How to contact BBMP Bommanahalli zone officials?

These numbers have been provided by BBMP. If you find that a number is not working, do comment below this post with that number.


Name of  Employees Desigination Contact No
MUNIRAJ JC 9480683433
RAMESH KUMAR DC 9480683151 / 25735608
BETTE GOWDA C.E 9480683438
JAYARAM S.E 9480685408
SRINIVAS MURTHY E.E ( Bommanahalli ) 9900134955
SHASHI KUMAR E.E ( Uttarahalli ) 9480685237
PADMANAB E.E ( Electrical ) 9480685340
LAKSHMI EE(Major roads Bommanahalli) 9141731353
PARAMESHWAR E.E (project ) 9900129812
RAVINDRA NATH A.E.E (Uttarahalli ) 9480685312
KODANDA A.E.E ( H S R Layout ) 9480685238
NISAR AHMED A.E.E (Anjanapura ) 9480685310
RAMESH A.E.E (Electrical) 9480685413
SARVOTHAM A.E.E (Bommanahalli) 9901999123
PRAKASH A.E.E ( Begur ) 9480683610
Sri BALA KRISHAN A.E.E(Major roads Bommanahalli) 9480684918
KRISHNE GOWDA Animal Husbandry 9480683469
VIJAY Forest Officer ( 9449686679
RAVINDRA Horticulture Superedient 9448501980
NAGARAJ Animal Husbandry 9964628433
KADRI PATHI A.E ( Uttarahalli) 9448013624
VENKATESH A.E ( Vasantha pura) 9448170342
DEVENDRAPPA J.E (H S R Layout) 9448213768
VANARAJU A.E ( Bilekahalli) 9448674304
SUNDRAYYA J.E ( Begur) 9481904440
RAMACHANDRA A.E ( Konankunte) 9900519788
BEERESH A.E ( Singasandra) 9620992600
RAVI A.E (Bommanahalli) 9845723479
GOPAL REDDY J.E ( Puttenahalli) JARAGANAHALLI 9731590611
Lingrajegowda A.E (Arikere) 8123490285
Sri Mahesh J.E ( Anjanapura) 9980164928
Sri.Udaykumar A.E [Project] 9481486539
Sri Ravindranath A.E.[A.D.T.P] Bommanahalli 9900065242
Sri Shashidar A.E (Hongasandra ) 9341320868
GOPAL REDDY A.E (Jaraganahalli ) 9986031822
Sri Krishna Murthy A.E.[A.D.T.P] South 9845764217
Sri Krishna Kumar A.E.[A.D.T.P] Online Eng 9980824600
Sri.Dr.Suresh ( Incharge ) M.O.H ( Bommanahalli ) 9448810129
Sri.Dr.Suresh D.H.O (South ) 9480684213
Sri Santhosh kumar Environmental Officer  (Anjanapura ) 9480683475
Sri Krishna Murthy Environmental Officer  (Bommanahalli ) 9740652636
Sri Kodanda Rama Environmental Officer  (Uttarahalli) 9448034433
Sri.Basaviah Sr.H.I ( H S R Layout ) 9448708061
Shashikumar Sr.H.I ( VASANTHPURA ) 9886675052
Sri Munikrishna Sr.H.I ( Hongasandra ) 9448013210
  Sr.H.I ( Anjanapura )  
Sri Somashekar Sr.H.I ( Gottigere ) 9480685831
Sri Pranesh Rao Sr.H.I  (Office ) 9480683496
MUNI KRISHNA Sr.H.I  hogasandra/193 188 9448013210
RAMACHNDRA Sr.H.I ( Yelchanahalli ) 9945430163
Sri Mahesh Sr.H.I ( Singasandra ) 192 9902347688
Sri Mallikarjun Jr.H.I ( Mangamanapalya ) 9740660072
Smt Poonam Jr.H.I ( Bommanahalli ) 9902300229
Sri Shadab Jr.H.I ( Begur ) 9480683470
Sri Mehboob (5&7th) Jr.H.I ( Puttenahalli )8548858988  
Smt Roopa Jr.H.I ( Gottigere ) 9900858279
Sri Ufran (6th) Jr.H.I ( Jaraganahalli ) 9964612858
Sri Mohan Jr.H.I ( Konanakunte )9164465666 9611420580
Sri Ravindra (8th) Jr.H.I (Arakere ) 8123234641
Sri Shashikumar Jr.H.I ( Vasanthapura ) 9886675052 9886675052
Sri lokesh Jr.H.I ( Anjanapura) 9916332641
Sri Praksah Jr.H.I (  Bilekahalli ) 9620112181

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