BBMP sets up ‘war room’ to contain corona

BBMP has set up a 'war room' to prevent the spread of coronavirus and create awareness. The 24X7 war room will keep track of quarantined people, collect data, map affected areas, and so on.

BBMP has set up a ‘war room’ to stop the spread of coronavirus and create awareness. The war room is situated in the six floor of the Palike’s annexe building.

Following are the priorities of the war room, as per a press release from BBMP:

  • Keeping vigil on those infected and ensuring that it does not spread.
  • Collecting information on all arriving from abroad and keeping track of them.
  • Calling every day and keeping track of those who are on home quarantine for 15 days.
  • War room staff to work 24/7 in three shifts.
  • Using the format provided by WHO, the war room will be mapping the regions affected, measures taken and monitor the state of implementation.
  • Collecting data on areas affected, families and people residing in them and so on

There is a 24/7 Command and Control Centre to:

  • Display dashboard with information gathered through 2.0 application forms on complaints, those redressed and those still pending.
  • Segregate complaints division-wise and department-wise.
  • Keep ward-wise information available on road works, road cutting for OFC cable laying works, and so on.
  • Information and monitoring of solid waste management in the city.
  • Vigil on waste collection and vehicles that transport them.
  • Monitor sweeping machines on arterial and sub arterial roads
  • Monitor attendance of workers who use these machines, and that of pourakarmikas.
  • Vigil on public toilets.
  • Keeping an eye on black spots
  • Vigil on people dumping or burning garbage by the wayside, lakes or in rajakaluves.

[This article is the translation of a Kannada press release issued by BBMP.]


  1. Ravi Honnavara says:

    Sir, it is a great step to implement the war room with dashboard facility to help control monitoring, tracking and controlling spread of Covid-19 virus.
    Now that you have mapped all infected geographically, my suggestion is to put up Notice boards at key places where the infected have visited. This will help others to be cautious at these places.
    Hope this helps

  2. Dr. Shantala says:

    I am Dr. Shantala. Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, heading the department at People Tree Hospitals, Goruguntepalya, Bengaluru. Iam 54 years with over 25 years of experience in ObGyn,worked in private/govt sector & abroad. I would like to be a part of your war against Covid-19,especially in planning & strategising.

  3. Sathya says:

    It is good to have war room but Garbage collectors are not coming – i understand even they have issues in coming during this Covid crisis. They have not been given covering equipments to keep themselves and others safe- N95 Masks, gloves… what will do apartment complexes do if Garbage collectors are not coming, few days they come wait for 30 minutes and apartment ppl need to come down and handover garbage- It will violate the implementation of social distancing endangering safety of flat ppl as well the Garbage collector as all flat owners/tenants will come down to handover garbage personally to Garbage collector. What is the solution here.

  4. Dhirendra Krishna says:

    NEXT URGENT STEPS: This is a replicable example and should be followed by others. Please make training module for them and disseminate to all Districts/ Municipalities/ Panchayats. Create a interactive website to reply all quarries that may arise in implementation all over the country. ON A PARALLEL BASIS, arrange international dissemination of information about this model: there should be parallel war rooms all over tthe world

  5. Rajesh sunke says:

    One of 65 yrs friend whose is highly diabetes is stuck up in one of the hotel in mysore.his name is kashinath kulkarni.his mobile is +919967152574.can somebody help him to go back to his home in mumbai or to a safe place in Mysore.

  6. B Uma Maheswari says:

    I salute the BBMP for setting this war room up. We should share this with the whole country (India) – transcending state borders.

  7. Sadanand kurdikeri says:

    Sir my name is sadanand Kurdikeri,bank of baroda employee, residing in 2nd block,Rajajinagar,Bangalore, having mk square foundation,organising and presenting music programs in aid of cancer affected people for the last 20 years, for more information please see Facebook ,,Kishore sadanand Kurdikeri, Now I would like to give corona awerness (preventive measurers ) through music/songs in an auto with music system fixed to Bangalore people .in the localities I shall be thankful to you to give me an opportunity to serve and permit me to do
    My mobile number is
    8762190514/mail address is
    Thanking you,
    Sincerely yours,
    Sadanand kurdikeri

  8. Sadiq Sheriff says:

    Sir, I and my friends have made a small group to co-ordinate with police and BBMP to tackle the day to day affairs, We are unable to control & convince the people to stay at home. They are in need of chewing gutkha & smoking with tea. So please provide us the list of corona virus patients local list to show the proof and force them to stay at home. Hope you may consider the request and do the needful and oblige.
    Best Regards
    Sadiq Sheriff

  9. Jayshree Misra says:

    Great effort! All the best to Team BBMP.

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