Articles by Sneha Salgame

Hailing from the garden city Bengaluru, Sneha's graduation days exposed her to strong causes of urban wildlife conservation and the use of media activism to change the socio-political scenario of the country. At PfA Wildlife Rescue & Conservation Centre, she works with a passionate team to advocate the dire need of urban wildlife and their role in the sustenance of fast-growing cities.

It’s early morning, and the PfA Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Centre in Kengeri receives a call. A small bird with blue, green, and black wings is lying immobile on a terrace, said the caller. The roof, wet from incessant drizzle, is bespeckled with a handful of orange and white down feathers. Feral cats are on the prowl. The caller says he picked up the bird and placed it indoors, in a warm corner. He has no clue what this spectacular, multicoloured bird is, but the rescuer, already racing on his bike, knows only too well. A visiting Indian Pitta. Now…

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