Mr Modi, here’s the reality of Aadhar and LPG subsidy scheme! Mr Nilekani, are you listening?

A citizen shares his experience of getting his LPG connection and bank account linked to his Aadhaar card. He asks the Modi government what they can do about it.

This post is my vent on the rotten experience we LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) consumers, in Bangalore, had to face due to Center’s decision of deciding to transfer our LPG subsidy to our bank accounts directly. This meant that our Aadhar number had to be linked to the LPG account and to the bank.

Here, I have to mention this to Mr Nilekani: whatever might have been the noble intentions behind the Aadhar card, it was not done properly. We spent a lot of our precious time to get the card done, when it was introduced. We had to make numerous trips to submit the documents, with many instances of no power at the registration centre. We had attached our bank details (with cancelled cheque) and our LPG account details too at that time. Why didn’t the linking happen at your end, Mr Nilekani? Good that you didn’t get elected again!

Like always when our LPG cylinder is empty, we book the refill on phone. We realised that something was wrong when we didn’t get our cylinder even 10 days after I got an SMS that my cash memo was generated. When we called up the IVR we got a shock that our booking was cancelled. We booked another time and even that was cancelled by our LPG distributor(LPGD). We knew that Aadhar linking to LPG was on. We even saw this in our PG booking SMS “You can handover your Aadhar card Xerox along with Form-2 to Delivery boy”. So, the LPGD had no business cancelling our bookings.

We then went to his office to find out why he is cancelling our bookings without even telling us the reason. There we found a person who was extremely rude who was running the show. He shouted at us for no reason at all. We gathered from his shoutings at us that until we do our Aadhar linking to the LPG a/c the bookings will get cancelled.

Then he told us to give him a cancelled cheque and he will link our bank a/c to the LPG a/c and he will give us a cylinder. Obviously, we were not carrying our chequebook nor our gas cylinder. We ran home and got it and gave it to him. Now, when he is entering our details in the system we see that he has got our name wrong in the system. At this point, he throws up his hand and says that I must get a notarized affidavit on a Rs.20 stamp paper to get this corrected. Without that he cannot give us the cylinder. We were trying to reason with him that the error happened, most probably, by their operator, at the time of entering our details and he should correct our name without this long procedure. He becomes even more rude and more shouting follows. He alleges that we gave him the wrong spelling! These are the kind of monsters who are running the show, Mr Modi!

We then came home and started doing our investigations online on how we an get this linking done online. On we found a way to do it. And we linked our Aadhar card with our LPG account. We then picked a day when we first went to Jayanagar (12kms both ways in Bangalore traffic) and for Rs.200 got an affidavit to correct our name in the LPGD system. We then went straight to the LPGD armed with the affidavit and Aadhar card photo-copies.

On this day, he was extra rude. He said he won’t do any documentation on this day because of the rush of customers at his outlet. We also found out that in his system our Aadhar is still appearing as not linked! In his rudeness and shoutings he ranted at us: “Why don’t you go and trouble the bank and link your Aadhar card there where the employees draw 80K salaries!”

Again, we were turned away from his outlet without our LPG refill. We went to an HDFC bank branch and we were pleasantly surprised by the way we were treated by the officer over there. It was like the difference between hell and heaven. It was then, we wondered why we didn’t approach the bank directly, in the first place. We gave the required documentation there very smoothly. We were told to wait for for five working days for the linking to happen.

At the end of five working days, we again picked the nerve to approach our LPGD to give us our refill. This time we were prepared. We even packed our car with a printer and a UPS (pictures below) just in case he again sends us on a wild goose chase of getting this or that document. Remember, he had cancelled two of our bookings in the past. We had made another booking too, just in case he says that we don’t have any booking, just to refuse us the refill again.

This time we were pleasantly surprised to know that his system was showing as linking done successfully. And he also was ready to give us the refill. Now, I told him to take the affidavit he had asked us. He said that it is not required since the linking is done! *facepalm* CryI spent one half day into getting this made. Frown

According to a government notification, no gas agency can stop supplying your refill. Yet, this LPGD did so blatantly, putting all consumers to hardship. Also when this fact was pointed out to him, he openly challenged us saying, “Go complain.”

My wife found a baffled lady in the queue who wanted a refill but he was denying it since she did not have a booking. Well, her booking had been canceled by him without information and now he was using that as an excuse not to give her the refill.

The other day, a senior citizen came with his LPG book and empty cylinder after making a trip home. When he reached the place at some minutes before 1 pm, the security guard rudely told him to come back at 2.30 pm as it was lunch time. No one cares for the elderly, the women or the needy who are made to suffer to get the cylinder refills they anyway deserve.

