How to contact BBMP Rajarajeshwari Nagar zone officials?

These numbers have been provided by BBMP. If you find that a number is not working, do comment below this post with the number that’s not working.

RR Nagara Zone – 28600954

Name Officers Wards Phone
Beemappa Additional Commissioner $ Joint Commissioner Rr Nagar 9480683000
Shashikala Deputy Commissioner Rr Nagar 9480684171
Siddegowda Chief Engineer Rr Nagar 9480685348
Nataraj Suptd. Engineer Rr Nagar 9480683601
Vendon Executive Engineer 160,129,73,69, 42,37,38,16,17 8105566393
Radakrishna Executive Engineer (Electrical) Rr Nagar 9480684311
Sri Kantegowda Executive Engineer Kengeri 9480683668
Ashwath Asst.Executive Engineer (Rr) 160,129 9480683152
Krishna Nayak Asst.Executive Engineer 69,73 9480685354/ 9480180049
Ramesh M Asst.Executive Engineer 38,42 9448738918
Vishwas Asst.Executive Engineer 139, 140, 141 9741544844
Basakar Asst.Executive Engineer 130,159,198 9480770529
Jay Prakash Asst.Executive Engineer 40,72 9449610207
Srinivas Asst. Engineer 160 8971530903
Nagaraj Asst. Engineer 129 9611420005
Narashimamurhi Asst. Engineer 73  
Sri Channa Veeraiah Asst. Engineer 69 9448449007
Ramesh M Asst. Engineer 38 9448738918
Madhu Asst. Engineer 42 8971705146
Nagaraj Asst. Engineer 16 9448339255
Chandrapp Asst. Engineer 17 7411344414
Vishwas Asst. Engineer 37 9741544844
Parmesh Asst. Engineer 140 9901440745
Kumarappa Asst. Engineer 159 9448211012
Pradeep Asst. Engineer 198 9008860088
Siddaraje Gowda Asst Engineer 40 9980806986
Srinivas Asst Engineer 160 8971530903
Sri.Devarajaiah Asst Engineer 72 9886153161
Thimappa Asst Engineer 130 9740712024
Mallana Junior Engineer Rr Nagar 9448071796
Kusmandhar Junior Engineer 16,17,37 9480684409
Chandra Shekar Animal Husbandry Rr Nagar 9480684452
Manorajan Hegde Dho Rr Nagar 9480683928
Hanumanth Senior Health Inspector 16 9448048144
Heeranna Senior Health Inspector 37.42 17 9448100877
Kalashaiah Senior Health Inspector 38 9480683940
B Sriniavas Senior Health Inspector 159 9480684456
B M Jaykumar Senior Health Inspector 130 9480684459/ 9980783208
B M Jaykumar Senior Health Inspector 73.159.198 9480684459/ 9980783208
Nagesh Senior Health Inspector 129 948684455/ 9480683694
B C Ramu Senior Health Inspector 160 9480684455
D M Ramesh Senior Health Inspector 72,40 9900113665
Umesh Upper Senior Health Inspector 42 9535098515
Shankar Junior Health Inspector 72 9480683628
Nagaraj Junior Health Inspector 130 9686170458
Ravichandra Achary Junior Health Inspector 198 9916828163
Nataraj Junior Health Inspector 129 7899140446
Raghunath Junior Health Inspector 159 9740480938
Suhasini Junior Health Inspector 160 9844614444
Maruthi P Seth Junior Health Inspector 160 9632004888
D M Ramesh  (In Charge) Junior Health Inspector 40 /69 7899554744
V Prabhakar Rao Junior Health Inspector 42 9738169939
Krishna Murthy Asst.Executive Engineer (Environmental Engineer) Rr Nagar 9341231423
Shivappa Forest Officer   9480684850
Om Prakash Horticulture Supdt. Rr Nagar 9480684464
Chandra Shekar Horticulture Rr Nagar 9448403355
Shekarappa Horticulture Rr Nagar 9480684739

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    Javaregowda nagar that auto claining guy shud not com here properly and they not taking clining thinks that guy told auto is full we canot take this just throw it anywhere outside

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