Bengaluru for Chennai: Funds in excess of 10 lakh raised by two Facebook groups

A Bangalorean who was involved in the relief work in Chennai post the floods shares his experience. Many went out of their way to help people who they did not know, he says.

Since the time Chennai has been ravaged by the floods in early-December, we have been hearing stories of how Bengaluru has pulled through for the people of Chennai. This is one such story. 

Over 10 lakhs raised

Members of the Facebook groups Drive Without Borders and Wake Up Bengaluru came together to raise funds to support the relief work in Chennai. In less than 10 days, funds in excess of 10 lakhs were generated by members of the two groups. 

We delivered the relief material in two phases. In the first phase, volunteers from the groups visited a few places in and around Porur and Manapakkam, which were among the most severely affected, and distributed the relief material with our own hands. This took place on December 6th. We went in waist-deep waters in a SUV and delivered milk and water to 600+ houses in the Noombal area. While we were doing so, a local councillor came with his goons and snatched a considerable amount of material by threatening us.

The following material was delivered during the first phase on December 6th:

  • 18,000 litres of bottled water
  • 5,000 litres of milk (tetra packs)
  • Bread and biscuits
  • Clothes, blankets and mats

During the second phase of relief work on December 13th, volunteers distributed material to over 550 + families in a church, a labour camp and also donated material to seven orphanages. The materials included:

  • 5,000 units of Clotrimazle antifungal dusting powder
  • 5,000 units of Silver Sulphadiazine cream
  • 5,000 packets of Sanitary pads
  • 5,000 units of mosquito repellent cream
  • 5,000 packs of mosquito repellent coils

I have realised that differences exists only in our minds and the same is planted by few people/parties with vested interests. One calamity and we all came together regardless of our religion/caste/creed. Many went out of their way to help people whom they did not know.

In pictures: Bengaluru for Chennai

The truck with the relief material. Pic: Waseem Memon

Volunteers unpack relief material for distribution. Pic: Waseem Memon

Chennai residents waiting to pick up water bottles. Pic: Waseem Memon

Mosquito repellent being handed. Pic: Waseem Memon

Distributing sanitary napkins to the women. Pic: Waseem Memon

Many NGOs and informal groups are still working to help the flood-affected in Chennai, Cuddalore and other areas, get back on their feet. To know more about how you can pitch in from here, read: How Bengaluru is helping Chennai.

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  1. Frazer Town says:

    Well done… This is what its all about. breaking down the barriers created by people, by religion, by politicians and for once being plain human.

    Well Done Waseem. Keep up the good work.

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