Articles by Nagesh Manay

Nagesh Manay is a trustee of the PfA Wildlife Rescue & Conservation Centre, Bengaluru. His interests lie in wildlife, community and design, focusing on the experience of nature in the city. He is also the founder of a brand and design consultancy.

It’s early morning, and the PfA Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Centre in Kengeri receives a call. A small bird with blue, green, and black wings is lying immobile on a terrace, said the caller. The roof, wet from incessant drizzle, is bespeckled with a handful of orange and white down feathers. Feral cats are on the prowl. The caller says he picked up the bird and placed it indoors, in a warm corner. He has no clue what this spectacular, multicoloured bird is, but the rescuer, already racing on his bike, knows only too well. A visiting Indian Pitta. Now…

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