BBMP Budget 2016-17 – full text

Budget speech by Chairman of BBMP Taxation Committee M Shivaraj, for the year 2016-17.



Full text of the BBMP budget speech 2016-17 presented by M Shivaraju, CHAIRMAN, TAXATION AND FINANCE COMMITTEE, BBMP, BENGALURU

I heartily welcome all who are present in the Kempegowda Council Hall and I request your permission to present the Bruhath Bangaluru Managanagara Palike‟s Budget for the year 2016-17.

Remembering with high gratitude, the great personality, the social reformer Sri. Basavanna, who was in the court of Bijjala during 12th century A.D. and made revolutions in Kalyana with his social justice, welfare of all. Transparency in his all walks, religious insight, with the greater responsibility of bringing in over all development of art, literature, sport and culture.

I thank my parents, mentors and the general public for giving me an opportunity to present the budget in the financial path left behind by those great Sharanas.

Our National Congress party came into power after Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike has become Bhuhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike with the support of Janatha Dal (S) and independent Corporators. I feel that, it is ineviatable to keep cautious steps towards the path of development by keeping in mind the glory of the city during the regime of “Nadaprabhu Kempegowda” at this time of presenting the budget of Bruhath Bengaluru Managanagara Palike for the year 2016-17.

In 1537 during the period of Nada prabhu Kempegowda the area of Bengaluru was only 2.5 sqr km. Now the administrative area of Bengaluru grown beyond 800 sq.kms. and is still developing continuously. We remember Nada prabhu Kempegowda for his administration and vision and the four boarder watch towers.

It is indeed a challenging process to give a better administration to an area of 800 sqr kms from the previous 225 sq kms. In this regard Administrative reforms are the necessity of the day. Financial management of such a big area is major challenge and it is evident that BBMP has failed in managing the finances.

I welcome worshipful Mayor, Sri B.N. Manjunatha Reddy, Deputy Mayor, Smt.S.P.Hemalatha Gopalaiah, the Hon‟ble Chief Minister of Government of Karnataka, Sri. Siddaramaiah, Sri. H.D.Devegowda, Former Prime Minister and JD(S) National President, Dr. G.Parameshwar, Hon‟ble Minister for Home and President KPCC, Sri K.J. George, Hon‟ble District incharge and Minister for Bengaluru Development, Sri Ramalinga Reddy, Hon‟ble MLA‟s and MLC‟s of Bengaluru city. Sri. R.S. Sathyanarayana, leader of ruling party. Sri.Padmanabha Reddy, leader of opposition Party, Sri.M.Anand, Leader of JD(S) party, Chairmen of all Standing Committees, and also all my fellow Corporators of BBMP.

Government has responded positively and our popular Chief Minister has provided Rs.4222.73 cr financial assistance to BBMP for the integrated development in the State Budget for the year 2016-17. I thank whole-heartedly The Hon‟ble Chief Minister and the In Charge Minister for Bengaluru City for providing financial assistance to Bengaluru City on behalf  of people of Bengaluru city and also on behalf of BBMP.

I sought the opinion and suggestions from Hon‟ble Chief Minister of Govt. of Karnataka, Sri. Siddaramaiah, Sri K J George, Hon‟ble District incharge and Minister for Bengaluru Development, Sri Ramalinga Reddy, Hon‟ble Minister for Transport, Sri Dinesh Gundurao, Hon‟ble Minister for Food and Civil Supplies, Sri Roshan Baig, Hon‟ble Minister for Information & Broadcasting, Sri Krishna Byregowda, Hon‟ble Minister for Agriculture, Hon‟ble Members of Lokasabha and Rajyasabha, MLA‟s and MLC‟s of Bengaluru City, NGO‟s, Students Organizations, Dalit Organizations, Chairman Kannada Sahithya Parishath, Ex-Mayors, Deputy Mayors, Chairmen of all Standing Committees, Leaders of Ruling party, Opposition Party, JD(s), Senior Corporators, and leaders of all different Parties in preparing this Budget. I thank all those who helped me in presenting a better budget under the present circumstances.

I welcome Commissioner, BBMP, Special Commissioners, Additional / Joint Commissioners of all the Zones, all Officers and Staff of BBMP, representatives of print and visual media and also the Citizens of

I have made an effort to present a realistic budget for the year 2016-2017 based on the actual Receipts and Payments. I also made a sincere effort to provide grants to all the Zones and Wards. A bold step has been taken to relive BBMP from all kinds of loans and according to the KMC Act importance is given to maintenance works which have to be taken up inevitably and importance is also given to provide grants for developmental works.

Revised budget for 2015-16
An amount of Rs.5411.25 cr was estimated as receipt, as per the revised budget the actual receipt is Rs.4524.42 cr. The total payment was estimated as Rs.5409.68 cr, as per the revised budget the total payment is Rs.4554.65 cr.

