Users of Nookampalayam Road launch petition for improved amenities

Residents along Nookampalayam Road have been dealing with potholes, lack of street lights and growing traffic with no solution in sight.

As Chennai’s IT corridor grew and expanded, the need for housing around the new offices was felt. Large residential apartment complexes came up in various parts where these offices were concentrated. One such area is Perumbakkam, where many IT professionals, among others, have come to reside in recent years.

While this could be seen as a huge sign of progress for the city, the civic amenities that are present in these localities leave a lot to be desired. The residents battle irregular water supply, improper sewage system, lack of adequate pedestrian infrastructure, rising crimes and most of all, bad roads.

The state of Nookampalayam Road in Perumbakkam is a prime example of all that is wrong with the civic infrastructure in an area that is supposed to symbolise the growth of the city. 

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Issues with bad condition of Nookampalayam Road in Perumbakkam

The Nookampalayam Road is on paper a 60 feet road. But it has only been laid properly for 30 to 40 feet, with the remaining work either patchy or undone. The road is around 5 km long and is used for commuting by many officer-goers in the area. The connectivity offered by this road is crucial for many who work in the area but the condition of the road poses a threat to them.

nookampalayam road without tar
The Nookampalayam Road has many such dangerous, incomplete sections. Pic: Vipin Kumar/ Sathish Anbu

The pothole-laden road is a hazard to those in vehicles and on foot. The road has also seen an increasing amount of traffic lately, making its deterioration faster. There are many heavy vehicles that carry construction materials that use the road on a daily basis and make the road’s condition worse. Water tankers that visit the area also have a similar impact. 

With the ongoing construction work for the Metro and flyovers in OMR, this road is being used as an alternative route by many in recent times despite its poor state.

The monsoon season is a challenge for those who use the road as it becomes difficult to identify the potholes. Parts of the badly laid road also turn into slush, making it hard to control the vehicles. 

Another key issue has been the lack of proper street lights along the entire stretch of the road. Commuters have been forced to rely on the light from vehicles to navigate the dangerous terrain. 

nookampalayam road pothole
The road, used by thousands of commuters during peak hours, has many potholes. Pic: Vipin Kumar/Sathish Anbu

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Demands of residents for Nookampalayam Road in Perumbakkam

The residents of the area want the entire stretch of Nookampalayam Road to be relaid. Something that has not been addressed in over a decade. Since the road is used by office goers, school and college buses and also the ambulances of the hospitals nearby, a speedy resolution to these issues highlighted is necessary. 

Peak-hour traffic on the road too could be regulated once the road is relaid as the number of vehicles using the road during the mornings and evenings is increasing. But no traffic calming measures are in place, despite the presence of many residences and schools in the area.

Proper street lights must also be provided all along the road, making it easier to navigate and safer for those who walk, especially after sundown.

The issue of poor sewage systems in the area also affects the roads as sewage dumping is also present in some parts. 

All the above problems must be resolved by the authorities in order to ensure a smooth and safe commute for the thousands of commuters who use the road daily and the many residents who live along the road.

During our attempts to resolve this issue, an acute need for a large collective of residents who live on Nookampalayam Road has been felt and the residents have been making an attempt to create a welfare association in the area to improve our ability for collective bargaining. 

Residents have also created an online petition that has received over 2000 signatures so far and hopes to capture the attention of the authorities to resolve these issues. 

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  1. Srinath says:

    Also, the stretch between the Nookampalayam Road to Sri Varadha puram Main Road and adjoining areas near Perumbakkam lake, is in worst condition.

  2. Ram says:

    Also cattles in the evening is blocking the roads authorities must take severe action to the owners, hope someone atleast steal the animals for good reason.

  3. Ashok says:

    Cattles on the evening and night causes disturbances to the residence please take action or create an article for that too.

  4. sudarshan says:

    Perubakkam is a village. So cows on the road should taken for granted. Initially I used to get very frustrated but now i got used to it. I realised this is a village so nothing can be done. It would take another 5 years to see some positive change. Other way is that people who use the road daily can pool money to repair the road. In this 5 KM stretch (from Church to Pooja super market) there are 50 apartments with avg of 100 to 200 families living in each apartment. So around total of 5000 families are there who use the road either directly or indirectly (their kids use it). If each family contributes INR 300 to 500, we will have 15 to 20 lacs. We can also ask the shop owners and individual residents also to contribute (At least INR 300). We can potentially collect 20 lacs. With this we can hire a quality contractor and fix all the major damages on the road. We can put lights in dark sports, we can stick reflectors for drivers benefit.

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