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The new land acquisition policy in Noida is meant to facilitate smoother acquisition of agricultural land. Representational image by Saurav Das/ CC BY 2.0

COVID-19: New strain alert in India, states prepare

After the news of the new COVID-19 strain spreading in the UK, the Government of India (GoI) has issued a new set of guidelines and protocol for tracing, testing and treating the patients infected with the virus. As per initial reports, however, several states are facing difficulty in tracing the UK returnees.

Few travelers from the UK went missing and are untraceable in Uttar Pradesh. Some isolated incidents were also reported from Delhi. In the meantime, eleven UK returnees were reported positive in Goa. Positive cases were also found in Nagpur, Telangana, Meghalaya and Gurugram.

According to the SOP issued by the Centre, passengers coming from the UK should undergo an RT-PCR test and be isolated in a separate institutional facility, if found positive. The government has also banned all international flights from the UK till December 31, 2020.

Source: Firstpost

New land acquisition model for New Greater Noida

Uttar Pradesh government has approved a new model of land acquisition for the New Greater Noida area, expected to be along the lines of the Gurugram land acquisition model. Under the new model, the government will develop the basic facilities and allow investors to buy the land directly from farmers and subsequently give permission for business and other projects.

Under the old system, the authority would acquire the land from the farmers, develop it and then sell it to developers and industries. The notified area for Greater Noida as per the Master Plan 2021 is 38000 hectares.

The move has been done with the view to easing the land acquisition process and avoiding disputes with farmers, who often resist the process. In the past, several such incidents have turned violent like Ghodi Baccheda and Bhatta Parsaul.

Source: Hindustan Times

Rajasthan: Night curfew in cities with over one lakh population

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Rajasthan government has decided to impose a night curfew on the eve of the new year, from 8 pm on December 31st to 6 am on January 1st. The curfew will be imposed in all the cities of the state having a population of more than one lakh. Markets will be closed at 7 PM on new year eve and the state has also imposed a ban on new year parties and bursting of crackers.

CM Ashok Gehlot has urged residents to celebrate the new year at home and avoid bursting the crackers.

Source: Hindustan Times

Classes for 9th to 12th graders in PMC schools to start in January

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has issued an order stating that schools within its jurisdiction will open from January 4 2021 for classes 9 to 12. The PMC has put in place exhaustive COVID-19 measures that need to be followed by schools. The order also asks teachers to join the schools from December 28th and make necessary arrangements for the resumption of classes.

PMC runs 44 secondary schools. Officials from PMC also state that consent forms have been taken from the parents and data is being collated.

Source: The Times of India

Needed in Chandigarh: Therapeutic space for people with mental health issues

Citizens for Inclusive Living (CIL), an organization working for people with mental health problems, have called for the setting up of a serene therapeutic village in Chandigarh. Members of CIL have stated that despite Chandigarh being a modern city, it lacks space for people with mental disabilities. They are unable to lead a decent community life and remain excluded from the mainstream.

CIL has pitched for creating high quality residential and occupational facilities for persons with mental disabilities. The facilities will be aimed at providing finest social care facilities including boarding, lodging, vocational and occupational training, and recreational facilities, all in one large, beautiful and therapeutic campus at the Indira Holiday Home, Chandigarh.

Source: Hindustan Times

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