Articles by Prasad B Babu

Prasad Babu is a Chartered Engineer from Institution of Civil Engineers, London, and has a Masters degree in Structural Engineering. He has over 18 years of experience in the field of Construction and Structural Engineering, especially in design of buildings, bridges, water-retaining structures, Metro viaducts and top-down and bottom-up Metro underground station construction.

This year, the incessant rains has brought the joy of seeing all dams across the state full. Yet it has also been a matter of concern as several low-rise multi dwelling buildings in Bengaluru have collapsed, with residents having had a narrow escape. These recent events of families losing their homes along with their entire life’s hard-earned savings from furniture to food grains has shocked us all. Yet, the question remains. Why do houses collapse this way? While the rain has played its part, there is also another aspect: many buildings do not adhere to the construction standards and regulations.…

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