How to contact BBMP Mahadevpura zone officials?

These numbers have been provided by BBMP. If you find that a number is not working, do comment below this post with that number.

Mahadevpura Zone  28512300

Names Officers Wards Phone
Devaraj Joint Commissioner Mahadevapura 9480685350/ 28511166
Umanadarai Deputy Commissioner Mahadevapura 9480684555
Muni Krish Chief Engineer Mahadevapura 9480683853
Nagarj Suptd. Engineer Mahadevapura 9480683018
Venkateshappa Executive Engineer Project Mahadevapura 9480683079
Ranganth Executive Engineer Kr Puram 9480684473
Anand Executive Engineer (Electrical) Mahadevapura 9480684075
Dayanand Asst.Executive Engineer (Env) Mahadevapura 9845119800
Venkatesh Asst.Executive Engineer White Field ,84, 149 9448106343
Narayanan Asst.Executive Engineer Marattahali 150 86 9480684319
Shivkumar Asst.Executive Engineer Krpuram 9480510806
Gangadhar Asst.Executive Engineer Ram 5308
Venkatesh Asst.Executive Engineer Hal Airport 9845130228
Anand Asst.Executive Engineer (Electrical) Mahadevapura 9480683443
Vekatesh Asst. Engineer 150 9448771709
Vijay Kumar Asst. Engineer 82 9986781354
Ramakrishna Reddy Asst. Engineer 81 9916233999
Narayana Swamy Asst. Engineer 87 7411067150
Narayan Swamy Asst. Engineer 84 9449764744
Venkatesh Asst. Engineer 86,  9448771709
Swamy Asst. Engineer 51 9449529504
Krishna Reddy Asst. Engineer 55 9480683522/ 9164936292
Appuraj Asst. Engineer 56 9741336025
Ramesh Asst. Engineer 26 9739838297
Viajy Kumar Asst. Engineer 25 9448675713
Chennakeshava Asst. Engineer 54 9845341340
Suresh Asst. Engineer 53 9449673066
Dinesh Asst. Engineer 52 9448774610
Mallinath Asst. Engineer 83 9448699075
Ramesh Asst. Engineer 85 9611501789
Ramesh Asst. Engineer 149 9986860344
Sandesh Asst. Engineer 150 9980349462
Suresh Asst. Engineer (Electrical Mahadevapura 9480351459
Ramakrishna Animal Husbandry Mahadev Pura 9480685364
Hanumanthappa Senior Health Inspector 25, 26, 51 9620021528
Krishna Poojary Senior Health Inspector 52, 82, 85 9448832239
Devarajappa Senior Health Inspector 54, 84, 149 9448330446
Bhargav Senior Health Inspector 56, 86, 150 9480684238
Sunil Senior Health Inspector 56 81 8095337519
Sridhar Junior Health Inspector 87 9739453414
Kumar Work Inspcter 25 9341737804
Vishwanath K C Junior Health Inspector 26 9538618990
Sanjay Kumar Junior Health Inspector 25 9742919411
Hanumanthappa Junior Health Inspector 51 9620021528
Raghavendra J N Junior Health Inspector 53  
Mukundappa   Junior Health Inspector 52, 55 9620011020
Jayaram Junior Health Inspector 86 9845240083
Raghavendra K V Junior Health Inspector 81 9740817477
Sridhar Junior Health Inspector 87, Hal-1,2 9739453414
Seshagiri Junior Health Inspector 149 9845763009
Akkamahadevi Junior Health Inspector 54 9844165944/ 8722622101
Sunil Junior Health Inspector 56 Pie L/O A Narayanapura 8095337519
Vinodh Junior Health Inspector 83 9844629911
Devaraj Junior Health Inspector 55, 84 9448330446
Praksh Junior Health Inspector 82 9980598868
Ramesh Junior Health Inspector 85 9741618381/ 9739470179
Shobha Junior Health Inspector 150 9739470310
Nagabhushan Aee Environmental Officer 25, 56, 81, 87 9620067701/ 9480685042
Sreenidhi Environmental Officer 54, 81, 82, 84, 85 9480683539
Mamatha Environmental Officer 86,150 9632709988
Manjunath Environmental Officer 52,53 55 9900922220
Shantha Ramappa Environmental Officer 26,51,54 9741774665
Vinayak Environmental Officer White Field 8970583017
Nagappa Environmental Officer 81 9916418194
Chandru Range Forest Officer Mahadevapura 9480684815
Seenappa Range Forest Officer Mahadevapura 9480684817
Ravindran Horticulture Mahadevapura 9448501980
Shivaprasad Horticulture Mahadevapura 9480684846
Venkatesh Traffic Cell Engineer Mahadevapura 9480683513

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