Opening balance: Rs 17.17 Crore
Receipts : Rs: 4542.42 Crore
Total : Rs 4559.59 Crore
Payments: 4554.65 Crore
Closing balance as on 31-3-2016: Rs 4.95 Crore.

Budget estimate for 2016-17
Opening balance for 2016-17 is Rs.4.95 cr, estimated receipts Rs.8991.48 cr, Total receipts for 2016-17 Rs.8996.43 which include Rs.2445.10 cr from Tax revenue, Rs.1247.86 cr from Non tax revenue Rs.4235.80 cr from govt grants and Rs.1062.72 cr from Other sources. During the present year Rs.8994.41 cr is proposed for payment out of which Rs.6009.92 cr as capital payment, Rs.2984.49 cr as Revenue payments. An amount of Rs.202.31 lakhs additional expenditure is expected during the
year 2016-17.

Budget estimate for 2016-17 Crores
Opening balance 4.95
Receipts 8991.48
Total 8996.43
Payments 8994.41
Closing balance as on 31-1-2017 2.02

Action for Improvement of Resources in Palike
Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike is under heavy financial burden and loan liability is also more. Worshipful Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Leader of Ruling Party, Chairmen of all the Committee and all Members of Taxation and Finance Committee have involved in property tax collection drive sincerely, to increase the collection of property tax by visiting regularly to all the Revenue offices and Zonal offices.

Better services to citizens

  • Many initiatives have been taken to help the public in lodging their grievances with help of Information Technology. A new mobile App called „SAHAAYA’ has been developed and effectively implemented.
  • A provision is made for the public to lodge their complaints by using whatsApp.
  • Wi-Fi facility is provided for the help of people of Bengaluru at important commercial places.
  • Free medical check up camps is organized on every Wednesday in the interest of public health.
  • A new mobile App called „E-Toilet‟ has been developed and effectively implemented which helps the citizen‟s to know the locations of ‘E-Toilet’.
  • An online system is implemented for the public to lodge complaints regarding the removal of trees in dangerous condition.
  • Use of online system/ advertisement app for implementing new advertisement policy and also for the removal of unauthorized hoardings.
  • Online system will be implemented for receiving applications and issuing license as per rules for displaying advertisement hoardings and boards.
  • Action will be taken to give H.I.D. No. (Hoarding identification no.) to authorized advertisements hoardings like P.I.D. no. to properties in the website of BBMP which will help the public in viewing the size, place and photo of the hoarding.
  • A software application is developed and it will be implemented shortly for the help of public to get the birth and death certificates through online.
  • GIS based multi agency road cutting system is implemented for the effective maintenance of roads under BBMP limits with BESCOM, KPTCL, BWSSB to minimize inconvenience to public. Obtaining opinion from all these offices is made compulsory for cutting the roads in future.
  • RTGS system is implemented for the disbursement of Mayor medical fund directly to beneficiaries.

Administrative reforms

  • Recruitment process of 4000 Poura Karmikas is in progress for the effective collection and transportation of Solid Waste. Action will be taken to complete the process in this year.
  • Action will be taken to construct separate dressing rooms for Men/Women in the Mustering centers of the wards.
  • A MOU has been entered into with National insurance company for providing cash less treatment facility to all the regular officers/staff of BBMP in selected Hospitals as in patient and out patients instead of the existing managed health care system. An amount of Rs.12.00 Cr is earmarked for this purpose.
  • Govt. has approved the abolition of 2034 unwanted posts and creations of 208 new posts of Officers and Staff in various cadres of BBMP.
  • Implementation of New Pension Scheme is in process as per the Govt. Orders for the benefit of employees of BBMP who are recruited on or after 01-04-2016 since this is applicable to all the Urban Local Bodies.
  • 500 Officers / Staff have been given training to improve the administrative skill and professional competency of all group A, B, C and D employees. This process will continue in this year also.
  • An experienced lawyer will be deployed in all the zones to get the legal opinion in time and to strengthen the legal cell to effectively handle the cases lodged by BBMP.
  • Action will be taken to upload the Entire activities of legal cell such as progress of the cases, information regarding the cases, copies of court orders to help the lawyers and the complainants.
  • An experienced lawyer will be deployed to get the legal opinion concerned to advertisement.
  • Stringent action will be taken to maintain the road history book in all the wards compulsorily.
  • Officers /Staff of Revenue and Accounts sections will be given special professional skill training during the current year.
  • An effective step will be taken to reduce all unwanted administrative expenses. Obtaining administrative and technical sanction will be made compulsory before making payments for effective control of the expenditure.
  • Action has been taken to reduce the number of DDOs from 685 to 145 for effective administration.
  • It has been decided to transfer the Officers/ Staff working in one place for more than 3 years to improve the administration and to utilize the professional skill of the employees.

