Difficulty in Aadhar card procedure

I do not want to apply for an Aadhar card, and the website and the Supreme Court ruling clearly state that it is not mandatory. However, to claim my discount on cooking gas (I am eligible for it) the Government has made Aadhar card mandatory. I am not sure if this is legal or not. The last time, to register for the connection, the Government had made Aadhar mandatory,but had later backed down and repealed the requirement.

However,I am not able to find any location in my area where I can even hand in the documents, all of which are filled up and ready. The official, and all associated, websitees are outdated and every place I call gleefully tells me that they won’t do it. So much of trouble for something I don’t even want in the first place, which is being forced on me.

Could someone help me? I live in JP Nagar 3rd Phase, south Bangalore.


  1. Gopal says:

    Hi Deepa,

    You can go to the Bangalore One center in Jayanagar 3rd block, close to the Kodanda Rama temple. Please call them 080 2295 5400 for instructions.

    I believe you need to take an appointment in person (you must be there between 8AM and 9AM) and then go for the aadhaar process.

  2. Deepa Mohan says:

    Thank you for the information! I’ll call, take an appointment and go.

  3. Deepa Mohan says:

    Can’t get the number now, but will keep trying, and be there at 8am tomorrow!

  4. Pradeep Kumar T R says:

    Deepa, let us know if you were able to register for Aadhar by visiting the BangaloreOne Center in Jayanagar.

  5. Deepa Mohan says:

    I am still trying to find out WHERE I can submit my documents and get the procedure done. Every centre I call say that they no longer do this. When I emailed the site, I got (twice) the same form reply, giving me the procedure, but not a place where I could go.

  6. Pradeep Kumar T R says:

    Same here. There are quite a few enrollment centers listed here:
    Will update here if I come across any enrollment centers operating.

  7. Deepa Mohan says:

    All these centres are NOT operational now and the website is not
    giving me any information about those that are operational. Yes, I’d be grateful if you too could give me a place in Jayanagar where I could get it done. The manager of my apartment building said everyone will be busy now with the elections, and asked me to go and try at Jayanagar Complex after March 15. By then I may have forgotten about it!

  8. Deepa Mohan says:

    The only one I get is : 1st Floor, Corporation Bearing No. 17, 1st Floor, Star Complex, Jnana Bharathi Ullal Main Road, Bangalore, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560056 Sathyanarayana BK 8792101000 14/09/2015 Permanent

    Does “permanent” mean “permanently open? I don’t know.But Ullal is too far for me to go. I will wait for something in Jayanagar to open up again.

  9. Pradeep Kumar T R says:

    For Jayanagar, I see 5 results
    Assume you have tried all 5 of them?
    As I understand, Permanent means the center is permanently open for enrollment.
    Actually, am looking for enrollment center in and around Koramangala.

  10. Pradeep Kumar T R says:

    Err, its actually 3 centers.

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