Chennai Buzz: Orange alert for Chennai | Stray dog census begins and more…!


GCC workers
GCC workers working on the ground to clear the inundated water. Pic Courtesy: GCC

IMD issues orange alert to Chennai

Following the heavy downpour across the city, many roads were inundated making regular commute a herculean task for residents. Workers from Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) and other departments are actively working on the ground to attend to public complaints of waterlogging and clearing out the water. Meanwhile, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued an orange alert for Chennai and its neighbouring districts on December 2 and 3. This indicates the likelihood of heavy to very heavy rainfall. Following the heavy inflow of water, the water discharge from Chembarambakkam was increased to 6,000 cubic feet per second (cusecs). As per Thursday’s report, the water level in Chembarambakkam reached 22.53 feet against 24 feet. About 1,000 cusecs of water are also being discharged from the Red Hills reservoir.

Source: The Hindu

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GCC begins stray dog census and vaccination in Chennai

With increasing complaints of stray dog attacks on residents in Chennai, the GCC has started the stray dog survey and vaccination drive. In the first-of-its-kind initiative, the GCC counted and vaccinated as many as 250 dogs in Royapuram, where seven people were attacked by stray dogs last week alone. For this initiative, the GCC has hired 28 dog catchers and has planned to cover 900 dogs in a day across the city.

Source: Times of India

CUMTA to reach out to 50,000 households for mobility survey in Chennai

CUMTA meeting
Representatives from 28 RWAs in Chennai took part in the meeting and suggested that CUMTA plan for better last-mile connectivity. Pic Courtesy: RWAs in Chennai

Chennai Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (CUMTA) organised a meeting with the Residents’ Welfare Associations (RWAs) in Chennai to get their support for conducting a survey for the comprehensive mobility plan at the household level. Representatives from 28 RWAs in Chennai took part in the meeting and suggested CUMTA to plan for better last-mile connectivity. They also assured their support for the survey. While CUMTA has already completed 6,000 household surveys in Chennai, they are targeting to reach out to 50,000 households in the next 25 days.

Source: Times of India

Residents ask GCC to drop the waste-to-energy plant in the Perungudi dump yard

Residents living around the Perungudi dump yard area have petitioned to the GCC to drop the waste-to-energy plant in the dump yard, where the solid waste including plastic waste, and industrial and bio-medical waste would be incinerated to produce energy from waste. Pointing out that the incinerating waste will release toxic gases, chemical waste and particulate matter that would pollute the air, water and food items and also cause severe health hazards, they asked the GCC to halt the project.

Source: DT Next

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Two tonnes of dead fish in the Kapaleeswarar temple tank removed

A day after the Karthigai Deepam festival, residents near the Kapaleeswarar temple in Mylapore noticed a foul stench from the temple tank. When they checked the temple tank, thousands of dead fish were found floating on the water’s surface. Upon intimating the authorities, around two tonnes of dead fish were removed from the temple tank. While the residents suspect that the oil from the thousands of lamps lit on the footsteps of the tank for Karthigai Deepam might have seeped into the waterbody leading to the death of these fish, authorities have said that the water samples have been sent for detailed tests.

Source: The New Indian Express

(Compiled by Shobana Radhakrishnan)

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