Financial Reforms:

  • In the previous term 11 prestigious buildings of BBMP were pledged to borrow loan from M/s HUDCO. Kempegowda museum and Mayo hall, the two prestigious and heritage properties are taken back by repaying the loan amount.
  • Action will be initiated to get back all the remaining pledged properties by repaying the loan amount in a phased manner.
  • An amount of Rs.22.16 Cr was borrowed from M/s KUIDFC for the development of 17 lakes during the previous term. The loan amount is fully re-paid and now BBMP is free from all kinds of liabilities of KUIDFC.
  • For implementing different projects, BBMP has raised loan from different nationalized banks with an interest rate ranging from 10.65% to 11.25 %. At present an amount of Rs.665.00 Cr is due for Repayment. A MOU has been entered into with M/s HUDCO bank to take over the entire loan amount pending with different nationalized banks at an interest rate of 10.15%. Action is taken to re-pay the entire pending loan amount of other nationalized banks from the loan raised with M/s HUDCO bank. By this initiative BBMP is saving Rs.5.00 Cr annually in the form of interest. And in the forth coming four years BBMP will save Rs.20.00 Cr in the form of interest.
  • An amount of Rs.5.88 Cr saved in the form of interest by paying loan amount to HUDCO in advance from ESCREW account.
  • Action has been taken to reduce the number of bank accounts from 632 various receipts and payments current accounts by opening 27 saving Bank Accounts in Canara Bank to achieve effective financial control. BBMP will get approximately an amount of Rs.15.00 to 20.00 Cr in the form of interest through these S/B accounts. Already an amount of Rs.7.79 Cr is credited to the BBMP account in the form of interest from sep-2015 to feb-2016.
  • To have a better financial control 27 new S/B accounts have been opened in canara bank located in BBMP head office by closing 632 different types of receipt and payment current accounts.
  • It is expected to get Rs.15 to 20 cr in form of interest annually through the S/B accounts opened in Canara bank. BBMP has already earned Rs.7.79 cr in the form of interest from Sep-2015 to Feb-2016.
  • The existing IFMS software is upgraded.
  • Payment to the contractors through special LOC system is totally abolished.
  • Payments through RTGS-real time gross settlement is introduced for the payment of all the bills by abolishing payments through cheques.
  • Payment of pending bills is made directly to the contractors account through RTGS based on the seniority of the bill. Corruption is controlled by this initiative.
  • Financial discipline has been brought in by making all receipts and payments through online by using IFMS- Integrated financial management system software.
  • Transparency has been brought in by uploading all the transaction of accounts department in the website.
  • Public can view the financial transactions and matters related to administration in the web site of BBMP.

Expected income for BBMP from tax and non tax revenue during the year 2016-17

1. Revenue department.

  • Property tax is a major source of own income for BBMP. Wednesday of every week is declared as tax collection day to improve the tax collection. An emphasis is made to increase the property tax collection by using different methods through effective working by the senior officers of the Revenue department of all the zones especially on this day.
  • A different approach has been adopted by the taxation and financialcommittee through special interest to encourage the property tax collection drive. All the Ministers and MLA‟s of Bengaluru, Worshipful Mayor, Deputy Mayor, leaders of ruling party, JD(S), Chairmen of all standing committees and members, senior officers including Hon‟ble Commissioner have actively participated to encourage the officials and staff of Revenue department in increasing the collection of property tax. This has resulted in highest collection of property tax in this year.
  • The following actions have been proposed to collect much more property tax during the year 2016-17.
  • The action has been taken to make payment of property tax easily through online system for tax payers and public can view daily collection property tax in BBMP there by bringing transparency.
  • “Palike Sampanmula” software developed with assistance of National Information Centre (NIC) is being adopted in BBMP from the beginning of this financial year.
  • Software has been developed to receive all applications of property tax through online only, thereby making payment of property tax in bank, credit cards, debit cards, RTGS, NEFT and other modes of online payment compulsorily.
  • All efforts have been made to bring “E ASTHI” in collaboration with NIC in 90 days, thereby providing all services related to Khatha through online only.
  • It is proposed to implement “NAMMA ASTHI” of Kaveri software in collaboration with the department of stamps and registration for issuing Khatha certificate. This will help in reducing problem to the public and will help in removing brokers.
  • Action will be taken to assign PID Numbers to all the properties to collect 100% property tax.
  • To bring in transparency, the details of the property tax paid by the public after 2008, ward wise property tax collection details will be published in BBMP web site shortly. The public can verify their property tax payment details through BBMP web site.
  • As per the KMC act property tax has to be revised once in a every three years in BBMP. Though the property tax is the major source of income for BBMP it has not been revised for more than eight years in spite of the objections from the Govt. and also from the audit department. The proposal sent to Govt. during Administrator period to revise property tax was approved by the Government and property tax is revised with effect from 01-04-2016.
  • It is decided to transfer all the officers/staff of revenue department who are working for more than three years in one place to revenue offices of other zones to increase resources and also the efficiency of the staff.
  • It is expected to generate Rs.2400.00 Cr as property tax, Rs.552.00 Cr as cess Rs. 247.77 Cr as betterment charges thereby total amount of Rs.3100.00 Cr as revenue from the revenue department from all the above mentioned initiatives.

