Cops raid job consultancies that issue fake certificates in Bengaluru

These firms might take you for a ride - promising dream jobs for a good fee, giving you fake certificates! Check the list of fraudulent firms, shared by the Crime Control Bureau.

Police commissioner’s office on Infantry Road.

If you are the decisionmaker in a firm that is looking to hire employees through private consultancies in Bengaluru, you need to be careful! And if you are looking for a job in Bengaluru, there are some consultancies you would not want to register with.

Crime Control Bureau (CCB) Fraud and Malpractice Squad conducted raids recently on seven job consultancy firms, which provided fake experience certificates on experience, projects and trainings.

CCB open to getting info from citizens

CCB has also asked people to share information on trafficking and flesh trade, financial frauds via email by unknown email ids, exorbitant interest rates, drugs and narcotics, fake goods, gambling, fake currency rackets, hawala, land mafia etc. Reach CCB chief Abhishek Goyal if you have any information.

Phone: (Whatsapp) 9480801016


During the raids, CCB discovered that each job consultancy firm had registered many fake companies just for the sake of issuing such certificates to job aspirants, to help them get hired.

CCB has compiled the list of the companies in whose names certificates were issued, and recovered the certificates too. If you are a genuine talent-hunter, you need to look at this list, to ensure that you have not fallen prey to this racket. If you have been approached by anyone who has certificates from the companies listed here, do contact CCB investigating officers.

Here goes the list of the alleged erring consultancies:

1) Projenic Company
No 86, Akshaya building, KEB layout, 3rd main, BTM 1st stage, Blore-29
Investigating Officers: G.K.Chikkanna, ACP./ Anand Kabburi, PI

2) Cionixt India Pvt Ltd
No. 92, 1st floor, 100 feet road, BTM lst stage, Bangalore
Investigating Officer: B N Srinivas

3) Infer software solutions
No. 129, ground floor, second cross, 13th main, Aicooboo nagar, BTM 1st stage, Bangalore 29
Investigating Officer:
A G Kariyappa

4) Ms. Tarangi Infomatics consultany services
No. 1216/38, second floor, Prasiddi hotel, 26 th main, 9th block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Investigating Officer: P Chandrashekar PI

5) Ms Raks Technologies
No 362, second floor, 5th cross, 8th main, BTM layout II stage, Bangalore
Investigating Officer: K Prakash, Police Inspector, CCB

6) Solvent Software India Private Limited
NO-56, 3rd floor, 3rd cross. 24th main, J.P.Nagar 2nd phase. Bangalore city
Investigating Officer: S S Kashi, Police Inspector

7) Relational Data Solutions
No-103, Ramya nilaya, R.K.Layout, 6th Cross, 2nd phase J.P.Nagar, Bangalore
Investigating Officer: Giri K C, Police Inspector

Detailed list of fake companies created by the consultancies

FakeCompanies 28-10-2014

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  1. Kumar says:

    Please investigate companies like Qspiders ,which recruit under different names like Test Yantra.They mainly recruit through back door entry with huge network of HR .You will be surprised by the magnitude of the scandal.

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