linking procedures through RASF have still been included with the expectation that the website is experiencing a temporary issue.


  1. Ravi says:

    Well nothing is ever straightforward! South Indians, generally spell/write their names with unexpanded initials (2 or more with names native villages and father’s name). Exceptions are in passports or PAN cards where they insist on expanded initials with surname, middle name and first name. Here is the catch! The bank accounts with only initials will not link with Aadhar with names with expanded initials. So the tussle will start in good earnest and banks these days are more worried about compliance than customer service. So, good luck! If I had a solution, I won’t be writing this. So, ready to make sacrifices; how about initials for starters? So what if banks have to issue supplementary cards to accommodate names like say VVS Laxman’s!

  2. Gurudas Rao says:

    Good details for use by people getting confused by smses media etc.

  3. Ravinder Murthy says:

    Sir, Of all the links why is Adhaar not being linked with Voter ID? Any specific Reason?

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