2. Market Rent collected from the BBMP‟s own commercial complexes and shops is a major source of income. Most of the shop owners are paying very less rent as per the fixation done long back. Hence it is proposed to revise these rates. By this act, an additional income of Rs.50.00 cr is expected during this year.

3. Advertisement tax

  • As per the KMC act advertisement tax is major source of income to BBMP. BBMP has sent a proposal seeking approval of the govt. to ban all kinds of advertisement of make the city as advertisements free Bengaluru. But the govt. has rejected the proposal with a suggestion to implement a revised advertisement policy with necessary amendments for effective collection of advertisement tax.
  • As per the above, Advertisement department will be strengthened and action will be taken to display all kinds of advertisement as per the rules and action will also be taken to penalize the illegal advertisements as per the rule.
  • Action has been taken to issue license and permission through online by adopting latest technology in advertisements department. Complete details of place, map and hoardings will be uploaded in the website for public information.
  • Entire process of issuing license and permission of advertisement department will be done through e-tendering.
  • For displaying cinema advertisements, permission will be given to Film Chamber of Commerce to put up 10 big advertisement hoardings in each assembly constituency and pasting of all kinds of cinema posters on the public walls will be banned to preserve the beauty of the city.
  • It is expected to collect Rs.145.00 cr. from advertisement by all this initiatives during this financial year.

4. Optical fibre cable fee

  • Fees and rents are collected from the OFC service providers and telecom companies. BBMP is not getting any income from the unauthorized cabling though it was identified. Suitable amendment is made to KMC Act for bringing improvements to collection of rent and fee from OFC and the same will be implemented effectively.
  • Action will be taken to set up vigilance team to remove all unauthorized OFC cables.
  • Online system is introduced to issue license to the OFC operators. There is a provision in this system to collect annual rent, fees and fines in this system.
  • Unauthorized cable put over electric poles and OFC will be identified and fee/ fine will be collected.
  • It is expected to collect Rs.350.00 cr from OFC fee and a total of Rs.407.00 cr including other fee is expected from OFC during this year.

5. Solid Waste Management Cess:

Solid waste management cess is collected from the residential and non residential properties along with property tax. An amount of Rs.75.00 cr is expected from this fee during this year.

6. Trade License:

BBMP has simplified the system of issuing Trade License, by keeping public interest and financial interest of the BBMP. BBMP has raised the validity period of Trade License from existing one year to
three or five years, if desired by the traders. Which in turn reduces the interference of brokers and which also saves time to the traders. 85 New trades have been included to the trade license net, which in turn additional revenue of around Rs. 42 crores is expected from this.

7. Town Planning:
From Town Planning Department BBMP is expecting to collect revenue of Rs. 372.00 crores during 2016-17 by means of fees, fines and other receipts.

8. Government Grants:
Government of Karnataka in its budget for 2016-17 has declared the following grants to BBMP.

  • Rs. 266.41 crores under SFC Tied Grants.
  • Rs. 233.34 crores under SFC Untied Grants.
  • Rs. 286.26 crores under SFC Tied Grants for Electrical payments and Maintenance.
  • Rs. 1000.00 crores under Chief Minister‟s Nagarothana Grants.
  • Rs. 2158.00 crores under Special Basic Infrastructure Grants.
  • Rs. 50.00 crores under Lake Development.
  • Totally Rs. 4222.73 crores Grants under various heads is expected from Govt. of Karnataka.
  • Rs. 13 crores is expected from Central Government ‘AMRUT’ Grants for development of parks.
  • Totally Rs.4235.73 crores grants are expected from central and state Government.

As explained above, Total of around Rs. 8,991.46 crores Revenue is expected from BBMP‟s own resources and Grants from the state government and central government during 2016-17.

Proposed welfare programmes, maintainance and developmental works during the year 2016-17

Welfare Programmes:
Main objective of BBMP is to uplift the urban poor. The welfare schemes to the urban poor are made on the basis of Social Economic Survey (SES) 2015 and grants will be distributed ward wise for effective implementation of welfare programmes. Preferences are given for SC/ST, backward classes and minority beneficiaries and women welfare programmes.

Selection of Beneficiaries for welfare programmes will be done transparently. The procurement of goods and services for welfare programmes will be undertaken as per the provisions of KTPP Act and it will be uploaded in the BBMP Website.

In the current year much importance is given for construction of individual houses and for skill development programmes through which the beneficiaries will become self reliant.

In the present BBMP Council there are more than 50% of women representatives, women Welfare Programmes for the welfare of women and for the specially abeled are proposed as below.

