First ‘Feel Bengaluru Cycle Day’ sees participation from 1200 cyclists

Make the planning authorities and commuters confident about using cycles. Introduce cycle lanes, stands, rentals etc. Make the road free of traffic in a non-polluting way - this is the aim of the campaign.

Bengaluru kicked off the Cycle Day campaign with its first event, Feel Bengaluru Cycle Day today morning at Cubbon Park. With close to 1200 cyclists in attendance, the Mayor of our city opened the event by ceremonial inauguration of a new cycle stand at Cubbon Park. He then led all the cyclists off on a 1-km ceremonial kick off ride till the Central Library. After this, all the cyclists rode together on a 5-km rally around Cubbon Park touching several heritage spots along the way. It was a great sight as 1200 cyclists went around Cubbon Park, on Kasturba road, Nripatunga road and Hudson Circle.

Mayor B S Satyanarayana rides a cycle along with other cyclists during Feel Bengaluru Cylce Day event.

Close to 1200 cyclists attended the event which was formally kicked off by Mayor B S Satyanarayana  who inaugurated a new cycle stand at Cubbon Park. The Mayor led the ceremonial ride that followed. A 5-km long heritage ride around Cubbon Park, with active support from Bangalore Traffic Police was an enlightening as well as refreshing experience for the cyclists.

The BMTC officially permitted citizens to use BMTC Volvo services to carry their cycles on the bus between 6-11 am at no extra charge. Several cyclists made use of this opportunity to bring their cycles to Cubbon Park from various corners of the city.

There were 100 cycles for rental for those who wanted to ride but didn’t have cycles.  All of them were rented, and there was demand for more.

The event was totally litter-free, clean and green. An idea box was available for anyone to share ideas on improving the event or to join as a volunteer for the campaign.

As part of the campaign, DULT and  Praja RAAG have joined hands with Department of Horticulture to set up several cycle stands around Cubbon Park.

Hundreds of cyclists tour Cubbon Park as part of heritage ride organised during Feel Bengaluru Cylce Day event.

Support pours in from all corners

ACP, Traffic , Dayanand addressed the gathered citizens and said that he would work to provide more support for cyclists in the city. The Mayor, B S Satyanarayana, said that he would try to get all the corporators to next month’s Cycle Day event, to be held on the last Sunday (24th) of November.  

There was an ambulance standing by in case anyone needed medical attention. However, despite such a large number of cyclists, there were no accidents.  Various agencies had arranged good facilities for the riders. Karnataka Milk Federation supplied free milk drink to riders, while Department of Horticulture cooperated in planning the event at Cubbon Park. Kerberon and Ride A Cycle Foundation arranged cycle rentals for participants, while various cycling communities such as Critical Mass, BumsOnTheSaddle, Ride A Cycle Foundation, GoGreen and others enthusiastically participated and supported the event.

The campaign aims to make Bengaluru greener and healthier by increasing usage of non-motorized modes of transportation. The campaign also aims to reduce congestion on city roads by promoting cycling for last mile connectivity and short to mid-range commutes.  The campaign is focusing on cycling right now, and aims to focus on pedestrianisation as well in future.

Events planned

  1. ‘Feel Bengaluru Cycle Day’
  • This is scheduled for last Sunday of every month
  • The event is anchored by DULT (Directorate of Urban Land Transport).
  • Supported by several government organizations like BMTC, Department of Horticulture, Bangalore Traffic Police and BMRCL.
  • Extensive citizen involvement (multiple cycling communities, citizen volunteers, and cycling enthusiasts)
  • Event is open to everyone. All one has to do is just ride to the selected gathering venue(s) for the month.
  1. More events are planned
  • Special events at next Feel Bengaluru Cycle Day events
  •  “Office Cycle Day” to focus on office commute
  • “School Cycle Day” to focus on schools

How can I contribute?


The content of this article has been provided by Neha Dar who is a part of the team that organised Feel Bengaluru Cycle Day.

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