BMTC to operate additional buses for Open Streets MG Road

The stretch from Anil Kumble Circle to the MG-Brigade junction has been cordoned off for the Open Streets event. BMTC has arranged for special buses to ferry citizens to the event.

Open Streets (OMG) is being held today, February 21st, on M.G. Road, Bengaluru.

Celebrating Bengaluru

OMG aims to revive the long-lost charm of the ‘Boulevard of Bengaluru City’. Traffic will be restricted between Anil Kumble Circle and the Brigade Road junction on MG Road between 9 am and 9 pm, opening the streets for festivities that celebrate the city of Bengaluru in all its traffic-free glory. BMTC and BMRCL have extended their bus and metro services respectively, to encourage people to use public transport when commuting to the event. Special arrangements for free and secure parking for bicycles have also been made around the venue.

An aerial view of MG Road. Pic: Vinu Thomas, Wikimedia Commons*

OMG will be host to a series of engaging activities and experiences, crafted keeping in mind people of all ages and lifestyles. This one of a kind event, aimed at bringing the city together towards the cause of a traffic-free Bengaluru, will see the likes of musicians, artists and variety acts coming together to entertain people and bring new life to the street. There will be pro-skateboarders showing off their high flying moves, mime acts, stilt walkers, street magicians, and caricature artists engaging the audience on the open street. There will be a variety of stalls selling curated handmade art and craft products designed by local craftspeople, as well as other best-selling products that appeal to the shopper of today. A flea market will also feature in this edition of Open Streets. There will be food trucks and hawkers serving delicacies from all over the country and cuisines of the world stationed across the venue.

Additional buses from BMTC

BMTC has arranged for additional buses to ferry citizens of Bengaluru to the Open Streets event.

Schedule of buses to the MG Road area

Route No and Depot From – To Via Frequency Last departure
Depot: 2
Shivajinagara Bus Station – Shivajinagara Bus Station Manik Sha Parade Ground, Manipal Center, Mayo Hall, M.G.Road Metro Station, BRV Theater,  10 and 15 m 22:10
Depot: 2
Shivajinagara Bus Station – Shivajinagara Bus Station Manik Sha Parade Ground, M.G.Road Metro Station, Mayohall, Manipal Center, Cobban Road, BRV Theater,  10 and 15 m 22:00
Depot: 2
Shivajinagara Bus Station – Shivajinagara Bus Station BRV Theater, Anil Kumble Circle, MG Statue, Indian Express, Shivajinagara Bus Station. 10 and 15 m 22:10
Depot: 2
Shivajinagara Bus Station – Shivajinagara Bus Station Indian Express, M.G.Statue,  Anil Kumble Circle, BRV Theater,  10 and 15 m 22:25
Depot: 8
Mantri Mall Metro Station – Shivajinagara Bus Station KBS, Maharani’s College, Corporation,Kastura bha Road, M.G.Statue, Anil Kumble Circle BRV Theater, 15 m  22:00
Depot: 20
Banashankri TTMC – M.G.Road Metro Station Jayanagara Bus Station, Ashoka Piller, Wilson Garden, Shanthinagara, Anil Kumble Circle,  15 m  22:30
Depot: 16
Vijayanagara TTMC – M.G.Road Metro Station Vijayanagara Metro Station, Manuvana Metro Station, Magadi Road Metro Station,   KBS,  Maharani’s College, Corporation, Anil Kumble Circle  15 m  22:00
Depot: 2
RBANMS  Ground – RBANMS  Ground  Hasanath College, Manipal Centre, M.G.Road Metro Station, Commercial Street 15 m  22:05
Depot: 15
Koramangala TTMC – Indiranagara Metro Stn Sony World, DELL, Dhopanahalli, Indiranagara Metro Station. 15 m  22:00
Depot: 6
HAL Main Gate – Indiranagara Metro Stn NAL/Manipal Hospital, Domlur Bridge, Dhopanahalli, Indranagara Metro Station, 15 m  22:00
Depot: 29
KR Puram – Halasuru Metro Station Tin Factory, Byappanahalli Metro Station, S.V.Road Metro Station, Indiranagara Metro Station, Halasur Metro Station, 15 m  22:10


Schedule of late night services 

Route No and Depot  From – To Via Last departure
Depot: 6
Shivajinagara Bus Station – Hosakote M.G.Road Metro Station, Halasuru Metro Station, Byappanahalli Metro Stn,  22:35
Depot: 2
Koramangala TTMC – Electronic City Wipro M.G.Road Metro Station, HSR Layout, Central Silk Board 23:30
Depot: 2
Shivajinagara Bus Station – Sarjapura M.G.Road Metro Station, Koramangala, Agara  22:35
Depot: 16
Shivajinagara Bus Station – Vijayanagara TTMC M.G.Road Metro Station, KBS,  23:00
Depot: 40
Shivajinagara Bus Station – Nelamangala M.G.Road, KBS, MMS, Yeshawanthapura,  23:00


*Picture credit: By Vinu Thomas from Bangalore, India (MG Road) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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