Namma Mane Scheme:

  • Rs. 237.60 crores is reserved for construction of 30 houses per ward at a cost of Rs. 4.00 lakhs per house under 24.10% scheme for construction of individual houses for SC/ST.
  • Rs. 118.80 crores is reserved for construction of 15 houses per ward at a cost of Rs. 4.00 lakhs per house Under the Namma Sooru – Namma Mane Scheme for construction of individual houses for BCM/Minorities/Economically Weaker Section community. This grant will be transfered to the beneficiary account through RTGS in 3 stages.
  • For transparent implementation of these schemes software of Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation Software will be adopted.
  • The amount given for individual houses construction from BBMP will be rised from existing Rs.3.00 lakhs to Rs.4.00 lakhs.
  • Rs. 30.00 crores is reserved for first installment payment to the „Karnataka Slum Clearance Board‟ towards proposed construction of 5000 houses in 3 years for which BBMP has to provide Rs. 130.00 Crores.
  • Rs. 1.00 crores is reserved for 125th Birth Centenary Celebrations of Dr. B.R Ambedkar to be held in BBMP.
  • “Kayaka Yogi” scheme Rs. 5 crores is reserved for Financial Assistance to Skilled labourers like Weavers, Barbars, Dhobis, Carpenters, Potters, Medars and other labour sections of the  society.
  • Rs. 10.10 crores at the rate of Rs. 10 lakhs per ward is reserved for Special Women Welfare Programmes in the wards represented by women corporators, to take up women welfare schemes excluding civil works.
  • Sandya Kuteera: Rs. 3.00 crores is reserved for construction of Old Age Homes under PPP model for needy Senior Citizens.
  • Anna Daasoha: Rs. 4.00 crores is reserved for Mid-Day Meal Scheme for Senior Citizens.
  • The Night Shelters will be started in all zones for the convenience of the “Distress” group of people.
  • Rs. 2.00 crores is reserved for financial Self Reliance for Road Side Hawkers. Perticular places will be identified to carry out the business of road side Hawkers.
  • NULM – National Urban Livelihood Mission will be effectively implemented in BBMP.
  • Rs. 2 crores is reserved for Financial Assistance, Financial Self Reliance and Educational Improvement Schemes and Upliftment schemes to Transgenders residing in BBMP limits.
  • For the current year total amount of Rs 756.49 Cr is earmarked for welfare schemes in budget.

2. Culture and Sports:

To encourage rural sports the vacant lands of BBMP will be developed as play grounds and training and encouragement will be given to BBMP School and college students to play rural sports.

  • Rs. 50.00 lakhs has been provided to encourage Kannada & Cultural Programmes in BBMP Limits.
  • Rs. 2.00 crores is reserved for Improvements of Nada Prabhu Kempegowda Samadi in Kempapura Village.
  • Rs 1.00 Cr is reserved for the establishment of Kempegowda research centre in Bengaluru University.
  • Rs. 2.50 reserved for the renovation of Kempegowda Museum.
  • Angala: Rs. 2.00 crores is reserved for Encouragement of Rural Sports Activities
  • Rs. 1.00 crores is reserved for the up gradation of Dr.Rajkumar Kalakshethra of Rajajinagar.
  • Financial assistance of Rs. 1.00 crores will be provided for the construction of Kannada Mane at kannada sahithya parishath
  • To Encourage Kannada film actors financial assistance o f Rs.1.00 Cr will be provided for the construction of “ARTIST BUILDING”
  • Action will be taken to name the circles and roads of Bengaluru city in the name of kannada literary legends.
  • Rs. 1.00 Cr is reserved for the celebration of Bengaluru Karaga Mahothsava.
  • Cultural Activities like Bengaluru Karaga, Kadalekayi Parishe, Rural heritage Functions which have made the Bengaluru city famous will be given more importance and encouragement.
  • Action will be taken to Protect the Historical and Heritage Places in the Bengaluru City as per the suggestions of Central Arts Commission.
  • Priority will be given for development and maintenance of Sri.Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple, Magadi Kempegowda Fort and Summer Palace of Tippu Sultan.

3. Health Programmes:

BBMP is running maternity hospitals, Referral hospitals and primary health centers as part of its primary responsibility to provide better health to the urban poor. Following health programs have been taken up during the current year for the improvement in the health of urban poor.

  • Action will be taken to set up dialysis centers in every constituency of BBMP.
  • The programs of issuing “Thayi Madilu Kit” will be continued for all class of women who awhile dilevery services in the referral and Maternity hospital in the BBMP. An amount of Rs.1.00 cr is reserved for this purpose.
  • As part of Animal husbandry program it is proposed to start new Animal Birth Control Centers in Halasuru, Medihalli agrahara and at Sumana halli.

4. Education

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palikeis running Shishu Vihara, Primary School, High School, PU College and Degree colleges. The following bold steps have been taken to bring in competition with the private educational institutions.