What was despicable was their attitude to yell and make you run around even more instead of trying to help you out. We also tried complaining on the online portal but no one responded to our queries. The helpline said that their systems were not working and hence could not register our complaint. The system has been painful beyond compare. It is like no one cares.

Mr Modi, this is how your people are implementing the government schemes of subsidy transfers directly to the bank. If well-read people and people who reasonably know their rights are treated like dogs, we can only imagine how that outlet guy must be treating lesser people. If you are in any position to take any action on such LPG dealers, please take it!

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  1. C N Kumar says:

    My experience was a breeze. Everything went like clockwork and the linking was done in a jiffy by the distributor. Even got a confirmatory SMS.

  2. Vaidya R says:

    Think its more to do with that LPGD than the whole system.

    We submitted the form and the Aadhar copy to the LPGD and it got linked there. Did a similar thing in the bank. However, still does not show the bank as linked, even though I checked again with the bank, and it was linked there. We had to give a copy of the bank passbook front page to the delivery guy and he said he’ll take care of it. Delivery was happening just fine at the standard subsidy rate.

  3. SKM says:

    Same story here ; except few more add; Went to Axis bank after taking form from LPG distibuter–> Bank : you have to come up with origninal Aadhar photo copy wont work –> do it on line —> online –> aadhar seeding link still not updated in axis bank and hdfc bank for last 3 months—> OK get e- aadhar–> pin will be send to mobile—> OOPS , my mobile no is changes as , I have got my aadhar no. 3.5 yrs back and in different city.–> send a letter to hydrabad—> back to indane –> your aadhaar is showing different address you have to get it changed–> send letter to hydrabad–> In between—> reapplied without aadhar–> waiting for two booking had been cancelled…Consumer need protection from Goverment and its mindless BABUS.. NOW I REALISE ,WHY THERE IS NO ADVENTURE GAME IN INDIA,,,LIFE IS FULL OF ADVENTURE

  4. Subramanya says:

    Yes , even my experience with Bharath Gas dealer(Vinayak Gas Agencies , Blore) was not good . When I went to agency to link up Adhaar to LPG , they gave me some other form where there was no option to mention Adhaar number . Form was just allowing to mention bank account number and bank branch.

    After coming home , I called up the toll free number and got the adhaar linkage done.

  5. Vasanth Ramu says:

    I am also facing the same problem with Harikrishna Gas Agency in ITI Layout near Vidyapeetha Circle. Two of our bookings got cancelled without any reason. I am also using Bharatgas, the mistake that my father did. I think problem is with Bharatgas who do not have any contact number or call centre, nor the Gas Agency people pick the phone, nor there is an email id to do correspondence. I was about to go today and shout, before which I just saw your case.

  6. Madhan says:

    I know it’s not for everyone – but if you are comfortable going online and doing stuff – it’s actually often a breeze. Got the aadhaar bank and LPG link done online with ICICI and Indane – did that just to avoid having to deal with the distributor.

    Tried the same for my mom in TamilNadu and LPG linking was easy – the bank – Karur Vysa Bank was a bit troublesome – but still got it done without having to deal with LPG distributors in either case.

  7. S Srinivasan says:

    I have a different experience. Without my knowledge, one of my Bankers had linked my Aadhar in 2013 itself and the Oil company had seen in their portal. When the new notification came , I filled the relevent forms again and now this bank also has linked. Thank God, I got my refill within 10 days and Subsidy credited in my first bank. Now, I wanted to cancel the second Bank linkage . Nobody listens to my pleas. The Distributor does not have complete details of me in their computers. The Oil Co. has also refused to look into this matter ( Customer Don’t Care Section ). It is my view that the entire concept and system is faulty. There should be only one Form containing all details and all the four concerned ie Distributor, Oil Co., Bank and the Customer.should have the same Data . Even an educated person has run from pillar to post. Just imagine the plight of the poor and those who are not conversant with local language.

  8. B N YALAMALLI says:

    1. UPA had fixed 9 cylinders as subsidised quota. In Election fervour UPA had announce 12 Cylinders. In practice nonsubsidised billing is done after 8 cylinders or when we reach 1 jan. The excess amount collected is returned to your Bank A/c, for what fun?

    2. NDA govt tells courts that Aadhar Card is not compulsory for anything and everything. NDA Govt tells citizens that Aadhar Card is compulsory for everything.


  9. Vaidy says:

    Madhan, thats interesting you say that. i have already done online linking to BPCL and my bank, yet I am getting updates that I need to give bank acct/aadhar no. to my distributor as well. Thats dumb. I have sent a complaint to BPCL regarding the necessity of this, when their own sites have all my numbers from consumer no., to lpg id, to aadhar no. to my bank account all linked…. I am also not interested in dealing with any distributor. I am short tempered and any problems with the distributor and all hell will break loose … 🙂

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