Why do schools hike fee? How a layout near Sarjapur Road layout solved water woes Monsoon & dengue help


Hello again from Citizen Matters team! We’re back with our newsletter, to bring you more news and analysis. And our most popular story of the week – how this Sarjapur Road layout solved their water problems, with rainwater collecting, recharge, wastewater treatment and more. And they have no more need for water tankers! Read: Reaching water sustainability.

The highlight: Why do schools hike fees?

Pic: Shree D N

After we look at what makes Bengaluru schools hike their fee, we know look at the other side. While there are schools that hike their fee arbitrarily, there are also schools that need revenues to recover operational expenses and investment cost. How can the system ensure the schools don’t charge exorbitantly?

Saga of BBMP’s illegal ad hoardings

BBMP is unable to remove the illegal hoardings, at the same time not able to make any money from them. Is there anything that can be done to solve the problem? Read the last part in the series: Reforms in advertising: How many miles to go?

K Mathai’s reports on illegal advertising in Bengaluru: Part II

Also read: Ashwin Mahesh ponders on working with the government.

School time

It’s the story of a girl from a low income family, who dreams to become an aeronautical engineer. Deepanjali Mishra passed her Grade 10 (CBSE) exams with A1 score in all five subjects. Her father is a plumber and mother is a cook. Thanks to the support of school and some good samaritans, she will now continue her study in a reputed school.When a dream takes wings, a girl shines.

What do toys mean for children of roadside construction labourers, who cannot go to schools? What happens when people start ‘giving’ to them? Here’s an experience.

Updates from BMTC

BMTC has started issuing bus passes to students on a staggered timetable to ensure a smooth process. Help students in your neighbourhood get the bus passes. Read: BMTC Bus passes for students – 2016-17.

Also read: Coming soon: Smart cards for transit in Bengaluru

Monsoon in Bengaluru – help and self-help

Monsoon has begun in Bengaluru, and it’s that time of the year when the flooded roads and fallen trees make everyone feel the need to have a better-planned city.

There are all chances of your area getting flooded causing hardship. Here are the numbers you will need to get help, to clear the flood, fallen trees and to catch the reptiles that lose base and start scouting around in your locality.

Replenishing ground water with rainwater harvesting is a possible practical solution for the water woes of Bengaluru. Here’s an example of a layout becoming self-sustainable with water recharge.

A team of citizens at Nataraj Layout in JP Nagar cleared rainwater channels and helped rainwater flow into Puttenahalli lake. Here’s how they did it.

Dengue cases are on the rise. Read our guides on how to stop mosquito-breeding, and how to avoid the disease.

Bengaluru goes green during environment day

On the occasion of World Environment Day last weekend, residents of Indira Nagar celebrated the day by planting saplings, tree mapping and by organising painting competition for children. Read: Indira Nagar celebrates Environment Day.

Over 1,000 environment enthusiasts participated in the World environment Day programme organised by YUVA held at Allasandra lake. Read: World Environment Day at Allasandra.

This NGO rents steel cutlery, and helps people get saplings. There’s also a zero waste kitchen run by them – Read more about Adamya Chetana.

Are you sure you aren’t contributing to garbage? Whitefield Rising compiles a list of things for everyone in the society to do, to reduce the garbage burden.

Bengaluru’s real estate realities

There are several instances of BBMP issuing B Khata to flats without valid reasons, thereby harassing the innocent buyer. A lot of change in the mindset of officials and the government is needed to improve this sluggish process, writes U Vishwanath Rao. Read: Can Bengaluru ever become Khatha-mukt?

A slice of Bengaluru’s history

IN 2006, Harini Nagendra, Professor at Azim Premji University began a long term programme aimed at documenting the ecology and diversity of Bengaluru city. The result of her research is her book “Nature in the city.” Read the excerpt.

News that matters:

  • With the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd’s Tunnel Boring Machine Kaveri achieving a breakthrough at Majestic, the process for setting the North-South Metro line in motion has gained speed. The machine has tunnelled a distance of 1.57 km between KR Market Station and Majestic and has connected the North and South. One more machine, Krishna, is yet to reach Majestic.

  • Regional Commissioner M V Jayanthi has recently written to the BBMP Commissioner questioning why the BBMP has not cancelled the membership of corporators who have not declared their assets before the Mayor. The letter is the result of a complaint by S Ananda, a resident of Banashankari. According to the norms, BBMP corporators are supposed declare their assets before the Mayor every year.

  • Farmers staged a protest in front of the deputy commissioner’s office recently, opposing the ‘forcible’ land acquisition for the Bengaluru-Chennai Expressway project. They alleged that the district administration was acquiring the land without following due procedures, such as issuing notice to the farmers.

  • The BBMP has issued a notice to Morgan Solid Waste Company Holding Ltd that operates a waste processing plant at Chikkanagamangala for not adhering to standard operating procedure and for causing unrest among citizens living near the processing plant. According to news reports, BBMP SWM Special Commissioner has sought a written compliance report from the company.

  • Mayor B N Manjunath Reddy has directed the BBMP officials to draw an action plan to divert effluents and set up a sewage treatment plant at Kasavanahalli lake. His direction has come in the wake of citizens demand to protect the water body.

  • A Mangaluru-bound Jet Airways flight made an emergency landing in Bengaluru half an hour after takeoff, when passengers noticed smoke in the cabin on Wednesday.

Last but not least, take a look at the upcoming events here.

Here’s how you can interact with your fellow citizens and our editorial team.

Have a happy weekend!

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