  • Students from very weaker section are studying in BBMP schools.  Namma Shaleyalli English Kaliyona program will be started to improve the education standard, to speak and to write in English.
  • Educational tours with the collaboration of KSTDC and Forest department will be conducted to the students studying in BBMP schools and colleges to gain knowledge in the name of Namma Naadu Nodona . Rs.1.00 cr is reserved for this purpose.
  • It is proposed to provide free bus passes to the students of BBMP school for commuting to the school by BMTC Buses in the name of Saarige-Shalege. Rs.1.00 cr is reserved for this purpose.
  • It is proposed to give Midday meal to the students studying in PU colleges of BBMP in the name of Anna Daasoha. Rs.1.00 cr is reserved for this purpose.
  • It is proposed to provide Uniform grant to the students studying in PU colleges of BBMP directly to their bank accounts through RTGS. Rs.1.00 cr is reserved for this purpose.
  • CC Camera will be installed in all schools and colleges of BBMP in the interest of the security of the students under Kangavalu yojane.
  • Priority will be given to the maintenance and provide basic infrastructure facilities to all the school and college buildings of BBMP.

5. Horticulture

Chandana vana- Special emphasis is given in retaining the heritage name of Bengaluru as garden city. Vacant lands in the new zones will be identified to develop parks. Parks will be developed in Dasarahalli, Bommanahalli and Rajarajeshwari nagara zones at a cost of in the crores with the help of central and State share under Amrut scheme.

  • Programs will be taken up for the beautification and maintenance of parks, medians, Flyovers, Circles, eight entry points to the city, Railway station including Bengaluru Dairy circle. Rs.10.00cr is reserved for this purpose.
  • It is planned to maintain all the parks in BBMP limits effectively. Rs.40.00cr is reserved for this purpose.
  • Rs.20.00cr is reserved for the development of new parks.
  • Action will be taken to form a society for the maintenance and development of parks under public private partnership.
  • Importance will be given for the beautification and maintenance of all parks, circles and medians in BBMP limits through private partnership by way of adoption.
  • Preference will be given for planting the medicinal plants in parks.
  • Training will be conducted in the parks for developing mini gardens/terrace gardens and to educate the public in preserving water.
  • Pakshigalige Ondu Gutuku Neeru- It is our duty and responsibility to safe guard the birds from extinction, it is planned though plant trees which give different type of fruits and to place pots with water in the parks there by making water available to the birds.

6. Aforestation Program

  • Hasire usiru yogane- It has become inevitable to cut the road side trees for the developmental programs in BBMP limits. It is proposed to plant 2.00 lakh trees in all the 198 wards of BBMP to maintain the ecological balance, to increase the green environment and to reduce the temperature in the environment. An amount of Rs. 6 Cr is reserved for this purpose.
  • It is proposed to plant environment friendly local trees such as Cherry, Honge, Halasu, Bevu, Nelli, Sampige and Nerale which give food to the birds and shade the public. It is planned to conduct training to the house owners and to the public to safeguard these trees.
  • There are many trees of different kinds which have completed 100 years. It is planned to organize tree census programs to bring in awareness in children and to public regarding these trees.

7. Lakes development:

  • There are 108 lakes in BBMP limits out of which 89 are live lakes, 50 lakes are already develop and development program of the remaining lakes is in progress.
  • BDA has handed over 22 lakes for the purpose of Development to BBMP. It has become necessary to develop and maintain these lakes.
  • BBMP has handed over 13 lakes to local organizations for the purpose of maintenance through MOU. BBMP is saving Rs. 3.73 cr annually since these lakes are being maintained by these local organizations.
  • Suitable vet land and island will be created in the developed lakes there by making these places a home for the different kinds of local and migrating birds.
  • An amount of Rs. 10.00 Cr is provided for the development of new lakes.
  • An amount of Rs. 4.00 Cr is provided for the maintenance of lakes.
  • State government has declared Rs. 50.00 Cr through State Finance Commission and Rs. 50.00 Cr in Special Infrastructure program for the development of lakes in its Budget. The lakes will be developed by obtaining approval from the government.

8. Estate & Asset Management:

  • Action has been taken to safeguard the properties of BBMP. It is mandatory to register all the leased/rented properties in the office of Sub Registrar. All properties will be allotted with P.I.D no. and all the documents pertaining to properties of BBMP will be uploaded in the website along with the photographs of the property for the purpose of viewing by the public through Palike- Bhoomi software.
  • Public can view the complete details of the properties uploaded in the website and if any encroachment is observed, the matter can be brought to the notice of BBMP.
  • The process of preparing the software for recording the road history of all the roads including the entire information under BBMP limits is completed. Full details of the same will be uploaded in the BBMP website during this year.
  • The process of fencing the BBMP vacant land to safeguard them will be continued during this year also. An amount of Rs. 10.00 cr is provisioned for this.
  • Strict action will be taken to identify and get back the encroached properties of BBMP.
  • Action will be taken to get all the time barred leased properties back to BBMP.

