BESCOM’s instructions, and why they are tough to follow

I am told that I can pay my BESCOM bill online, if I know my Customer ID or the Account ID, which, according to BESCOM, is printed on my bill.


<a href=””> here </a>


is their snapshot of a sample bill, from which one can get the Account or Customer ID.


Alas…that sample is not close to reality.


Month after month, I get a bill where the figures are nowhere in alignment with the lines describing the various details. In fact, for the month of October, I have this bill which is actually half of two bills, and the figures on the right are totally misaligned.



The lines “RR Number” and “Account ID” occur at the bottom of the torn-off roll of paper and the actual numbers (I didn’t photograph them!) are pringed  at the top.

Such a “don’t care” attitude on the part of those who send us our monthly bills…make it very difficult for us to get any proper information out of these pieces of paper. The only certainty is, if we do not pay up by the due date (which is also not clear)…our electricity will be cut off.

BESCOM, improve your practices. Surely it cannot be all that tough to align your bills properly and print them out?




  1. Deepa Mohan says:

    There is also a line on the bill which says “GOK penalty”. What is GOK? God Only Knows! There is NO mention of a Customer ID anywhere on the bill!

  2. M Ramachandran says:

    It is not Bescom alone who issue computerized bill which is not aligned properly.BWSSB meter reader too has a “don’t care” attitude. These utility services are a pain in your back despite the looting that take place. A “darshini” anywhere in Bengaluru will print out a bill for a cup of coffee or for an idly properly.Then why these employees of Bescom and BWSSB can not align the paper properly? The meter readers must be told to correct their “who care” attitude before some hot head consumer break their head with the same “simputer” or hand held billing machine.

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