Residents ask aspirant corporators not to neglect good old Indiranagar

Members of the Indiranagar 2nd Stage RWA share what they would like for Hoysala Nagar and Jogupalya wards with corporator aspirants. Their demands include better waste management and safe passage for pedestrians.

Members of the Indiranagar 2nd Stage Residents Welfare Association met to discuss what they would like to see happening in Ward 80-Hoysala Nagar and Ward 89-Jogupalya. Here is their wishlist for their neighbourhood from corporators aspirants. Their demands are common those of citizens in many other wards in the city – better waste management, safe passage for pedestrians, better sanitation. Here’s what they had to say. 

Sewarage drains and moris

  • The sewarage drains in the residential layout of Indiranagar 2nd Stage, 10th and the 10th A Main crosses from 1st to 10th have become clogged. The drain pipes are very old, and in many cases, the roots of the trees in the footpath have penetrated the drain, causing frequent clogs. Quickly, bring a plan for replacement of the pipes with bigger concrete pipes, in place of the old wornout stoneware pipes. This request was put forth five years ago itself, yet nothing has been done. We would like immediate attention on this.

  • Cleaning of the dirty moris in all the 10 crosses of the 10th Main and the 10th A Main layout and the above mentioned main roads, which have not been cleaned for over 5 years now.

Garbage and waste management  

Pic: A resident of Indiranagar 2nd stage

Pic: A resident of Indiranagar 2nd stage 

  • Garbage collection and disposal. While in some other parts of the ward, garbage is being collected through motorised three wheelers, it is not being done so on the 1st to 10th crosses on 10th and the 10th A Main. We residents are forced to depend on the pourakarmikas who are hired on contract basis, and they hold us to ransom, in spite of our paying them every month. They do not even sweep the streets properly. We do not understand why we residents should be forced to pay monthly for the garbage disposal even after paying the municipal taxes. The appointment of the pourakarmikas for residential layouts should be with the concurrence of the residents, and their opinions and grievances with respect to the person collecting the garbage, should be considered periodically through review meetings.

  • Waste Treatment machines for the ward to enable environmental friendly way of disposing waste. Zero tolerance for accumulating garbage on streets.

  • Regular cleaning of streets.

  • Collect garbage lying on vacant sites regularly, and penalise the culprits and the vacant site owner for not maintaining it. 

  • Discourage use of plastics across the ward in shops and business enterprises.

  • Discourage and punish citizens urinating on the streets.

Abide by the High Court order of zonal marking of commercial and residential area, strictly

Pic: A resident of Indiranagar, 2nd stage

  • Stop reckless commercialisation of residential areas, that disobey the Karnataka High Court’s Order against illegal commercialisation, and take action against those who have not abided by it.

  • Strictly instruct the commercial establishments on 100 feet road and CMH road to provide parking space for their customers in their own premises, and not let them park in the residential layouts, causing inconvenience to the residents.

  • Instruct pubs and restaurants to not dump their kitchen waste into residential layouts’ vacant sites or street corners, and soundproof their premises, if they have to party late into the night. 

  • Strictly follow rules before authorising residential and commercial constructions.

  • Demarcate street vending zones and not let roadside vendors set up shop at random street corners causing disturbance to moving traffic and also increasing garbage on the street corners. Remove street vendors like tea shop/fruits vendor/Bhelpuri/Momos from the footpaths across the area especially on the 4th cross leading to the Indiranagar Metro station and 9th A Main road-100 feet road intersection. Mark separate zones for them.

  • Streamlining of traffic to minimise traffic jams and improve pedestrian movement and designating parking and no parking zones to prevent illegal parking in the residential lanes.

  • Construct multi level parking zones on spaces available on Swamy Vivekananda road at the metro station (Old Madras road), near the BDA Complex, and on the 80 feet road-old Madras road intersection. There is hardly any space to walk today on the roads with two-way traffic and parking on both sides. 

Maintaining public property and punishing the offenders

Pic: A resident of Indiranagar 2nd stage

  • Impose heavy fines on those who deface walls and trees and public property in general.

  • Most importantly, instruct your party workers not to erect hoardings, banners or posters for your birthday or social or political events, by defacing trees, walls, public spaces and footpaths. 

Footpath and pedestrian rights 

  • Maintain sidewalks and footpaths in the ward in all roads, broad or narrow, commercial or residential. The 100 feet road, 10th A Main and the Indiranagar double road need good footpaths.

  • Strict action against those dumping construction materials on footpaths.

  • Roads belong to the pedestrians as much as they do to traffic. Do not allow random parking of vehicles near the metro station as it obstructs pedestrian movement in that narrow 4th cross lane.

Bright street lights at important intersections 

  • Bright street lights in important intersections

Parks and public spaces 

  • Good maintenance of parks in the ward.

  • Set up exclusive senior citizens park in the ward. Children and senior citizens need more public spaces.


Pic: A resident of Indiranagar 2nd stage

  • Maintain the roads well and fix potholes without delay.

  • Make one-side parking on narrow residential lanes. Some of the important roads have to be relaid.

Bus facility and shelters 

  • Direct bus facility from Indiranagar to the distant areas of Bengaluru city , like Yelahanka, Whitefield and Kengeri.

  • Digital display sign boards of bus routes at all important bus stops.

Public toilets  

  • Construct more public toilets and maintain them well.

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  1. Tejas says:

    Hi.. I would like to join hands with you on these points.. I’m also a resident of Indiranagar..and facing similar irritations..

    Kindly share your contact number or mail ID

    Mine 9980388668 BS. Tejas

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