Ayodhya verdict time: Citizen groups, community leaders campaign for peace

Karnataka’s Dalit organisations, Farmer groups, Women’s rights organisations, Human rights organisations and several groups have come together under one forum, called ‘People for Peace and Justice” , “Shanthi Mattu Nyaayakkaagi Naavu” in order to work for peace and justice in the light of the Ayodhya verdict.

This is an event calling people of all faiths and groups, to join hands to spread a message of peace. That whatever may be the Ayodhya verdict, let us work for peace. Those dissatisfied may approach courts for legal remedies, but let us not violate peace.

  • Joint Forum Launched to maintain peace and fight for justice , in the light of the Ayodhya Verdict
  • Irrespective of what verdict may say, forum to fight for peace
  • Forum to undertake candle-light vigils in all districts of Karnataka on Nov 7 evening, to maintain peace
  • Chief Minister, Home Minister and Police urged to take action to maintain peace and control fake news

This forum conducted a convention on this issue On November 03 in Bengaluru where participants from across the state participated. The forum has decided to take undertake a number of steps in order to ensure that peace is maintained. Following are the steps that will be undertaken –

  • A candle-light vigil for peace will be undertaken in all District head-quarters of Karnataka on Nov 07, Thursday evening 
  • A delegation comprising of representatives from all progressive groups will meet the DC, SP of each district o Nov 08, to request them to take steps for peace 
  • We will prepare messages of peace and communal harmony and India’s pluralistic traditions and distribute through social media 
  • We will approach media houses and request them to fight fake news and also not air provocative content 

The forum has also given a memorandum to the Chief Minister to request for a meeting to discuss the following demands. They have also appealed to the people to maintain peace.

What should the government do to protect peace?

  • Issue an order to the police to –
    1. Conduct Peace Committee meetings at District, Taluk and Police Station Limits 
    2. Take swift action against any group or individuals who threaten violence or threaten to disobey the verdict or make provocative speeches
  • Issue an advisory to media houses to avoid provocative and fake news. 
  • Take strict action against those who spread fake news. 
  • Issue a public statement asking for peace to be maintained and warning that strict action will be taken against those who incite violence or spread fake news. 
  • Call for an all party meeting with the agenda of discussing procedure for maintenance of communal harmony. 

The forum requests the Chief Minister to immediately act on the above demands. 

Any form of violence after the verdict will hurt the poor and marginalised the most. We cannot undergo a repeat of what happened in 1992 and later, again. It is all our responsibility to ensure that we speak to people and help them maintain peace and rein in passions. 

What should people do to maintain peace?

  • Not take the law unto your hands, whatever may be the verdict
  • Not get provoked by Whatsapp forwards.
  • Please verify if news is real or fake before forwarding or getting provoked
  • Report anyone threatening to violate the verdict or indulge in violence to the authorities

Remember, India is a land known for unity in diversity – let us protect it.

Date: 07 November 2019

Time: 6 – 7 pm

Venue: Town Hall, Bengaluru

The forum appeals to all to fight for peace, maintain harmony and fight fake news. Those who are unsatisfied with the verdict can always seek legal recourse. 

Let us work together for a peaceful Karnataka. 

[This article is based on a press release from People for Peace and Justice, and has been published with minimal edits]

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