Provide double tracks and new stops for Express trains: Hosur-Bengaluru rail commuters

Passenger trains from Hosur to Bengaluru get delayed due to preference given to Express Trains. The solutions to the problem are a win-win, and not very difficult to implement!

This petition will be handed over to the Railways officially by the Hosur Payanigal Meambattu Sangham, on October 26, 2017, at 7.30 am, in Hosur Railway Station.


Honorable Shri Piyush Goyal,
The Honorable Minister of Indian Railways,
Government of India.


The Daily Rail Commuters between Hosur and Bengaluru

Respected Sir,

Sub: Requesting to approve the doubling of track between Hosur and Bengaluru; and stoppage of Express trains in a few stations.

We are the proud passengers who commute up and down from Hosur to Bengaluru on daily basis to earn our livelihood. Most of us are season ticket holders. The love for train, our livelihood and pride is at stake now. We are used to punishment of the delay in passenger train. These days it has reached its extreme limit.

The privilege given to express train is all right as per the norms but the impact created by it on passenger trains has been difficult to manage. These delays can be avoided by providing a double track in this route, which is an on-going demand for years together. Since this route has a single-track provision, most of the trains running on-time were made to wait for crossing over the intermediate stations. This results in delay of all the trains between Hosur and Bengaluru. This in turn affects the total number of hours that we burn in office.

We are requesting the Honorable Minister of Railways to provide approval and sanction of double track between Hosur and Bengaluru on high priority. I presume, the government of India is aware that Hosur stands fourth in Global Economic forum for fastest developing cities. In addition to that, the announcement from Tamilnadu government says that Hosur will soon be a Corporation, which will in turn give Hosur the City Status. Above all, Hosur is the mechanical hub of Deccan plateau.

Having said these, the steady rise of Hosur population should be appreciated and it will be helpful if Indian Railways can do their part on supporting a city that intends to grow. Apparently, the number of commuters for train from Hosur to Bengaluru will increase. In addition, Indian Railways is making good amount of profit because of the goods train that serve Hosur. Plight of Hosur Railway station is awful. Platform no 4 that brings more money is at ground level. Hosur Railway station has only one foot over bridge.

 We have more concerns but our main Agenda are as follows:

  1. Double-track provision between Hosur and Bengaluru.
  2. Providing new basic harmless stops for a few Express Trains and
  3. Electrification of railway lines

On considering the same, we are requesting the railways to provide stoppage for a few express trains like Nagercoil to Bengaluru (17236) and Bengaluru to Nagercoil (17235), Mysore to Mailaduturai (16232) and Mailaduturai to Mysore (16231), Mysore to Tuticorin (16236) and Tuticorin to Mysore (16237), Bengaluru to Ernakulum (12677) and Ernakulum to Bengaluru (12678), to stop at the Baiyappanahalli station and Carmelram. These trains are anyway unofficially stopping at these stations for crossing over, and thus it can be made as an official stop to increase the revenue. This can be implemented immediately so that the boarding passengers in the nearby stations can make use of train, which will in turn reduce the flooded road traffic in Bengaluru.

Kindly pay heed to the abovesaid demands and make our dreams real.

With lot of hopes for a safe and better Commutation.

Bottom line of our request:

  1. Provision of Double track between Hosur and Bengaluru
  2. Stoppage of of Express Trains at Baiyappanahalli and Carmelram stations
  3. Electrification of railway lines between Hosur and Bengaluru

Copy to:

The Honorable Railway Minister of India.
The Chairman, Rail Bhavan, New Delhi, India.
The Honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka.
The Honorable Chief Minister of Tamilnadu.
The Honorable MLA of Hosur.
The Honorable MP of Hosur (Krishnagiri Lok Sabha constituency).
The Divisional Railway Manager of Bengaluru Division.
The Additional Divisional Railway Manager of Bengaluru Division.
The Chief Operations Manager of South Western Railways, Huballi HQ.
The Station Master of Hosur Railway Station.

Note: This note was sent to Citizen Matters by Jayaprakash Chinnamutthu, and published with minimal editing, under Message Forward, a section meant for nonprofit public interest messages.


  1. Rizwan Mirza says:

    Pls pls pls consider this request. A very good request.

  2. Vishwanath says:

    This is very much required. I also sign on this petition/ request. This will help not only Hosur-Blore commuters, but also commuters within blore city.

  3. P S KUMAR says:

    This is the CRITICAL NEED of the hour . The Bangalore hosur omalur section has been sanctioned electrification and no work has MATERIALISED in this section trains continue to be late causing hardships to commuters. Focus is only given to Hi fi and high end trains in Maharashtra and Gujarath . This section has been NEGLECTED which is CRUCIAL for Bengaluru suburban railway as well as running time reduction for express trains

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