9. Market:

State government has announced Rs 2158.00 Cr under Special Infrastructure Project in its budget for the year 2016-17. An amount of Rs 10.oo Cr is earmarked for the development of important Heritage markets such as Russal market, Johnson market and Krishnarajendra market and Rs. 10.00 cr is earmarked for the purpose of construction of multi level car parking at selected prime locations of the city.

10. Zonal works

All types of Civil works and the maintenance works of civil nature are carried out through 28 divisions of 8 zones in BBMP. Special emphasis is given to zonal civil works during the current year. It is proposed to undertake the following zonal level civil works.

  • Rs. 10.00 lakhs grant for civil works and Rs. 10.00 lakhs grant for water supply and maintenance was provided to each ward in 2015-16. On assuming the power, we have increased this to Rs.
  • 1.00 Cr to old wards and Rs. 1.50 cr to new wards for civil works and Rs. 25.00 lakhs for water supply and maintenance to each ward through consultation with state government.
  • Rs. 2.00 Cr grant for old wards and Rs. 3.00 Cr grant for new wards is continued for the year 2016-17 as ward maintenance grant.
  • Rs. 10.00 lakhs for each old ward and Rs. 35.00 lakhs each for new wards is provided for water supply and maintenance for the year 2016-17.

11. Proposed works under state finance commission and 14th finance commission grants

The government of Karnataka has provided Rs. 286.26 cr under the non plan, non salary head of the state finance commission grants and Rs. 228.71 Cr under 14th finance commission grants. It is proposed to undertake the following works under the above mentioned grants.

  • An amount of Rs. 23.25 Cr is provided for the installation of energy efficient LED bulbs. Out of which an amount of Rs 15.00 lakhs each for old wards and an amount of Rs.10.00 lakhs each for new wards is provided for the said purpose.
  • Jeeva Jala: An amount of Rs 26.00 Cr is provided for commissioning of one RO plant in each ward at the cost of Rs.13.00 lakhs to provide pure drinking water.
  • Haddina Kannu: It is proposed to install CC cameras at the selected vital points in each ward for the security of people. Rs 10.00 lakhs per ward is provided for this purpose totaling to an amount of Rs 20.00 Cr.
  • It is proposed to have a regular and continuous 24/7 maintenance by appointing 10 gang men and tractor/tipper in each ward. Rs 12.00 lakhs grant is provided to each ward totaling to an amount of Rs. 23.76 Cr.
  • It is proposed to establish quality control laboratory units at a cost of Rs. 2.50 cr each. An amount of Rs. 5.00 Cr is provided for this purpose.
  • Rs. 3.00 Cr is provided for the development of Dobhi ghats of the city.
  • An amount of Rs. 15.00 Cr is provided for the integrated development and maintenance of burial grounds, crematoriums and electrical crematoriums and also to procure vehicles to transport dead bodies under Chirashanti yogane.
  • It is proposed to undertake the beautification work under the flyovers.
  • It is proposed to construct hospitals and establish dialysis centers in different wards and rain water harvesting in drains.
  • It is proposed to construct animal birth control centers.
  • It is proposed to construct multipurpose buildings, community halls, old age homes, provide mid day meals to senior citizens, improvements to junctions and many types of developmental works in different wards.
  • Rs.228.71 cr is earmarked to provide basic infrastructure in urban local bodies as per the guidelines of the 14th finance commission for some specific works under the fixed proportion for water supply works, public toilets and septage maintenance, Underground drainage works, Solid Waste.
  • Management storm water drain works, maintenance of community properties, roads and foot path maintenance, installation and maintenance of street lights, electricity saving actions, maintenance of crematorium/burial ground offices.

Action plan will be prepared as per the government guidelines and the approval will be obtained to undertake the works in different wards as per the list enclosed in Annexure – 1.

12. Infrastructure Projects:

Hon‟ble Chief Minister has announced special package to Bangalore city for the next 2 years an amount of Rs.5,000.00 Crores under the theme of “Hoodikedaarara Nadige Karunadinedege”.

Following works will be taken under this grant.

1) Constructions of flyover from pipe line road to ring road through Kurubarahalli with an estimate amount of Rs.50.00 Crores.
2) White topping of important selected roads of 300 kms of length of Bangalore city.
3) Development of important road net work of old and new commercial areas of the city under Tender-Sure model.
4) Development of 1500 kms length of roads to provide alternative ways in road net work.
5) Development of Russell market. Johnson market and K R market which are heritagically important.
6) Development of important IT-BT areas including White field and Peenya industrial areas.
7) Development of multi level car parking at important places of the city.
8) Construction of grade seperators at Suranjan das road, Old madras road,Sarjapura-Haralur road junction and Hulimavu junction at Bannerghatta road,Arakere junction. Sony world junction flyover,Road widening from Hosur main road to Begur, Construction of steel bridge from Minerva circle to Town
hall,Flyover from from ITC to Banaswadi ORR,Steel bridge in Shivananda circle.
9) Lake development
10) Solid waste management
11) Construction of Storm water drains
12) Developmental works in 110 villages and CMC, TMC areas brought under BBMP limits.
13) Development of footpath and effective Traffic Management.
14) Developmental works under Chief Minister‟s Nagarothana scheme

For the above developmental works in the year 2016-17, an amount of 2158.00 cr and Rs.1000.00 cr under Nagarothana totally Rs.3158.00 cr has been announced by state govt.Works will be taken up accordingly.

