Articles by Poongothai Paramasivam

Poongothai Paramasivam is a civic participant, working for improvement of Gottigere Ward, environment protection, quality life and women's safety. Model Ward Initiative @ Gottigere is launched as a pilot program to achieve basic needs. She holds a postgraduate degree in Mathematics and Finance Management.

I am Poongothai from Ward No. 194 Gottigere. I took part in the MyCityMyBudget Campaign organised by Janaagraha. BBMP in its Budget book mentioned the campaign and allocated funds for the same. Gottigere ward map. Pic credit: Footpaths might sound like a trivial issue. But it cannot be overlooked. Pedestrian infrastructure plays a vital role in sustainable urban traffic. Footpaths, a sub-aspect of pedestrian infrastructure, should be given priority to make it user friendly, improve walkability, safety and comfort of pedestrians. Footpaths are a basic need in road infrastructure. Hence, as demanded by citizens of our ward, we decided…

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