How to contact BBMP Dasarahalli zone officials?

These numbers have been provided by BBMP. If you find that a number is not working, do comment below this post with the number that’s not working.

Dasarahalli Zone  – 22975904/28394909

Sl. No. Name Officers Wards Phone
1 Doddappa Joint Commissioner   9448976154/ 22975901
2 Udaya Shankar Deputy Commissioner   9480683838
3 Nagaraju Chief Engineer   9480683361/ 22978900
4 Ranga Swamy Superintendent Engineer   9480684117

 Engineer Department

5 Jogisidde Gowda Executive Engineer (Dasarahalli) 9980941195
6 Ramesh Executive Engineer Projects 9480685395
7 Nagesh Asst.Executive Engineer & Executive Engineer (Incharge) (Electrical) 9480684313
8 Ravi Shankar Asst.Executive Engineer 70  71 9449146594
9 Manjunatha Asst.Executive Engineer  14 & 15 9844090744
10 Srirangaraj Puri Asst.Executive Engineer  39 & 41 9480685803
11 Ramachandrappa Asst.Executive Engineer 12 13 9448057634
12 Ravi N K Asst. Engineer (Shettehalli) No :12 9880873142
13 Naghabhushan Asst. Engineer (Malla Sandra) 13 9741341862
14 Manjunath Asst. Engineer (Bagalgunte)14 9844090744
15 Venkateshaiah Asst. Engineer (T Dasarahalli)15 9008150511
16 Prasanna Asst. Engineer (Chokkasandra)39 9844416237
17 Jay Lingappa Asst. Engineer (Peenya Industrial Area) 41 9480030137
18 Manjunath Asst. Engineer (Rajgopal Nagar) 14 9844090744
19 Srinivas Murthy Asst. Engineer (Hegganahalli)71 9448043480
20 Raju Gowda Asst. Engineer 70 9900168007

Health Department

21 Surendra Dho (Dasarahalli) All Wards 9480683673
22 Suresh Animal Husbandary All Wards 9480684487
23 Krishna Murthy Animal Husbandary All Wards 9480685353
24 P Doddaiah Animal Husbandary All Wards 9480684330
25 Sidda Gangappa Junior Health Inspector (Shetti Halli)12 9741951982
26 Bhoopathi Senior Health Inspector (Mallasandra)13 9480685118
27 Sunandama Junior Health Inspector (Mallasandra)13 9480685118
28 Ramanna Senior Health Inspector (Bagalgunte)14 9448889499
29 Lingaraju Hebbli Junior Health Inspector (Bagalgunte)14 7795219414
30 Nanjundappa Senior Health Inspector (T Dasarahalli)15 9480684500
31 Shivakumar Junior Health Inspector (T Dasarahalli)15 7204697433
32 Divya Junior Health Inspector 70 9164555027
33 Umesh Uppar Senior Health Inspector (Peenya Industriyal Area)41 39 9585098515
34 Manjunath Junior Health Inspector (Peenya Industriyal Area)41 9972906394
35 Nanjundappa Senior Health Inspector (Rajgopal Nagar)70 9480684500
36 Nanjundappa Senior Health Inspector (Hegganahalli)71 9480684500
37 Santhosh Kumar Junior Health Inspector (Hegganahalli)71 9663527080
38 Govindha Wire Men All Ward 9980439004
39 Chandrashekar Horticulture Superdent All Wards 9845720078
40 Nagaraj Range Forest Officer All Wards 9480683843




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  1. Precitec Precision Machineries Pvt. Ltd. Accounts says:

    BBMP Office Dasarahalli Zone office number and Chief Engineers Numbers are not lifting the phones.

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