Arterial and subarterial roads developed under Government grant will be maintained continuously.For road safety measures such as road marking,incorporation of reflectors and other maintainance an
amount of Rs.20.00 cr are earmarked on basis of 1.00 lakh per road of 2000 kms.

13. Storm water drain works

Presently there are 4 storm water drain valleys in Bangaluru city i.e Challaghatta valley, Hebbala valley,Koramangala valley and Vrishabhavathi valley.It is our duty to rejuvenate and construct the primary drain of 415.50 kms and 426.50 kms of secondary drains connecting these valleys. Presently there are 633 SWDs with a total length of 842.00 kms in BBMP limit.

Government has announced Rs.2158.00 crs for special basic infrastructure projects in 2016-17 budget out of which Rs.300 crs are kept for stor water drains.

14. Solid Waste Management Works

There are about 20,000 both BBMP and contract pourakarmikas working in BBMP limit solid waste management.It is proposed to give mid day meals to all these pourakarmikas and an amount of Rs.10 crs are kept for this purpose.

In Bangaluru city daily 3500 tons of garbage is generated and collection, street sweeping, transportation, processing and disposal is taken as challenge and it is done effectively. Presently 189 dry waste collection centres are working and dry waste is reused after processing. In Biomethanisation units of 5 tons capacity installed in 13 places wet waste is being processed.

To educate people about proper disposal of garbage many IEC activities are conducted with the involvement of local Resident Welfare Associations,Educational institutions, people representitives, volunteers, socially active citizens.

  • For effective processing of garbage, in Government grants of Rs.440.00 cr, SWM processing units are established in Kannahalli, Seegehalli, Doddabidarakallu, lingadheeranahalli, Subba rayanapalya, Chikkanagamangala and KCDC with a capacity of 2300 tons. Measures are taken to prevent abnoxious smell from garbage around these processing units in the interest of people living in those villages.Basic fecilities are provided in these villages.
  • Approval has been given to M/s Satharam enterprises, M/s Organic waste India and M/s S.L group to establish processing units of total capacity 2200 tons per day.
  • Government has entered MOU with Nexus Nova Company of Netherland to establish 600 ton daily capacity unit generating electricity from garbage.
  • Measures have been taken to bring more reforms in SWM disposal.
  • Importance is given to Intensive cleaning and hence every Saturday community intensive cleaning programme is carried out.
  • Appointment of 4000 PKs is under process.
  • Environmental Engineers well versed with SWM are appointed.
  • For garbage disposal and transport 200 auto tippers and 100 compactors will be purchased.
  • 16 mechanical sweeping mechines will be purchased.
  • Modern bin will be kept in commercial and crowded areas.
  • Under Swacch Bharath Abhiyan public toilets will be constructed in 250 places, 80 E-toilets and 60 community toilets will be established.
  • Compulsary processing of wet waste at home will be introduced in houses constructed in 60×40 feet and above sites.
  • Government has banned plastic carry bags completely and citizens of Bangaluru are requested co operate In this regard in the interest of environmental protection.
  • Government has announced Rs.2158.00 crs for special basic infrastructure projects in 2016-17 budget out of which Rs.300 crs are kept for solid waste management and disposal and other developmental works related to SWM.

2016-17 budget will be uploaded in BBMP website for the information of public after Government accordes approval.

Dear friends, as Government has announced more financial assistance and the proposal sent by the administrator for revision of property tax, 20% for residensial and 25% for non residensial has been
approved by the government, BBMP is expected to receive around 600.00 cr more of property tax this year.Developmental works will be taken based on situation and necessity.Importance is given to education, welfare, health and cultural programmes in this budget. I express my sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to Worshipful Mayor and Deputy Mayor for their kind cooperation. I also thank Honble District in charge minister and Bangaluru development minister, Honble Members of Parliament, Honble Members of Rajya Sabha, Honble MLAs, Ruling party leader, Leader of opposition, JD(S) party leader, Institutions, Kannada organizations, Dalitha organizations, Members of Taxation and Finance committee, All Corporators, All Chairmans of standing committee and Shri G.Kumar Naik, IAS, commissioner BBMP, The Special commissioner (revenue, welfare, advertisement), Special commissioner (project), Special commissioner (finance), all the Officers and staff of CAO and CFO Office, All the friends from print and TV media,I also thank all those who helped me directly or indirectly in preparing this budget. I conclude my speech by requesting the BBMP council to approve the budget for 2016-17 which I have presented today.
Jai Hind, Jai Karnataka, Jai Bangaluru

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